The Bad Girl: Chapter 16 - Sherwin

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Date: May 14, 2019 (5 months ago)

It's been a hectic day in the office that he decided to have a drink at Corrals to unwind. Seated at the counter, he ordered Scotch on the rocks to which the bartender was happy to oblige.

He downed his drink. He motioned for the bartender and asked for a refill then lit a cig.

He inhaled deeply and had a faraway look in his eyes.

Unknown to him, a woman was watching him from across the room. She had a smile on her face as she sauntered towards him, holding a margarita on one hand and a cigarette on the other.

He didn't notice the woman who was standing behind him. He only felt her presence when she blew lightly in his ear and whispered, "I think you owe me a drink."

Irritated, he turned around to see who it was. A smile spread on his face when he recognized her.

She bent down to kiss him and he met her halfway. His tongue easily swept inside to explore her.

She moaned at his invasion.

His hands roamed her body, pulling her close to him.

She gasped when she felt his arousal.

He deepened his kisses.

She rubbed her body on his hardness.

He groaned in her mouth. Both could feel each others need.

Reluctantly, they both pulled away and he paid their bills.

They were in a hurry that he almost forgot where he had parked. He was cursing and she was giggling at the situation. At last they found his car.

He opened the door for her. But before she went inside, he turned her around to face him and kissed her hard.

She placed her arms around his neck and continued to rub herself against his hardness.

His hands found her breast and gave them a light squeeze which made her nipples harden.

He tried to tease the hardened peaks but she slipped inside the car and said, "Let's go to your place now. I don't think I can wait much longer."

With that, he went to the driver's seat and turned on the engine and drove away.

Inside, she had this smile on her face as she faced him. She placed her hand on his knee and caressed it.

He was getting more and more impatient to get home.

Her hand moved upward to his thigh and ended on his hardness.

He hissed at the action.

Without warning, with the use of her other hand, she unbuttoned his pants and unzipped it.

He groaned and stepped hard on the accelerator, almost hitting another car.

She giggled. She continued to massage him through his boxers. Suddenly, her hand slipped inside the waistband of his boxers. Her fingers made contact with his hardness.

He groaned.

Her fingers felt warm against his. She took out his hardness and without any hesitation at all, she bent down and engulfed all of him!

He was surprised at her actions that the car swerved suddenly to the other lane. Good thing there was no oncoming car else they'd have a head-on collision!

She smiled despite the danger she had caused and continued with her ministrations. With him in her mouth, she started to swirl her tongue on his manhood and moved upward. She reached the head and let him out with pop.

He doesn't know if he should breathe a sigh of relief OR scream at her for stopping.

His curiosity was rewarded when she licked the head of his member and sucked it. She slowly worked her way down….suckling and licking…suckling and licking…

When she reached the base, she sucked him hard and bobbed up and down…slowly at first…then faster…and faster…up…down…up…down…

"God! Her mouth feels so good! So tight!" he thought. He was buckling in his seat and trying very hard to concentrate on the road. Then he could feel his stomach tighten and he knows that he's about to explode!

She felt his member twitch, a signal of him nearing his climax. She continued to bob faster and harder…and with the help of her hand, she squeezed him.

That was the last straw for him. He couldn't contain it any longer! He had to give in to his need!

"Ahhhh!!!" he groaned and shivered.

They reached his house.

They hurriedly got out of the car and went inside. Stopping every now and then to devour each others lips… greedily… roughly… biting… sucking….

Once in the room, they both took off their clothes hurriedly and lock each other in a hungry kiss.

He laid her down on the bed and started pleasuring her body. He traced a finger from her lips down to the valley between her breasts. Then, he started drawing circles, making sure that his finger made contact with her nipples.

She let out a soft moan every time his finger would brush against her hardened tips.

He went down to her stomach and flattened his hand. Moving downwards, his fingers played with her soft curls shielding her womanhood. He could feel her wetness and her heat.

His fingers teased her like a butterfly fluttering around a flower. It was sheer torture having him touch her like this. He never made a move to open her up, explore and enter her. He was content in brushing his fingers on his lips and feeling her getting wetter and wetter until his fingers were soaked with her wetness.

She tried to arch up to draw him nearer but he pulled away. He smiled. He knew she needed him now, desperately.

He moved on top of her and kissed her, his tongue battling with hers. His manhood is positioned at her entrance. Suddenly, he pulled back to look at her. And with a swift movement, his tongue invaded her mouth, the same time that he entered her!

She gasped at the sudden movement and felt him withdraw. She cupped his bottom, dug her nails, and pulled him to her arching body, meeting him halfway.

Their needs overtook their bodies as they moved faster and faster….

He thrust in her deeper and deeper…

She rotated her hips to find fulfillment…

He could feel her muscles inside tighten…

Faster and harder and deeper…

Both are gasping for air…

Then it hit her…

"Mmfff!!!" electric currents surged her thrashing body.

He felt his release as her love tunnel grasped his manhood…

"Ahhh!!!" and he shuddered as the last drop was milked from him.


Both were still recovering from their heated passion when the door suddenly burst open.

They did not make an attempt to cover themselves. Instead, they leisurely got up.

"Keeping yourself busy, eh?" Matt sarcastically said as he strode inside the room.

"Hi, Smile!" he greeted the woman who was unhurriedly covering herself with a robe from one of the chairs nearby.

"Matt," Smile greeted, unabashedly meeting his eyes.

Smile Liu, the youngest Entrepreneur of the Year, astounded the Taiwan business community when she introduced "Descent of Gods" online gaming software that has taken Asia by storm and slowly worming its way into the West. Not that it was something new but it was how she promoted and sold such product enabling to capture almost every demographic available in the market.

She and Sherwin hit off instantly when they met during the Phoenix Business Summit as they share common views on business and more...

"It's such a dreary engagement don't you think?" Smile said to the interestingly unique gentleman before her.

He was casually leaning against the pillar, slowly twirling his cognac; his jaw was set hard on his face, an indication that the conference annoyed the hell out of him

She unhurriedly moved her eyes on his marauding stance.

"Sexy" she thought, taking in his all black Armani suit, his Cole Haan, and of course his long hair.

"Deviant," she silently concluded.

"If it's DREARY as you call it, why are you here?" Sherwin drawled without turning. He just hated it when some virtually unknown stranger comes up to him for small talk with hopes that it will land them with a much wanted appointment with him.

"So, it's true..." Smile went on, undeterred by the callousness of his reply, "you're as hostile as the take-overs that you orchestrate."

"Relentless… harshly persistent" Sherwin silently judged, with an amused smile. He slowly turned and met her gaze.

"Smile Liu," the woman before him said. "It would be decorous for us to extend our hands in greeting but I'm not after you for business."

If Sherwin was taken aback, he hid it well. Instead, he raised his eyebrow, beckoning her to continue.

"I'm more interested in what's underneath that suit of yours rather than how you have managed to afford such luxurious apparel." Smile went on frankly and suggestively tracing her lower lip with her forefinger.

"So Mr. Xu, care to satisfy my curiosity?" she challenged holding his gaze... daring him to accept her offer.

"An immaculate countenance with an incisive tongue," he acknowledged, as he examined her innocent appearance, his eyes not missing the tattoo on her right hand.

That started their no-business-pure-sex affair. Their arrangement had suited them just fine. Sherwin has no plans in getting into a serious relationship. His past taught him that women would eventually unsheathe their claws once you take them seriously. Smile, on the other hand, just wanted a night of casual sex with the infamous Sherwin Xu but one thing led to another. Now, she secretly has fallen in love with the man but dare not tell him or else she'd lose him.

"You're back," Sherwin said flatly, obviously not welcoming his cousin's intrusion.

Matt just nodded curtly and went to the champagne near the bed. He nonchalantly took a swig from the bottle, as if this was an everyday scene.

Sherwin turned into Smile's direction who was now fixing her hair.

"Smile," he called out to her. "Honey, would you excuse us?"

"Sure, darling!" she replied, as she swayed towards him for a kiss.

As soon as Smile's head bent down, he pulled her close to him and ravaged her lips. He opened her robe enough for him to take out her breast and proceeded to knead it.

She moaned in delight.

His lips went down to capture the tip and rolled it between his teeth, biting it lightly.

She purred softly in his arms.

Soon, they were lost in their own world, until Matt cleared his throat to gain their attention.

"I think someone needs your attention more than I do," Smile giggled. Then, she reluctantly pulled away from Sherwin, kissing him one last time, and went to the bathroom to take a shower.

Matt just rolled his eyes and shook his head in wonder and amazement. "Who would have thought that after all these years you would exceed my reputation."

Sherwin took a cig from his side table and lit one. "C'mon, Matt. You did not come here just to commend me on surpassing your infamous aptitude for women."

Matt smirked. "Still the serious one. Good!"

He took another swig. "I don't know if I should be glad that the Sherwin Xu I knew is still there or be disappointed that you still can't take matters into stride…" he trailed as he saw his cousin's pointed look.

"I have a merger coming up." Matt announced at last with a wide grin on his face.

"Matt, you're in politics. The last time I checked there wasn't a ministry dissolved nor austerity measures passed for a merger," Sherwin pointed it out to him.

"Unless you somehow managed to reunite us with the Mainland?" he added, looking quizzically at his cousin.

"Like I said, no sense of humor," he replied, after taking a last swig from the bottle.

"I'll leave you to figure it out," Matt said as he headed for the door.

"Maybe your head's a little shaken by all the grinding you've been doing…or maybe you're back to the old withdrawal technique…it's bad for the memory you know." Matt wriggled his eyebrows and left.

Sherwin just shook his head, still trying to make some sense about his cousin's declaration. Then all of a sudden, it hit him!

"I'll be damned!" Sherwin exclaimed.

Matt was getting married. To whom? He does not know yet but he has a growing suspicion that his cousin was seriously seeing a certain lady during his diplomatic trips abroad.

He laid down on the bed and stared at the ceiling, reminiscing the past. His brows furrowed at the thought and smirked at how events would turn lives around.

It's ironic how things had become.

It's been 7 years since they had graduated from university. It's been seven years since that fateful day when all he had ever worked for the past 16 years of his academic life went down the drain because of a certain wild child named Reina Yang.

He bolted right up and took a swig from the champagne bottle. His breathing quicked at the memory. Anger coursed his veins.

Although he was equipped with all the kudos upon his commencement, he became The Joke of Asia. News about Reina's prank spread like wildfire. After all, the Princess of Thailand was in attendance. The story of such ruckus was printed in every newspaper and tabloid. Thus, Sherwin graduated with the reputation of a peewee.

He ran his fingers through his hair and shook his head. He could vividly remember the people laughing at his face on his graduation speech. He remembered how humiliated he was.

He became a laughingstock in the business community because men regard their prestige not only with monetary success but also through their performance in bed.

He stood up and looked at himself in the mirror. A bitter smile crossed his handsome features. He was a changed man, a new man. He was not the man he used to be. He had created someone far different from his "dork" image.

He worked doubly hard to gain their respect but to no avail. Sherwin was still ridiculed by the business community. As such, he resorted to devious strategies and intimidation to get what he wanted. But inasmuch as he began to ruthlessly awe the financial district; he knew that people are still laughing behind his back.

Sherwin Xu became known as The Predator of the Asian Financial District. Along with his merciless acquisitions, he still sported long locks and publicized his tattoos and piercings as a rebellion on the straight-laced, starch-faced image that businessmen usually don.

He smirked at his reflection and he went to the bathroom to cool down the rising temper building in his body. He immediately saw Smile taking a shower and his...

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