I stood up at naiwan si Tita Rose sa kama. Punta ko ng bathroom. Pag bukas ng ilaw, dun ko nakita how my cock looked like. It was still semi-hard. My pubic hair had residues of my cum. Tapos merong blood on my shaft. Medyo madami compared to when I fucked Carla or Joanne. I turned on the shower, to rinse them off.

Pagbalik ko sa room, Tita Rose was seated. Nakasandal sa wall. She was attractive. She was glowing. I removed the towel from my waist.

"Move closer hijo."

I obeyed. I placed my cock closer to her.

"Lapit pa nak."

I decided to place one leg on the bed while my other leg was on the floor. She wrapped her fingers around my cock. She started playing a bit. Hindi siya sanay. Pinipisil-pisil lang niya.

She placed the tip on her nose and mouth. Opened her lips a bit, dunked the head inside the mouth.

I got instantly harder. I groaned.

"Masakit ba anak?"

"No, please don't stop, Tita."

She sucked the head, while holding on to my shaft. Then she withdrew. She stuck out her tongue and licked the head. She was very gentle, almost tentative.

She swallowed the head again. Like sucking on a lollipop. I noticed she tried to put more of it inside her mouth. Lumapad ang bukas ng bibig niya. Na-stretch ang sides ang lips niya. Saliva was oozing from the left side of her mouth.

Such velvety warm mouth. Ang sarap, ibang kiliti naramdaman ko.

Then a big chunk of saliva fell on my leg. Tumutulo ang laway ni Tita Rose while sucking on my cock. I reached down to touch her beautiful breasts.

She orally played with my cock for a good 10 minutes. Parang sobrang ninanamnam niya. She would even trap my cock between her lips then suck me that way.

Then she paused.

"Ang sarap pala. Nakakagigil!"

I smiled.

"Can I do it longer pa?"


"Sige nak, upo ka sa kama."

I sat as told.

"Ay mas mabuti pala, humiga ka na lang."

I obeyed as told.

She placed a big pillow under my head. Then hinawi niya ang legs ko.

Yumuko siya, and resumed sucking my dick. I resumed playing with her breasts.

Basang-basa ako ng laway. She eventually learned to swallow more than half of it. At one point, she gagged and coughed, which made her stop.

She covered her mouth, and she turned more red dahil nasamid.

"Are you ok po Tita?"

"Nasamid lang. Masyado ata kong nanggigil."

I moved out of the bed and got her a glass of water. From which she drank readily. Then I sat on the bed looking at her.

"Rest muna tayo hijo?"

I nodded.

The rain has not stopped, though it was no longer pounding on the roof of the cottage. My Tita sat beside me like we were lovers. Out of modesty, she covered herself with a blanket.

She stared at me, na may parang gustong sabihin.

"Alam mo bang hindi lang talaga masahe ang gusto ko?'

"Not really Tita. Although I did wish you really wanted more."

"Ows? Bakit naman?"

"You are sexy po. Payat pero bilugan in all the right places."

"Hmm, bolagas yan ah!"

I didn't quite get what bolagas meant but understood from the tone of her voice.

"Tita, you're my best fuck ever."

She blushed.

"When you talk that way, parang di tayo magka-anuano."

"Sorry po if I offended you."

"No, it's not that. Just that after our sex, I feel a bit guilty. Because you're so young."

"Di na po ako bata."

"I know. But as someone older, I'm supposed to be not doing this with you."

"I wanted it po, Tita."

"Pero feeling ko, I seduced you hijo."

She wasn't wrong.

Then we heard someone knocking at the door.

"Rosario, hinahanap ka ni Miguel. Asan daw yung pera pang-krudo ng jeep?"

My Tita heard it and got up in a hurry. She dug into her bag.

"Lancelot, bihis ka na. Baka aalis na tayo."

I got off the bed. Tita went to the door after putting on her sundress and clamping her hair.

I started picking up my clothes when my Tita went back.

"Nga pala, doon daw ako matutulog sa hotel mo bago ka pumunta sa airport pabalik sa US. Bilin sakin ng mommy mo."

That made me smile.

"Ok po."

Then she grabbed me. Kissed me really wet and passionately. She wrapped her arms around me, grabbed my butt in the process. I kissed her too, very erotically. I kissed her neck, arms then her breasts.

"Haaaayyyy, tama na muna anak. Magligpit na tayo…"

I ignored her. I grabbed her by the arms, lifted her sundress over her shoulders, bent her over to the bed, with her legs on the floor, and placed my cock on h...

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Author, Good job ang massage kay Tita Rose.,, at may pahiwatig pa bago bumalik ng America ang pamankin.

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