The Bad Girl: Chapter 6 -the Unexpected

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Date: April 27, 2019 (3 years ago)

"Tell me again why we are giving Matthew Li the honor of popping my cherry?" Reina asked, playing with the straw of her mocha frappe.

It was Friday afternoon, two weeks after that night of Reina's I'm-going-to-start-having-sex decision, and the girls were passing time at Starbucks.

Chrissie choked on her caf latte, "Where the hell did that come from?" she sputtered.

"Popping my cherry?!" Chrissie mimicked. She looked at her friend who was raising an eyebrow at her and went on still bewildered at her friend's choice of words.

"Reina Girl, since when have you taken fancy on OLD SCHOOL terms? You almost sound like my grandmother!" she giggled.

Reina, starting to get annoyed, glared at her friend and said, "Go ahead! Laugh all you want!"

"Oh, come on, Rain, you know I was just kidding," Chrissie tried to be apologetic but ruined it when she broke into fits of laughter.

Reina looked down, almost blushing, ALMOST. She looked at her crazed friend and silently implored.

Chrissie immediately sobered when she saw the pleading look in her friend's eyes. "Look we have talked about this," she reminded and sincerely added, "If you're not sure about it, we could call the whole thing off."

"I can't back out now!" shot an obviously nervous Reina. "He's expecting me to be at his place in four hours!"

"Well, we can always come up with an excuse…" her friend offered. "You know, like your mother whisked you off to Bliss to attend some function… or your dad came for a surprise visit so…"

"Yan," she cut off, "if I back out now, I may never have the guts to go for it again…" She said it in a low voice, which made it sound almost like a whisper, looked down and bit her lip.

"You, Reina Yang, the Bitch, would actually lose some guts?!" Chrissie raised her eyebrows. "The odds of that happening, my dear friend, is nil, zero, nada…"

She put her finger on Reina's chin and tilted her face to look up and said, "Reina, honey, there is no pressure here. Nobody is urging you to get laid."

Reina smiled weakly. "Thanks, Chris, I know you mean well but I'm really sure about doing this tonight," her heart warming to her friend's concern. "Just having second thoughts on the person."

"Now, tell me again, why Matt?" Reina asked as she took out a slim stick of Capri from her Fendi cigarette case and lit it.

"Why Matt?! BECAUSE he's handsome, gorgeous, hot, delicious, yummy, sinful, sexy, virile, good in bed, rumored to have a big…you know…, " said Chris, smiling mischievously. "Not that size matters, but for me it does, but generally it doesn't, or that a big LITTLE FRIEND means he's GOOD but…" she trailed off, her mind obviously drifting to visions of Matt in all his naked glory.

"Earth to Chrissie Yan" Reina prompted snapping her fingers to get her friend's attention.

Chris sighed wistfully and distractedly answered, "Anyway, did I say gorgeous already?"

Then, her energy picked up as she thought about Matt's assets and abilities, "Yang, I could go on and on! I almost envy you! Can I, like, have him next term?" she asked, like a child wanting to borrow a favorite toy.

Reina just smiled and shook her head, amused at her friend.

"Anyway back to the real issue here," Chrissie's tone became a little bit serious.

"In the most DREADED EVENT that Matt would knock you up, which is also HIGHLY UNLIKELY because I heard that he never engages in unprotected sex, which is VERY responsible of him... not to mention you having the Norplant contraceptive shot a couple of weeks ago..." her blabbing trailed as she impishly smiled and waved at a cute guy by the counter.

Reina followed her gaze and looked at the guy then back to her. "…And here I am thinking that you're lusting after Matthew Li." She drawled rolling her eyes at her friend's talent of changing preferences at the drop of a hat.

"That's still like, next term, so that means I can have other guys before him,"...

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April 27, 2019 (3 years ago)

next chapter pleaseee

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April 27, 2019 (3 years ago)

Unlucky Matt,he gave sherwin some aphrodiacs that night and reina coming..no idea matt is loosing reina to deflowered by sherwin.



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