The Bad Girl: Chapter 5 -The Plan

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Date: April 27, 2019 (10 months ago)

The party at Thrills was at full swing. Bodies were turning, whirling on the dance floor. Music was blasting. People were drinking, smoking, dancing, making out, and just downright having a good time.

On the ledge, Reina and Chrissie were gyrating to the beat.

"Lower, girl" Chrissie shouted to which Reina obliged. She went down, almost touching the floor. Slowly, she started to rise. Swaying her hips then pushing her buttocks to brush against the crotch of the guy behind her. She then turned to him and smiled coyly as she strutted down the ledge. An invitation.

Chrissie, seeing Reina go down the ledge, a signal, slowly unwrapped her legs from her date's waist. It's tequila time!

"What's his name again? Gio? Mio? The music is too loud. He won't notice the difference." She thought.

"Uh… Gio, let's have some body shots", she shouted her suggestion at the blaring music.

"Sure!" Gio/Mio agreed, his eyes roaming Chrissie's body.

They went back to their table where Reina was already licking off the salt from the navel of the random guy on the ledge, another victim. She took a shot of her drink and bit the lemon. Then, she proceeded to light her Capri and puffed.

"Want some?" Reina asked, offering her cigarette case to her friend.

"Thanks, but I brought mine with me," she replied. She took out her case of Virginia Slims and lit one. She turned to Ledge Guy and said, "My turn."

With that, Chrissie stood up and placed her leg up on the couch and put some salt on her inner thigh. She motioned for Ledge Guy come over and that is why she is known as the Flirt.

Reina does not mind sharing her victim's attention. She knows that Chrissie is just protecting her, being a virgin and all. This has always been the drill for them. Once Chrissie sees that a tipsy Reina has picked a random guy, she tries to divert that guy's attention to her. Not that she wants to steal the limelight but because she knows that the guy would expect Reina to give him more than just a kiss or a hot and wild make out session. So as not to place Reina in the situation, she trades herself in, even if it means that she would be sleeping with two guys that night.

"What about me?" Gio/Mio complained. Upon hearing this, Chrissie turned her attention to Gio/Mio and smiled. She placed some salt on part of her breast that was exposed by the neckline of her top.

Reina laughed at her friend's display, "Lady, you're way too hot! Sizzling hot!" she cheered.

Chrissie replied, "I am, am I not?" and grinned widely.


"Is that all what those girls do?" Sherwin thought, amazed. He was watching Reina and Chrissie lick and get licked.

Matthew invited Sherwin to grab a drink at Thrills that night. After a week of examination and term papers, Sherwin agreed that it would be a good idea to unwind.

"So, pretty yet so shallow," he continued ruefully then sighed. "I wonder what your story is, Reina. A girl like you could not be really bad."

"Those girls really know how to party." Matt interrupted Sherwin's thoughts. He then handed Sherwin his beer.

Sherwin accepted the beer. "You never told me about the date you had with her." he pointed out, secretly hoping he would not tell.

"I wasn't sure if you wanted to hear about it... you know… after The Incident? You were so mad at me then for leaving you!" Matt reasoned uncomfortably. "Besides, a gentleman never kisses and tells," he added, avoiding his cousin's gaze.

"You? A gentleman?" Sherwin looked at his cousin incredulously.

"There's always a first time for everything." Matt retorted and looked away to say hi to a gorgeous woman.

Actually, the real reason behind Matt's secrecy is that he was never able to convince Reina to do more than just kissing and touching. If Sherwin finds out, he would never hear the end of it. "One of these days, Reina, one of these days" Matt promised himself.


"So, are you going home with Dicky or Mio or both?" Reina asked while they were inside the powder room. On their third round of tequila, the girls finally got Ledge Guy's name, Dicky, and straightened out the Gio/Mio confusion.

"Mio's dead drunk but Dicky's good to go." Chrissie laughingly replied. She was looking for her lipstick and was just able to find it when…

"Uhm… Chrissie?" Reina started, looking at herself in the mirror.

"Yes?" eyeing her friend through the mirror suspiciously. She saw the look in Reina's eyes and her own eyes widened in realization and said, " Don't tell me…"

"Yes," Reina nodded. "Is sex really that great?" she hesitantly asked.

Chrissie turned to look at her friend and sighed. "You know, Yang, sex as sex per se is just an act that leads to a wonderful sensation," she paused to finish dabbing her lips with lipstick. "It's not always fantastic. Orgasm is a hit or miss thing. It depends on your partner, if he's a giver or a taker," She added a-matter-of-factly.

She touched Reina's hair and went on, "Now I know this conversation will lead to your usual I-want-to-lose-my-virginity declarations. You know my stand but just in case you've forgotten, I want you to have it with…"

"…someone you at least care about or trust because in the long run I don't want you to look back on the experience and regret because you will always remember your first time." Reina finished for her, rolling her eyes.

"Very good! The Bitch actually listens to me? I am deeply honored." Chrissie said mockingly.

"But seriously now, Yan, I really want to start having sex!" Reina cried, clearly exasperated. "I'm sick and tired of being a virgin!" She started pacing back and forth. "I'm tired of just kissing and making out all of the time! I wanna get some action and besides, I really, really wanna know how it feels like."

Chrissie hugged her friend and asked, "Are you really sure?"

"For God's sakes, Chrissie, yes!" she yelled a little loudly near her friend's ear. "Would I act like this if I'm not?"

"Ow!" she cried rubbing her ear. "Okay. But have you thought carefully about this?" she asked again, obviously still worried for her friend.

"Like twenty-seven million times! And even more!" assured Reina, hugging her friend back.

Letting go of her friend, she said, "Seems like you're really decided about doing it."

Reina nodded in agreement, almost like a child.

" may do so, provided that I pick the guy you'd go out with," Chrissie continued. "Damn! I sound like your mother!" and they both giggled.

Reina sighed, "Okay!!!! But he better be good, Yan, or I'll have your head for this"

She faced her friend and pretended to act hurt, "Yang, was there ever a time that I failed you?"

"Okay," Reina held her hands up. "So, do you have somebody in mind?"

This time, Chrissie was the one pacing back and forth, thinking. She sudde...

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April 27, 2019 (10 months ago)

Hey keep it with you.English post of yours is not a problem to me.thanx sa story


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