The Bad Girl: Chapter 13 - Rumors

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Date: May 5, 2019 (1 year ago)

"Ready?" Chrissie asked as Reina parked her car.

"I am. Come what may, I'll talk to him. Wish me luck!" Reina said.

"Good luck!" Chrissie said as she hugged her friend.

Reina took a deep steadying breath and got out of the car.


"Yan, is it me or are people sniggering as we pass?" Reina asked. She had growing suspicion that the students were talking about her.

They were walking on the hallway, on the way to their third period.

Chrissie looked around her and could see that people are staring at them as if they had grown another head, each! And when her eyes would fall on them, they would look away.

"Yup, people are definitely talking about us," Chrissie said nonchalantly.

"Don't mind it, Yang. We've always been talked about…good or bad," she added a matter-of-factly.

Reina looked around her and her uneasiness grew even more, "I don't know…This time it's weird…It's actually creeping me out…"

"Relax, girl, you're just nervous," Chrissie faced her friend and her eyes lightened up. "Better yet... Focus your mind elsewhere… like Delectable Dorky."


"Here you go…" Matthew handed Sherwin some aspirin.

The guys were nursing a serious hangover from the event last night and they haven't got the slightest idea of what had transpired. They passed by the drugstore in the mall on their way to Mystique Cafe at the ABAC shopping center.

They were now seated at the far end of the cafe, almost hidden from the entrance view.

"Wait let me check on that tab," Sherwin said as he took the pills from Matt. "Aspirin, good. had to be sure, cuz! You might drug me again," he joked and patted Matt's back.

"Damn! This is a hell of a headache! My professors are going to be dumbfounded when they find out I missed all my morning classes because of a hangover," Sherwin complained, rubbing his temples.

"It's no big deal, Sherwin," he faced his cousin. "I do that all the time," he added as he leaned back on his chair.

Just then, Matt's friend, Mike, joined them. "Hey, I heard about the electrifying performance you had at the Red last night," he said as he gave Matt a high five.

He then turns to Sherwin and pats him on the back and said, "Congratulations, man! I never knew you had it in you!"

Sherwin just stared at him, puzzled…


Reina is greatly perturbed as she cannot find nor contact Sherwin.

"I can't seem to get him, Chris. I've been trying to call him but his phone's dead," she told her friend worriedly.

"Maybe he's sick or something," Chrissie replied and reassured her friend, "Come on…only half of the day has gone. You still have this afternoon and tonight."

"Right!" Reina nodded in agreement. "Come on! Lunch is on me!"

They entered the Mystique Cafe and suddenly, all eyes turned to their direction. That's not unusual as they were head-turners anyway but there was something in the crowd's attention made them feel queasy.

The friends looked at each other trying to figure out what in the world is wrong.


"Damn, Rain! I think people are REALLY talking about US…" Chrissie whispered to her friend as she looked around the suddenly quiet caf.

They headed towards a vacant booth but everyone giggled and looked at them in disgust as they passed.

"What I can't figure out is that we never did anything over the weekend," Chrissie was bewildered.

It didn't last long until Reina caught a bit of what they were saying.

"I don't think they're talking about US… they're talking about ME!" she uttered in horror.


Sherwin saw her enter the caf. He has not seen her after the Ramayana incident. He stiffened. His face turned white and he felt cold all over. Cold sweat was running through his body. He did not know what to do.

"Should I approach her or not?" he silently debated.

It was Mike who broke into his thoughts, "Hey, isn't that Reina?"

Matt scrambled groggily when he heard her name. The instant that his eyes found her, he was wide awake.

"Hey Reina!" Mike called out to her.

Reina turned to his direction and wondered who it was.

At the same time, Matthew pointed at Sherwin and cried, "Lover Boy is here!"

Matt stood up and went behind Mike and they mockingly grinded each other.

The whole place erupted in laughter.

Despite his headache, Sherwin was vastly amused at his cousin's antics.

He looked up and his eyes locked with Reina's and he smirked.


Reina could have passed Matthew's crude joke but when she saw Sherwin smirk, she froze.

She never felt shamed in her life before that she ran out of the caf.

Chrissie was left. She was too stunned to say something except, "Reina, wait!"

She was making up her mind if she should go after Reina or approach Sherwin. She decided on the latter. She wanted to talk to him straight before following her friend.

As she made her way to the guys' table, she heard a girl bicker. It wasn't just any girl; it was Diane, a junior. The former queen of ABAC... until THEY came along.

"Omigod! I knew that the Bitch was a virgin! But I didn't know that she'd succumbed to the Drooling Dork! Wasn't she the one who gave him that name?" Diane intentionally said for Chrissie to overhear.

Adding insult to injury, the dethroned queen laughed evilly, "My god! She just ate her words!"

With this, her friends laughed along with her

Chrissie couldn't contain it any longer. She just had to do something to Diane.

She stopped walking and faced the bitter "has been".

With a smile plastered on Chrissie's face, she said, "Hey, slut! How about getting your face in what you're supposed to eat?"

With that, Chrissie just pushed Diane's face on her plate and went after Reina.


Reina didn't know where to go! Everywhere she turned all she could see were faces laughing at her... fingers pointing at her! This must be God's retribution for all the things she had done!

At last, she reached the Buddhist Temple by the main building.

"Damn you, Sherwin!" Reina cried.


Chrissie found her friend huddled in the corner of the temple.

She felt sorry for Reina and blamed herself for encouraging her friend and setting her up with Matt even though it did not push through as planned.


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