The Bad Girl: Chapter 28 - Anger

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Date: July 5, 2019 (4 months ago)

Sherwin woke up with the sunlight dancing on the white wall. He rubbed the back of his neck and stretched. The room was bright with sunlight. He drew the blinds down to dim its effect.

It was a brand new day. This debacle would come to pass. He must make his move now so that all this would come to an end soon.

He got out of his bed. He looked stressed with his ruffled hair and tired, droopy eyes. He yawned and rubbed his chin, feeling the stubbles of his beard.

It had been a long and lonely night. He had been used to having Reina in his arms.

Last night would be the last one he'd spend without Reina. That was his last thought before he turned on the shower, setting it on cold to shock and awaken his senses and his body.


It was midday in Sherwin Xu's office. Everything was going smoothly despite of what happened last night.

Sherwin looked unnerved in his dark blue suit. His hair was swept upward, his spectacles accentuating his looks and veiling his tired eyes. Even his shoes were handsomely brushed to a perfect shine.

"Jason, set me separate appointments with Drei Yang and Miss Jeri Stahl," Sherwin called his secretary, not bothering to look up from his paper works.

Jason was a tall person, a bit chubby though. Some may perceive him as gay, but he is just…effeminate. He hesitated in obeying Sherwin.

"Uhmm… Mr. Xu, if you don't mind, I don't think it would be wise for you to do anything with the Yangs considering the…" he trailed off when Sherwin cast him a hard look.

Sherwin put down his pen and asked, "How long have you been working for me, Jason?"

Jason trembled visibly, "Four years, sir?"

"And in that span of time, did I ever discuss personal matters with you?" Sherwin had an annoyed edge in his voice.

"No sir," Jason replied in a small voice, his face reddening in shame.

"Let's keep it that way now, shall we?"

"Yes, sir," he bowed a couple of times and reached for the door.

"And Jason?" Sherwin tried hard not to smile at his secretary's red face. "Would you hand me the files on the Yang Conglomerate?"

"Yes, sir," turned around, his voice trembled with fear.


"Mr. Yang? Mr. Sherwin Xu is here," Michy Lam announced, hesitantly opening the door.

"Send him in," Drei Yang said in a booming voice.

"Yes, sir," and the secretary closed the door to call the visitor.

Drei Yang stood up and piled the papers on his desk before walking around to meet Sherwin Xu.

His office was neatly arranged: files on the right part of the room, along with the other drawers, and on the left, was a couch and a coffee table with a crystal bottle of whiskey.

He was dressed in his gray dress shirt paired with a pair of black pants. His solemn eyes were now filled with anger and his lips were crooked, forming a fierce frown.

The door opened, revealing Sherwin Xu with a folder in his hand.

"To what do I owe this pleasure, Mr. Xu?" Drei Yang smiled sarcastically. "Oh wait… It's you who actually owe me more than just something!"

He circled Sherwin like a hawk circling his prey.

"If I were not more dignified than you are, I would have beaten that pretty face of yours into a pulp," he hissed.

"Spare me the concerned father speech, Mr. Yang. I'm here on business," Sherwin was calm and composed, not a bit chafed by Drei's words.

"Business, you say?" Drei's dark brow rose. "Now tell me, what price did Reina pay for it?"

He looked at the folder and back to Sherwin's face. "How could I forget? Media mileage of your sordid affair!"

"Mr. Yang, I would like to sit and take all your derision but I'm a very busy man. Now, if you would go through this contract and affix your signature we wouldn't have to endure much of each other's presence," Sherwin said coolly.

"Now, if you really want what's best for Reina, I suggest you sign that," he indicated to the folder he threw on the table.

"I'll come back for those… Let's say four o'clock?"

With that, Sherwin left the Yang CEO's office.


A woman smoking inside a caf looked like she was waiting for someone. She kept scanning the crowd for a familiar face when a man entered and stood in front of her.

"You're late," Jeri Stahl's delicate eyebrow shot up. She looked young in her black and white Escada suit and Ascot-styled hat.

"You're early," Sherwin replied with a smile.

"What can I say? I was quite anxious to meet my so-called secret partner who happens to be the same person who have ruined my Reina's reputation beyond repair," she glared at him, her voice dripping with sarcasm.

She crushed her cigarette. "Such a disappointment, Mr. Xu. With all your brilliance as a businessman you do you youngsters say these days? SUCK at the love department."

She leaned over to stare at him intently. "While all the dark brooding dangerous appeal you have may be seductive, it is not enough to convince a woman to stay with you for life."

"That is why I wanted us to have this meeting," Sherwin informed her, lighting his own cigarette.

"Go on…" Jeri encouraged. "I would like to hear what you're up to this time and not through the late night news. It has reached Thailand, you know."

"Tell me, Sherwin, do you really hate my daughter that much for you to have carefully plotted her downfall?" Jeri looked him in the eye, searching for an answer.

"Do you feel elated that you have succeeded humiliating her far more than she ever had shamed you?"

Sherwin avoided her gaze, "Miss Stahl, I…"

Jeri smiled smugly. "I hit a nerve, did I not? You don't need to answer that, Sherwin. I just want you to think about it."

Jeri smiled a genuine smile. "Now what was it you wanted to talk to me about?"

Sherwin felt confused at that smile, as if she knew something. "I want to transfer my ownership from Bliss to Reina's name."

"You do know that this dissolves our former agreement and forming a partnership with Reina requires her signature," Jeri's face was a mixture of surprise and disbelief.

"I think Reina would agree to it," replied Sherwin curtly.

"Just be sure to know how to approach her with this, let's say, monetary reward. Considering the recent events, Reina might take it as if you're compensating her for her services." Jeri smiled at the look of utter disbelief that flashed on Sherwin's face.

"You don't intend it to be such but it would appear as such," she explained further. This young man before her could be so clueless at times.

Jeri shook her head and started, "Now, where do I sign?"


"Signed, sealed, delivered," Drei Yang handed the documents to Sherwin.

"You do know that this means Reina holds the controlling interest for YC," Sherwin informed him.

Drei slowly nodded his head, "I don't mind that one bit. She has proven to be quite capable of surviving the corporate world. Had you not…"

"I will do things right by her, Mr. Yang," Sherwin cut off Drei, assuring the old man.

"It's about time you should," Drei shook hands with him.


He put a finger on his lips, motioning Reina's secretary to be quiet. He had been planning for this since last night.

In his hand was a bouquet of vanilla orchids, her favorite.

He was going to tell her he loved her.

He stood by the doorway and saw her facing against the door. He slowly and quietly and discreetly walked behind her.

She was breathtakingly beautiful. She was standing by the window with a pensive expression, the afternoon sunlight highlighting her feature, making her glow, making her look like she had a halo. She was so wrapped up in her thoughts that she never heard anyone enter her office.

"You're so beautiful," he breathed.

Reina turned at the sound of his voice; her face lit up and ran towards him, "Daniel!"


Reina hugged the man before her tight. She never thought she would miss him so much.

"It's great to see you!" Reina said happily.

"How are you, sweetheart?" A worried look was in his eyes as he stroked her face.

"Hey, I'm much tougher than I look," she smiled broadly. "Don't worry too much, okay?"

"C'mon, Rain! It's me. You don't need to put a brave front," he smiled gently.

At that moment, Reina's smile wavered and her eyes watered. Soon, she was crying all over his chest.

Daniel just held her and hugged her, coaxing her to let it all out.

"I'm so tired..." Reina said between sobs.

"This whole circus...I can't seem to control…" she didn't finish her sentence when she felt the need to cry again.

"Shh… It's alright, sweetheart," Daniel kept rubbing her back. "I'm here now."

Reina cried and wept until she could not shed another tear. Her eyes were puffy, so puffy that she looked like she could not see. Her nose and cheeks were red, even her lips were swollen. She took a tissue from her desk and blew her nose.

"Thanks, Daniel," Reina smiled up at him. "I needed a good cry and a shoulder."

"Anything for the woman I want to spend my life with…" Daniel professed subtly, studying Reina's reaction.

Reina stiffened at his words and stared at him through puffy eyes, trying to assess if he's serious or not.

Daniel held her shoulders. "I love you. I realized it that night the bastard came to your apartment."

"It hurt when you chose him over me. I tried to understand because I know you were just doing it for your company," he told her in a very soft voice, convincing her.

"It killed me every night knowing that he was touching you."

"But that's over now. You don't need him anymore. I'm here… Let me take care of you," Daniel told her, persuaded her.

Reina felt her head spin. She felt weird. She was supposed to be elated. She had loved this man for quite some time now or does she still? Her tired mind was trying to process the information she was forced to accept. She moved away from him and sat on a chair. A perplexed expression was on her face.

She looked up at him, gazed into his eyes. She couldn't feel what she felt before. The confusion that clouded her face went away as realization hit her.

Daniel knelt before her.

Her eyes widened.

She realized she loved another.

Despite all the pain and degradation she had gone through, she loved Sherwin, perhaps, she never stopped. He may be a damn bastard but she knew that deep inside her, she loved him… she loves him. And she knew that no matter how much Sherwin made her suffer, she couldn't let him go, will not let him go.

Reina stroked Daniel's face. "Daniel, I…"

Daniel saw the hesitation in Reina's eyes. "You don't love me…" he said glumly.

Reina cupped his face. "I did…"

Daniel removed her hands. "Did… Past tense."

He stood up and smiled bitterly. "So this is how regret feels."

Reina touched his shoulder. "Please… Don't…"

Daniel took her hand and trapped it between his. "I wish I found out sooner. I wish I knew when you still loved me," he smiled forcefully.

"I'm sorry," Reina whispered, tears welled in her eyes.

"If he hurts you again... If he proves to be unworthy… Come back to me?" Daniel pleaded, kissing her hand.

Reina shook her head. "I'm sorry, I can't promise. I won't let you wait for me, Daniel. I can't do that to you." Her voice was hoarse with emotion.

"So this is goodbye, then?" Daniel's eyes was filled with unshed tears.

"Yes, I guess it is," she replied sadly.

"One last kiss?" he joked. "Please?" more seriously this time.

Reina hesitated but seeing Daniel's earnest expression she gave in to the man she once loved, "For old time's sake…"

Daniel's lips captured hers, both with tears flowing down their faces, arms around each other: the kiss that sealed their goodbyes.

It was the ending of a chapter in Reina's life, ready to start anew.


The elevator doors opened.

He walked down the busy hallway where everyone was engrossed in their respective assignments. The bustle of people working was hushed as he passed.

Sherwin purposely strode towards Reina's office, contracts in hand. He was anxious to show and give the documents to Reina. He hasn't quite figured out how to tell Reina about his feelings.

"I just hope that she doesn't take it the wrong way," Sherwin fervently prayed.

He looked at the contracts. "I should tell her I love her before giving these to her."

He reached her office but the secretary was out. He planned to surprise her so he immediately opened the door to her office.

But he got the shock of his life.

Inside the room were Reina Yang and Daniel Wong, their lips locked in a passionate kiss.

He stood frozen by the doorway and allowing his mind to fully comprehend what is happening.

Then he slowly and quietly closed the door and hurriedly left.


He was drunk.

He had not intended to get himself drunk.

He only needed to take something strong so that he'd be able to do what he needed to do, which was to set Reina free. He knew he had caused her much pain. He gave her more than what she deserved.

Hell! She did not deserve it at all.

He was so consumed with anger that he was not thinking straight. He thought that it was his best-laid plan.

Chrissie was right.

With all his business acumen, he came up with the most injudicious strategy.

She had suffered enough in his hands. She deserved to be with the man she truly loves… Daniel.

"What was I thinking?" Sherwin shook his head, making his surroundings spin.

Sherwin was a mess. He had nearly finished the contents of the bottle of whiskey in his hand. He was slumped on the small bar of steel and marble in Reina's condo. This was the strongest he can find since most of the selections were red and white wines.

"You're such a fool, Sherwin. What payback were you expecting?" he talked to himself.

"Shame her? Hurt her?" he took a large gulp.

"Hah! I'm the one who's hurting."

He looked at the clock. It was 6:53pm.

Reina will be home in about thirty minutes.

"I'll finish this damn bottle," and he guzzled the whiskey, as if it was water.


"Jason, this is Reina Yang. I've been trying to call Sherwin on his mobile but I can't reach him. Where is he?" Reina called his office because she can't contact Sherwin, hoping he's still in there.

"He was out of the office around ten, ma'am. He had some very important matters to attend to. He even asked me not to disturb him. I think he turned his mobile off or something. He didn't want anyone to bother him," Jason blabbed, as usual.

"That's strange," Reina thought. "He never turns his mobile off."

"Jason? Should he go back there, please tell him to call me? It's important," then replaced the handset.

She glanced at her watch. "I better go home now. I still need to pack."

Reina left the office in a hurry.


Reina parked her car and hurriedly rushed to her penthouse.

For the nth time she tried to call Sherwin up.

"Damn! He still isn't picking up," Reina was getting more and more agitated.

The elevator door opened and she hurriedly went inside her unit.

Reina checked her watch.

"It's 7:23pm! Omigod! I just hope I can pack everything and be at Sherwin's place by 8pm." She crossed her fingers while she was running. "I hope he's not home yet."

She opened her door and went directly to her room without bothering to turn the lights on in the living room.

She pulled out a big suitcase and laid it on the bed. Her dressing room was filled with all sorts of clothes: formal, casual, business. She just chose a few and grabbed them and started throwing in her stuff in her suitcase.


He heard the door swung open. He saw her rushing to her room.

"This is it," Sherwin thought.

Sherwin walked to her room.

The lights were not turned on.

He blinked in the darkness, forcing his eyes to focus on the lighted dressing room. He stepped in the dressing room and was almost blinded by the light.

He saw Reina packing her things, throwing them in the suitcase. He was tipsy, more than tipsy but not overly drunk. He had the contract in his hands.

"So, she's leaving with him," he thought bitterly.

"Get a hold of yourself, Sherwin. At least, she's happy," he leaned on the door.


Reina felt someone watching her. She looked up and saw Sherwin leaning by the door.

"Baby, there you are! I've been trying to reach you for hours," her face lit up and ran to hug Sherwin.

Sherwin reluctantly hugged her, but he did, tightly, like it was the last time.

Reina tilted her head up and kissed Sherwin.

Sherwin stiffened but succumbed to her soft lips, but images of Reina and Daniel swam in his brain.

"How could she kiss me like this when she just kissed another man so lovingly?" his anger resurfaced.

"Damn! She's still a bitch. She hasn't changed one bit," Sherwin thoughts became dark. "You want this, babe. I'll give it to you."

He kissed her roughly, much to Reina's surprise but delighted to see him responding to her.

He roamed his hands on his back, making her sigh with pleasure, then moved them up to the base of her neck, tangled her hair in his hand, grabbed a handful and yanked her head backward.

Reina's head hurt. She opened her eyes and saw the evil smile on Sherwin's face. Reina felt afraid.

Gone was the passion in his eyes, the gentleness he offered a second ago. His expression was dark, cynical, taunting.

"Sherwin, you're hurting me," Reina cried out.

"Isn't this what you want? Me hurting you so you can run to your other man?" He hissed.

"What are you talking about?" demanded Reina.

"Oh, don't play with me, Miss Yang," his smile was twisted. "I saw you with my own eyes. You and your boyfriend in the office, kissing each other."

"Now, tell me. Didn't you meet him? Didn't you kiss him?" he taunted, and pulled on her hair.

Reina cried out in pain. "I did meet him… but…"

"Spare me from your lies, you slut!" Sherwin threw her on the bed with a tremendous force.

"Please, Sherwin, listen to me…" Reina pleaded, sitting up on the bed, trying to reason with him.

"Listen? I've heard enough from you. Why should I listen you to you? You're just a conniving sly little slut who wanted to play," Sherwin was full of anger and rage.

His words made an agonizing impact in her heart, crushing it, making her want to throw up and die inside.

"Please… let me explain!" Reina knelt on the bed. "You've got it all wrong!"

"Shut up!" he shouted at her. Tears gathered in her eyes.

He tore his shirt, removed his belt and opened his button and fly.

Reina's eyes widened, fear registering in her face.

"He can't possibly do this to me! Could he?" she wondered.

"Are you saying what I've seen is not real? Are you saying that it was just an imagination?" Sherwin boiled in anger.

What he said was partially true. Yes, she met Daniel, she kissed him. But it was a farewell kiss. She was desperate to make him understand despite her reeling senses.

"No… I didn't say that… It's just that… I did nothing wrong!" she screamed.

"So you deny it then?" his face was contorted in pain.

He grabbed her wrists and gripped them hard. She cried out...

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July 5, 2019 (4 months ago)

pahamak yang last kiss na yan!

di kaya nakita na ni daniel si sherwin kaya ganun

pero...wala pa si sherwin nun...
bakit ba kasi ang haba naman nung last kiss 😑

To love is a decision.

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July 5, 2019 (4 months ago)

Hahaha.. Hindi po mahaba ang kiss. It just so happened na they just kissed when Sherwin came in.

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July 5, 2019 (4 months ago)

i love you reina yang will you marry me? ang dali namang sabihin bakit di na lang gawin... kakabitin ka talaga crystalite!   lolz!

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