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Date: May 17, 2019 (1 year ago)

Day two since Sam left for a team building. Sumasabay ang lungkot ng panahon. Umiiyak ang langit na tila ba paanyaya na makisimpatya. I went to the kitchen and planning to make some comfort food. Pero parang nakakatamad pa tumayo. So I decided to take a bath first. The touch of every drop of warm water in every part of my body makes me feel so horny. Pero kailangam ko pigilan ang sarili ko. I wanted to save my energy for Sam's come back since we had a fight this past few days. I continue enjoying that moment. 30-45 minutes after I finally had that very warm feeling. Ang sarap sa pakiramdam yung pagkalabas ng washroom specially sa panahon na to. I went to our closet and took a piece of lingerie. Very much inluv with color red. Feeling ko ang hot ko whenever I'm wearing red . Applied some lotion all over my body, and konting pisit ng perfume. Of course, I need to dry my hair after.. Lying in bed after some kaartehan of a girl after their bath. Tinititigan mga bituin at buwan na nakadikit sa kisame. Waited for Sam's update for almost an hour but seems like he's enjoying their activities. Tumayo ako. Thinking of some funny things that I can do to lessen the boring moments. I went to the kitchen.. Planning to make a cup of coffee.. Masarap sa tag ulan. Hindi pa din ako mapakali. I am so bored...

Then suddenly, naalala ko yung mga panahong out of town si Sam, may sinabi syang movie na panoorin ko so I wouldn't get bored. Pinipilit ko alalahanin ang mga title ng movie ng sinabi nya. Til I remembered one. The Casserole Club..

At first, when I saw the characters of the movie, medyo hindi ko excited. Coz first I am not familiar with those people and I dunno how the story will goes. But still, that is a porn movie, and when we say "porn" that's kinda sugar in my ears, and I was "oh, shit".. Lol..

So yun nga, pinanood ko sya.. I don't wanna be an spoiler to those who will attempt to watch that movie, but maganda sya.. A story of a circle of couple friends.. Every week, they are having their get together and yung nga wife are the ones who's cooking for the food na pagsasaluhan nila. Nagkaroon sila ng game na bunutan at botohan kung anu pagkaen ang pinaka masarap and then eventually, they will reveal kung kanino dish yun. Then every dish, meron silang designated game for it.. Nakakatuwa lang kasi every wives are game in every dare na nakalaan sa dish na yun.

Side part of the story, the main character na couple having their issues.. Jealousy.. But still, na manage naman nila yun. Hanggang sa sobrang lasing na lahat, and the last dare for the best dish was iduyan ng mga lalake ang mg...

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May 17, 2019 (1 year ago)

ka sarap nmn....

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May 17, 2019 (1 year ago)

Goodnight sleep


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May 18, 2019 (1 year ago)

share this to your boyfriend and stop sharing shit like this on this site

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