If you've been following our story, I hope you recall the one "wild" party Irish and I had with our circle of friends.

Not to be outdone by the am-girl girlfriend ng isang barkada ko, who has been very openly kissing and necking with her boyfriend in front of everyone, Irish decided to remove her panties before sitting on my lap and kissing me passionately.

Nag-agawan ang tropa sa panty ni Irish. Some of them commented that it is moist. Another guy said it smelled addicting. The dude who got hold of it is Kyle. We used to swim at Celebrity Sports Plaza regularly, pareho kaming member. That's how we became friends. Kadalasan, kami na lang ang natitira sa pool, doing 10-15 more laps, while most guests already left.

Kyle has a girlfriend who has been studying in Australia. She's a hottie like Irish pero quite conservative.

"Hon can you get the phone please," utos ni Irish sakin.

It was the lobby guard, saying we have a visitor. I almost forgot that Kyle was dropping by. May ibibigay daw sya sakin.

Maya-maya, he rang the doorbell and Irish opened the door. Beso-beso then lets him in.

"Dude, long time no see!"

"Oo nga, been busy pre. How is Rhea?"

"She's good! She is graduating next year. I hope she does not get too hooked to Australia though."

Irish chimed in, "Why, is she considering na mag-work sa Melbourne after her studies?"

"She spoke about it, in passing lang naman. But nothing's impossible."

I then offered Kyle a bottle of beer. Then he showed me his new Mac and how it integrates with his Apple Watch. Cool. Typical guy talk for several minutes, then we also talked about the challenge of running our own businesses. Na minsan, pati weekend wala ng pahinga. Kadalasan, kulang sa oras and we end up sleeping really late only to wake up by 6 the next morning.

Irish joined us after she freshened up. She was wearing a typical long, white shirt with thin fabric. Sexy talaga nitong girlfriend ko.

Kyle goes, "Shit, wala naman ganyanan Irish!"

"At bakit???" Irish retorted.

"Alam mo namang eight months ago pa umalis si Rhea, tapos papakita mo sakin gano ka ka-seksi?"

"Ulol, bolero ka!"

Sabay tawanan kami.

I stood up to get some peanuts and crackers to go with our beers. Irish followed me.

"Sexy ka daw honey sabi ni Kyle."

"Manyak yang kaibigan mo."

"Bat ikaw hindi?"

"Di ko sya type, sorry honey."

"Why is that?"

"He looks cute and all, parang boy next door ang dating. Alam mo naman I go for the ruggedly handsome, like you." That plus a wet kiss on my lips.

I kissed her back. "Thank you naman my luv."

"So should I send him home na?" I was asking Irish while playing with her butt.

"Nope. I don't mind being naughty tonight. But he cannot participate. As in, he can only watch."

"Wow, that's new!"

"You better make sure ha that he doesn't do anything stupid."

"Yes mam."

We returned to the balcony of our condo.

"Nga pala Lance, I have something that you own that I should return," then he flashes a very big, evil grin.

He takes out what looks like the underwear of my girlfriend from his laptop bag.

"Tang-ina ka, bat ngayon mo lang binalik?"

"Bakit pre, wala na bang ibang panty sweetheart mo?"

Irish beams with naught, "Sus, di nga ako nagpa-panty dito sa bahay e."

Halos mabuga ni Kyle ang beer from his mouth.

I grabbed the pair of undies ni Irish from his hand.

"Thank you ha, Irish. Gave me many interesting nights hihihi."

"Hayup ka Kyle!" my gf jokingly told him.

"Hoy, I washed that ha, with my bare hands, using a liquid soap kaya malinis yan."

Irish grabs it from my hands and smells it. "Oo nga, amoy bagong laba."

Then she did the unthinkable. She bent over to wear the panties. Sa harap ni Kyle.

I was mildly shocked. Kyle was stunned.

"Shit, did you really just do that?" Kyle blurted.

Irish did not comment. I grabbed her from behind.

"Honey, you really don't need that, nasa bahay lang tayo di ba?"

I then proceeded to remove the panties again. Sa sandaling time na suot ng girlfriend ko yung panty nya, may bagat na agad ng wet spot yung panty when I removed.

I placed the panties on the table and Kyle wasted no time to grab it and smell it.

"Wow, swerte mo Lance, kakaingit!"

Then he proceeds to smell and lick the wet spot.

Irish her back against me, tapos pinaupo ko sya on my lap. She turned around to kiss me. Kyle was watching quietly.

I then stood up and lifted Irish with me. She turned around to kiss me some more. I carried her in my arms papasok sa living room. We were still kissing when I opened the glass door that separate our balcony from our living room.

When Irish and I were inside na, Kyle stood up. I told him to stay put.

"Pre dyan ka lang."

"Can't I join?"

"Nope. But you can watch. F...

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