With all the noise coming from our relatives having fun in the pool, walang nakapansin sa amin ng tumayo kami para pumunta sa kwarto.

Tita Lucy led the way. Naka-akbay ako kay Joanne while we were walking. Sumunod kami kay Tita Lucy. Lumampas sya sa cottage. Nagulat ako but we just kept following her.

After a minute of walking, I saw where she was heading. May isa pa lang cottage na medyo malayo sa tinulugan namin. It's a 5-minute walk from the pool, tapos nasa likod pa sya ng maraming puno.

Tita Lucy apparently has the key to this other cottage. It's smaller pero mas tahimik kase malayo sa pool. Pumasok sya. Sinundan namin.
Inside there was a small living room lighted by the afternoon sun. Then there is a bedroom and a small kitchen.

"Dito tayo sa kwarto, lock nyo ang pinto."

"Tita di kaya tayo hanapin?" Joanne asked.

"Huwag lang tayo maingay para kung may makarating man dito, isipin lang nila walang tao."

As soon as we entered the room, my tita pushed me to the wall and pulled my shorts down. Tumama pa sa mukha nya burat tayo, na tayung-tayo na.

"Tumutulo na tamod mo Lance."

"Sa kwento mo tita."

Joanne seems frozen, while my tita was readying to suck me. She just sat on the bed.

Chinupa ako ni tita. Sinubo nya ang ulo, tapos nilaro ang labi sa dulo ng ulo. She would swallow all of it then back off to remove all of it from her mouth. Then swallow it again. I was like fucking her mouth.

Then she paused, "Halika Anne."

Joanne moved closer to us.

"Subo mo?"

"Di ko kaya lahat yan tita."

I reached out to Joanne's head, to bring her face closer to my cock.

"Ang laki pinsan."

"Suck me cuz, please."

Then the softest pair of lips that ever laid on my cock was finally sucking me. Ang lambot ng bibig. Ang lambot ng labi. Ang lambot ng dila.

My tita stood up, licked my chest, my nipples, my neck. Itinaas nya braso ko, then licked my armpits. Wow, I never thought that could be so erotic.

Then the ultimate taboo, tumingkayad sya to kiss my mouth.

Tita and I kissed tenderly, tongue to tongue. Her mouth tasted like beer but I don't mind. I held on at the back of her neck.

Joanne was now sucking and jerking me off. She was doing it furiously and I had to stop her, "Not yet cousin. Don't wanna cum yet."

She slowed down and stepped back. Took off her shirt, walang bra. Took off her shorts, walang panty. I saw her hairless cunt again. Nakakagigil.

I reached for my tita's cunt. Wala na rin syang panty. Basa at ang init ng puke nya. She stopped kissing me, while I played with her clit. I rubbed her firmly and fast. I masturbated her and she moaned. And moaned, and moaned.

"Finger me Lance."

Just that and I plunged my middle finger inside her. Looked for, found and rubbed her g-spot while kissing her. She came in a blast, yun pala kiliti...

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Cherry popping is lovelier the second time around... Pain is gone, the fun begins...

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Apparently for Joanne, yes, that's what she said after. Though she would still bleed in our succeeding fucks.

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