The Bad Girl: Forewords

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Date: April 24, 2019 (3 years ago)

The Bitch. That's what people call me. I really don't mind. After all, it's true. I do admit that I am not a good person. I don't think I'll ever be one.

I was born into a wealthy family and generally, like all the affluent species; we have our story behind the glitz and glamour of being rich and famous.

My father, Drei Yang, used to be a famous Taiwanese actor/heartthrob. Due to his connections, inside knowledge of how the industry works, and shrewdness, he now owns a flourishing media empire, Yang Conglomerate, in Taiwan. My mother, Jeri Stahl, a Norwegian national, is a former model who now manages her own resort in Phuket, Thailand.

My parents met at a photo shoot. They chatted and…FLIRTED. My father worked his way with the beauteous Scandinavian live doll who was immediately smitten with his boyish looks. They wined, dined, and bedded. Months later, I was expected.

The young Drei Yang was ecstatic to have a child. In retrospect, I think Dad just wanted a kid so that women would flock him more, showing off that they may be a potential mother for the heartthrob/playboy's daughter. My mother, on the other hand, was horrified! Being with child will ruin her career so she planned to have me aborted. To stop my mother from getting rid of me, my father offered marriage. My mother accepted because being Drei Yang's wife would keep her in the limelight. That was not a good formula for a life-long commitment.

So years and definitely millions of arguments later, they finally got divorced. My father kept me with him and my mother decided to use some of her divorce settlement to go for, in her opinion, a well-deserved vacation. She decided to meet a former lover in Thailand and fell in love with the country. Eventually, using the remainder of her settlement plus alimony, she bought and developed what is now a world-renowned luxurious resort/spa, Bliss.

My father was exultant with his freedom from matrimony. He partied and played like there was no tomorrow. I watched him as I grew up. I became fascinated with his ability to charm and bend any woman to his will.

I watched, I observed, and I LEARNED. With my father's childlike features and allure and my mother's coloring and build sans the height, I was destined to be the heartbreaker, Reina Yang a.k.a. Bitch.

Now, this heartbreaker, moi, joined forces with an accomplished flirt in the person of Chrissie Yan. I've known Chrissie since birth (if that was actually possi...

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