GF Fucks Me While Being Watched

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Date: May 17, 2019 (9 months ago)

At this point, I became focused on Irish, her terrific body, her delicious pussy, her perfect breasts. I wanted to sexually serve her. I licked her very gently, while rubbing my long finger inside her now wet hole. I placed the edge of my finger on her g-spot. She roared.

"You fucking know my cunt so well!"

My mouth was full so I did not say anything.

I was oblivious of the fact that my male friend was locked in the balcony, behind the glass door. That was until I looked at Irish, who was looking towards the balcony. She was running her wet tongue across her lips, while playing with her breasts and staring at Kyle.

I ignored her. Ang init ng katawan na girlfriend ko. Tumatagas na ang puke nya sa bibig ko. I decided to lick her clit faster and harder. She moaned. I finger-fucked her faster too. She moaned louder. Alam kong malapit na syang labasan.

Then may bumukas na pintuan, si Manang galing sa labas, pumasok sa kitchen. Tapos sumilip sa living room at nakita kami ni Irish na nagse-sex.

"Ayyyy, sorry po mam, sir! Susme, 'to talagang mga amo ko, naku!" Sabay pasok sa kwarto nya.

Irish must have been excited by it, as she suddenly came in my mouth. Such a pervert gf I have! She held on to my head and pressed my mouth harder on her cunt. It was an explosive orgasm. She was moving her hips and playing with her breasts pa rin, though quite slowly. She was red all over.

I heard Kyle pounding on the glass door, saying what sounded like, "Come on guys, let me in!"

I looked at Irish. She shook her head.

I stood up and took off my shirt and shorts. I was very hard.

My girlfriend stood up, pulled the chair closer to the glass door. Tumalikod sya kay Kyle, pulled me closer to her, went on her knees, grabbed and sucked my cock. Her bare behind was literally just two feet away from where Kyle was in the balcony. Kitang kita ni Kyle ang puwet at puke nya. She placed me in her mouth hungrily. I was jolted.

I felt her fingernails on my balls. Lalo akong tumigas. She was gently jerking off my shaft, while she had my cockhead inside her mouth. She was rolling her tongue around it. Iba talaga chumupa girlfriend ko, dila at labi, gamit na gamit. Then she licked the hole of my cock, up and down, clockwise, fast. Went down to lick my entire shaft and ran her tongue on my balls, sa singit, balik sa balls, pataas uli, sabay subo lahat. She deep-throated me, just like that. I felt the back of her mouth hitting the head of my cock. Ang sarap!

Basang-basa ako sa laway ni Irish, while I was holding her face. Her saliva was dripping on my legs.

I opened my eyes and remembered Kyle was watching. I saw him jerking off. His shorts were on the floor of the balcony.

When I felt I was close to cumming dahil sa sobrang sarap ng blowjob ni Irish, I rubbed her face.

"Luv I don't want to cum in your mouth."

She stopped.

I gave her a hand, as she was kneeling on the floor. Then I decided to turn her around. Hinarap ko syang hubad-hubad kay Kyle, on her feet, while standing. Kyle's jaw dropped. I can still see him jerking himself off.

Then I moved Irish to closer to the glass door. And closer. Sinandal ko sya sa glass door. Her face and breasts were pressed on the glass, then I spread her legs.

"Yes hon, fuck me now!!!"

She demanded.

I aimed my cock at her hole. She was flowing with juices. It was easy to enter her. One hard push, and she gulped. "Ahhhh…"

I proceeded to fuck her from behind. Kyle was rubbing the glass door where Irish's breasts were.

Then he yelled, "Pare pahawak naman please!"

I ignored him. I kept fucking my girlfriend. She tightened so quick. She was obviously turned out by being watched. She came so quick. First intense orgasm on my cock.

I placed my hands around her and grabbed her breasts. Pinched her nipples. Played hard with her breasts. Pressed them hard.

The back of my girlfriend was so red. I saw sweat starting to form on her skin. I fucked her harder. And harder. In what must be less than 30 seconds, she came again.

Si Kyle nagbabate pa rin sa balcony while watching. I was getting close. My legs were getting a bit tired though.

"On the floor, honey."

Irish obliged.

Humiga kami sa may carpet sa harap ng glass door, where Kyle can see our fucking very clearly. Irish told me, "I wanna be on top." That's my girl!

She mounted me. The slut was looking at Kyle while burying my hard cock inside her. Then she rode me. The cowgirl was not in a hurry. She fucked me from the top very seductively. Her body was almost like dancing. Her hard nipples were protruding. Her breasts were bouncing a bit.

I noticed she was approaching another orgasm. I could feel her heartbeat on my cock, sa sobrang pagsikip ng puke nya. Then a big blast of liquid, nilabasan girlfriend ko. She had both hands on my chest while still pumping. She was moaning so sexily. Her entire torso became very red.

Then I thought, pagbigyan ko ng kaunti si Kyle. Our sliding glass door can open small, merong chain. We use it when we want fresh air from the outside to get into the living room, without attracting too many mosquitoes. I decided to lock the glass door with the chain, but opened it slightly. The chain lock allows it to be opened by about 3 to 4 inches. Kasya ang kamay at braso from the outside. Kyle understood what that meant.

Irish was oblivious as she was still fucking me, enjoying the residual feeling of her powerful orgasm. Her eyes were closed, she pumped me in constant pace.

Kyle's hands and arms were now inside the living room through the small opening, enough to reach my girlfriend's breasts. He reached out and touched her nipples, then he sat on the floor while nilalamas ang suso ng girlfriend ko.

Nagulat si Irish, she opened her eyes. She paused pumping me briefly.

She ignored Kyle and resumed pumping me. That's my girl!

Kyle was now playing with her breasts, while jacking himself off. Then he would run his hands on the leg of my girlfriend also. He couldn't reach her cunt though.

Irish screamed, "I'm cummmming hon!!!"

Her cunt gripped my cock. I felt her juices flowing on my balls, hanggang singit. Sobrang basa na ng puke ni Irish. She was obviously having hot fun.

I saw Kyle's fingers playing with my girlfriend's nipples. I fucked Irish upward, lifting my butt on the floor, holding her by the ribcage. I was close.

I fucked her and fucked her, while Kyle was pinching her nipples. Then he said, "I wanna fuck your girlfriend pare."

Hearing that and seeing Irish enjoying her breasts being p...

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May 17, 2019 (9 months ago)

Ur a teaser din irish...maybe soon kyle will have the chance fucking u


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May 18, 2019 (9 months ago)

Nice and erotic scene


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