All In The Fam Vacation 9

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Date: August 7, 2019 (3 months ago)

I gently caressed her wet snatch while my mouth kept going down. I finally saw the top of her legs. I kissed and ran my tongue on her thighs. Nanginig ang katawan niya sabay ungol.

Then my face was right in front of her precious cunt. May hair pala, I can see pag malapitan. It's just that manipis and still quite short. The aroma was intoxicating. She smelled fresh despite her claim that she has not been able to thoroughly wash.

I planted kisses around it. Hinalikan ko siya sa singit, sa pisngi ng puke niya, sa gitna. Di ko dinilaan agad. Halik pati sa mga hita niya. She was moaning louder. Then I kissed her at the very middle ng puke niya, saka ko nilabas ang dila ko, then swiped it bottoms up, very gently. I flicked her clit with my tongue, while running my tongue sa ibabaw mismo ng butas niya. Ang sarap. She rewarded me with more juices. I felt her hand grip on my hair harder.

I can lick this delicious cunt all night.

Vette started making soft noises. She was obviously enjoying the sex. Alam kong dad niya ang nakauna sa kanya. And that their gardener has been fucking her since then. Pareho looking at her cunt, sariwang-sariwa pa din. Fresh na fresh ang puke niya considering she's been fucked by two men before me. Halos dikit pa sa gitna. I needed to use my fingers na panghawi, para makita ang butas niya.

She also tasted sweet. Hindi siguro siya nagpapatamod sa loob. Takot din siguro silang mabuntis siya.

While eating her, she was pulling my hair towards her. I inserted my index finger inside. It was easy kase basa na siya sobra.

"Cuz, don't stop…"

Of course I won't stop.

I opened her legs more widely. Mas nakita ko kabuuan ng puke niya. May maninipis na hair sa ibabaw, pero kalbo halos sa sides. Walang hair sa bandang puwet. Dinilaan ko siya doon. Ang bango, ang linis. I licked her hole and her butt. She gyrated.

"Oh fuck, Lance…"

I trapped her clit between my lips while fingering her gently. She moaned more loudly.

With my finger inside her, hinanap ko g-spot niya. Tapos bibilisan ko pagdila sa clit niya. Tumagas ang puke niya lalo.

Di ko na naisip na pinsan ko siya. Isang masarap na puke ang nasa harap ko. Yun lang nasa isip ko when this was happening.

I briefly looked at her. She eyes were tightly shut. Her lips were open and she was heavily breathing.

Gusto ko siyang labasan sa bibig ko before I fuck her.

So I focused on eating her. I flicked my tongue on her clit faster. Up and down and sideways. I ran my tongue around her clit clockwise then counterclockwise. Then binilisan ko pag-finger sa kanya. I plunged by middle finger almost all the way in. I moved the edge of my finger on the upper wall of her vagina, nakapa ko g-spot siya. I pressed on it while licking her clit.

That drove her to the edge.

"Putang-inaaaaaa Laaaaaaaaaaaaance!"

Then her entire body convulsed. She yelled in pleasure. Her legs were jerking while I was tonguing her clit. Sumikip butas niya around my finger. Nilabasan si Yvette.

I did not stop. I planted kisses on her legs, on her mound. Soft kisses on her clit. I pulled my finger out.

"Oh shit!" is all my cousin could say.

Tigas na tigas na ko. She was breathing heavily.

I moved up her body, kissed her lips. She embraced me.

I aimed my hardened cock sa butas niya. She felt it. Binuka niya lalo ang legs niya.

Doon ko na-realize ang nipis sobra ng katawan niya. Yung buto ng hips niya, nakatusok sa abs ko. Her navel was flat and slim, halos kita ugat underneath. This is the slimmest and most tender body I have ever had.

My cockhead was aimed inside her. We were kissing. Her lips were so slippery. I tongued her tongue. Her hands were caressing my butt.

I plunged my cock all the way in. Isang baon ng malakas. She gulped and said, "Shiiiiiittttt!"

She stopped kissing me. Then I felt her fingernails sa likod ko.

She turned her face on her left side. Parang ninanamnam niya burat ko sa loob niya.

Oh she was so tight. Parang hindi ko halos magalaw ng titi ko sa loob ng puke niya. Sakal na sakal. Kung hindi lang siya basa, I won't be able to move without hurting us both.

She rewarded me with a lot of juices, that made it easy for me to fuck her. I did not waste time. I fucked her hard from the start. Kantot na sunod-sunod, madiin, mabilis.

She groaned.

I fucked her hard, and harder, and harder. My cock was almost escaping her hole, then I would plunge all of it in one shove. Ang sarap. This was one hell of a cun...

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Started being explored and exploring early in life; been into erotic situations accidentally and by choice; maraming ng napagdaan, marami ng natututunan. Yung mga ibang nangyari sakin similar sa mga fiction write ups dito. Except that yung stories ko, tutoo.

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August 7, 2019 (3 months ago)

Wow. Yum. More please. Thank you.

Nothing to lose, more to gain

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August 8, 2019 (3 months ago)

Nice chapter.. iba tlgah pag malaking burat ang bumabaruruot.. hayssttt... kaka inggit....

What you see is what u get

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August 8, 2019 (3 months ago)

Go lance. Continue please.

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