The Bad Girl: Chapter 7 - Ablaze

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Date: April 27, 2019 (1 year ago)

"MATT AND REINA?!" Sherwin mused. He still hasn't recovered from his shock.
Matt AND Reina.

"Man, that hurts," he continued to torture himself. He was envious. "They may not have gotten together tonight but there is always a next time…knowing Matt," he thought.

"How would it feel to have Reina touch my face? Run her hands on me?" he closed his eyes and sees images of Reina doing just that.

The pill Matthew gave him was slowly worming its way into Sherwin's system. Minutes later, he was starting to get hard just thinking about Reina.

He was so caught up with his visions that he barely heard the knocks at the door. And when he did, he shrugged it off but the insistent pounding pulled him back to reality.

"Oh shit!" he muttered, as he scrambled to open the door, momentarily forgetting his sweet discomfort.

Reina took another deep breath before knocking on the door. She was dressed in a black tied-back halter with a V-cut neckline that almost reached navel, a pleated denim micro mini, and strappy sandals.

Earlier, she had three shots of tequila to wash away her inhibitions. She was not drunk, a little tipsy but NOT DRUNK and… DEFINITELY HORNY!

"This is it, girl. It's now or never, "she psyched herself up and once again knocked.

Nobody opened the door.

She panicked and started to wonder, "Did Matthew lead me on like I lead him on? Is this a joke?"

She began to get furious when the door suddenly opened. Her eyes widened to see it was not Matthew but the Drooling Dork!

Sherwin could not believe his eyes! There she was, standing like a goddess, so beautiful and so damn sexy!

They were riveted on the spot.

Sherwin, admiring Reina's body, and Reina, inspecting Sherwin up and down.

Sherwin recovered first and motioned Reina to come in. As he closed the door, he couldn't fight the effects of the pill anymore that he grabbed Reina's hand and pulled her to him.

She was too tipsy to resist him and she could feel her need building up inside her. She felt hot all over, almost like she was on fire!

He could not hold it any longer. He has got to kiss her! "Just one kiss," he thought, just wanting to satisfy his thirst.

He touched her face with the back of his hand. "You're so beautiful!" he whispered.

She closed her eyes and leaned on to his hand.

His hand went down to cup her chin and tilted it upward. He slowly bent down to kiss her lips. Light, feathery kisses. Tentatively at first, running his tongue on her lips, tasting her.

She felt her knees buckle. She put her arms around his neck to prevent herself from falling down.

Sherwin was nibbling her lips, his hands rubbing the small of her back, making her shiver.

She licked her lips and accidentally touched his tongue. She inhaled deeply!

He almost went crazy when their tongues met! And when she inhaled, he swept his tongue inside her mouth! "God, she tastes so good!"

She was surprised at his invasion but quickly recovered. She pulled him closer and started kissing him hungrily.

His control slipped when she kissed him. Hell! He wasn't being gentle anymore! He was being demanding!

His tongue explored her mouth!

Her tongue dueled with his!

They kissed with a fervent passion that left them breathless.

Slowly, he moved away to look at her. "She looks so luscious with her lips all swollen from the kisses," he thought.

Sherwin was fully aware of what he was doing. He knew where it might lead. It wasn't the pill talking. It was HIM! The pill just heightened his sensations and gave him the audacity to kiss Reina Yang and perhaps even more. His actions and his thoughts were not dictated by the drug.


"Why haven't I noticed him before?" she wondered, feeling light-headed, not from the tequila, but from the heated lip-lock they shared. By now, she has sobered up. She was conscious of her actions, especially her need.

He bent down to kiss her again. She closed her eyes and tilted her face to meet his lips. But Sherwin didn't go there. He kissed her neck, which elicited a moan from her, all the while untying the string of her top. He nibbled, licked, and kissed her neck and shoulders as he tossed the flimsy fabric on the floor.

She heard his sharp intake of breath when he took off her top. She suddenly felt shy and blushed.

"You're perfect," Sherwin murmured as he kissed the valley between her breasts down to her navel.

Her body quivered as she felt his lips on her tummy.

He licked her navel causing her to gasp.

He licked moving upwards to her right breast.

"Hmm…Rosy pink," he whispered, smiling.

He traced the areola with his tongue before capturing her hardened tip, suckling hungrily like a baby.

"Omigod!" Reina could only whimper.

And when he was done with the right globe, he licked his way to the left, giving it the same pleasure as the other one.

"Aaahh…" she sighed.

Then he moved back upwards to her neck, flicking his tongue, then to her lips, capturing it in one passionate kiss.

Reina could not take this sweet torment anymore. So when he kissed her again, she moved her hands to unbutton his shirt. Her hands were shaking from his ministrations that Sherwin had to help her.

Her hands felt hot on his skin.

She nibbled on his lower lip then proceeded to kiss his chin, then the hollow of his neck, and downward to his chest. Alternately licking… and biting… and nibbling… teasing him.

Her hands explored his solid chest and his back, making him groan. Her fingers found the waistband of his pants, then his belt.

She licked her way back to his lips and darted her tongue in and out of his mouth.

He grabbed her hair and kissed her hard, his right hand lifted her left leg to pull her closer, making her feel his arousal.

Her hands trembled as she reached to unbuckle his belt.

Sherwin rubbed himself against her making her forget her intentions.

She felt a tingling sensation when his manhood stroked the very essence of her. She's so wet that her silky thong is soaked.

His right hand was rubbing her smooth leg. He felt like he's going burst when he touched her bare bottom!

He continued to kiss her as he led her to his room and on to his bed.

He positioned her on the edge.

He kissed her knee and worked upward to her thigh and did the same to the other leg.

Sherwin could smell her scent emanating from her center. He could see that she is as aroused as he is by the looks of the wet spot on her thongs that barely covered her. That made him smile.

He moved his way up to the bands of her G-string and with his teeth, pulled it down, letting them graze her skin.

"God, she smells so sweet, so intoxicating!" he thought.

Reina kicked her thongs aside and slowly sat up to kiss him. She pulled him on the bed and straddled his legs.

She kissed his lips, his chin, his chest, and moved all the way down to his stomach. Her hands were fumbling to unbuckle his belt. Next, the button was freed. And then, she slowly unzipped his pants.

She played with the waistband of his boxers before drawing it down together with his pants.

Sherwin was just too eager to take them off.

Her eyes widened in surprise, not because she has not seen a guy's appendage before, but it was the most beautiful manhood she ever has seen.

She looked at him and smiled.

She touched the tip with her finger, making it twitch. She let her finger run around its tip, making him arch his back. She gently traced its length down to the hanging sacs and squeezed them gently. She traced her way back up.

He sucked in his breath, slowly. He thought he was going to die from the sheer pleasure he was experiencing.

He was caught by surprise with her next move.

Reina bent down and kiss him THERE! She flicked her tongue on its tip. She let her tongue trail from the base to the top. She let her tongue circle the top and put his entire length into her mouth!

He was so surprised that he was not able to react and then...

"Oh, God! Her mouth is so hot," he thought as he groaned.

She then started to slowly bob up and down; constantly flicking her tongue, and feeling him harden more, if that was possible.

He can't take it anymore. One more move and he will not be able to control himself.

He rolled over, bringing her with him. He has now placed her under him, his legs between hers, and his manhood rubbing against her center. She felt so good, so soft, and so feminine.

He looked into her eyes. Her eyes were glazed with passion.

He kissed her eyes, nose, cheeks, lips, then went down to the chin. He left a trail with his tongue between her breasts, down to the navel and to the very heat of hers. He kissed her there and licked her love button. With his tongue, he explored her, darting in and out, making her squirm.

A wave of pleasure overcame her and soon, her love nectar was gushing out.

He raised her arms above her and held her hands. He kissed her again. This time, softly, gently. His other hand was working its way to her center. His fingers found it and she whimpered in his mouth. She is so wet, his finger easily slid inside.

In… Out… In… Out. He felt her buckle under him. He touched her love button and she almost came off the bed, spasms hitting her body.

It lasted for a minute and all this time he never took his finger out.

He resumed the movement of his finger and he felt...

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Nice one...

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Love it!


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YES! it is.


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Next chapter, author. Please. 🙏🏻🙏🏻

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