At this point naisip ko magbaubaya na lang muna sa ginagawa nila. I stopped complaining sa madiin na pagkakahawak sa braso ko, and started enjoying my tita's pussy. Basang-basa, naglalawa. Tapos ang sikip. Dahan-dahan kantot nya sakin. May ungol and I felt her hands on my abs.

My two female cousins were busy also, they were murmuring kaya di ko masyadong marinig pinag-uusapan nila. After the nipples left my mouth, may naramdaman akong paglubog ng kama sa bandang balikat ko. Then before I knew it, my hita na nakadikit sa mukha ko. One of my female cousins was about to sit on my face. "Kuya Jegs usog kang kaunti." It's the voice of Camille, the older of the two girls, giving an instruction to her elder brother Diego to move aside a bit.

Then she leveled her cunt on my face. Biglaan, bumagsak puke nya between my lips and nose. The intoxicating smell. Fresh and moist. I started moving my face a bit, to aim for her clit. Then I started tonguing her. Tumaas sya ng konti. Mas eksakto na sa bibig ko. Dinilaan ko butas nya at clit nya. Dahan-dahan, enjoying her taste. Then I felt my left arm being moved to the side of the bed. Hawak ni Diego papunta sa gilid na katawan ko. Tapos may nakapaka akong puke na basa na din. Ang gulo. Ang daming nangyayari. My Tita moaned. Then she tightened. Ang sikip. Nilabasan sya. Sakal na sakal burat ko sa loob nya. Then the pussy on my face was moving gently na, doon ako nag-focus muna. Kinain ko puke ng pinsan kong si Camille. Good thing wala syang pubic hair gaano so walang sagabal. Si Joanne naman, hawak kamay ko at nilalaro puke nya with my fingers.

Diego was still holding both of my arms pero medyo hindi na ganong kadiin. Sabay sabi, "Lance, bitawan ko na arms mo pero usapan, huwag mong tanggalin blindfolds mo ha."

"Cge kuya, promise."

With that my arms and hands were freed up finally. First thing I did was touch the body hosting the cunt on my face. I parted her pussy lips. Mas dinilaan ko ng mabilis at madiin. Which meant I had to stop fingering Joanne because I was using both hands on Camille. Umungol si Camille, sabat halos ng next orgasm ni tita Lucy. Nilabasan na uli si tita Lucy, sabay sabi "Lance tangina talaga…"

Camille was moving aggressively on my face, halos ma-suffocate ako. Basang-basa mukha ko when she cum. It was dripping on my lips and on my cheeks. Then I felt her jump out of me and fell on the bed.

Diego spoke, "Try mo?"

He must be talking to Joanne. "No kuya, huwag na lang, manunuod na lang muna ko." Hearing the source of her voice, I reached out to her. Yung kamay ko lumanding sa legs nya. I caressed her. She didn't move. She didn't speak. Then I started moving my hand to between her legs. I touched her cunt gingerly, gently. I ran my long fingers sa biyak nya. I masturbated her. She started moaning.

"Lance virgin si Joanne, walang pingeran pinsan ha," Diego ordered.

I did not respond because my tita was approaching another orgasm, and I felt she was bringing me with her. Then she stopped pumping on top of me. Sabay, "Ohhhhhh…"

Parang sya naihi sa dami ng nilabas nya. I felt the hot liquid from her insides flow from the top of my cock to my shaft. Then tumulo palabas ng puke nya. Then her body shivered, before she fell on top of my body.

Meanwhile, Camille was still lying beside me, parang hindi kumikilos. Joanne was enjoying my fingers, I moved my long finger faster over her clit. Sideways, up and down, sideways uli. Then I pinched her clit a bit, habang ang tita ko humihingal on top of me.

Joanne moaned quietly, slowly, then more loudly.

Diego goes, "Joanne, ang ingay mo!" He must have covered her mouth because her next moaning sound was muffled. Nilabasan si Joanne as evidenced by her dripping wetness on my fingers.

Then somehow all action stopped. Two women breathing quite heavily beside me.

I needed to break the weird silence.

"Hey guys, baka naman pwede ko ng i-remove tong blindfold?"

Then I felt someone on top of my head, must be Diego, remove it from near my ears, pataas.

Madilim pala yung room, may ilaw lang galing sa light bulb from outside the closed window.

I adjusted my eyes first. Then sat on the bed.

"Shocked ka ba pinsan?" Camille asked me.


My tita who finally got off me a few seconds ago, was smiling.

"Lance, dayuhan ka kase e. Kaya feeling naman pwde ka naming paglaruan." They tell all laughed quietly.

"Ok, but that does mean you guys have been playing around na, all along?"

Walang sumagot.

Then Jegs sat on the edge of the bed.

"Si tita first jakol ko. Pero sobrang close namin kaya we agreed walang fucking."

Then silence uli. Which I had to break again.


"Lance, kung iniisip mong nago-orgy kami, di naman. Nagkataon lang na lahat kami curious sayo. Iba ka, your taller than most of us, ganda ng build mo, tapos laking America ka pa."

Diego resumed his narrative, "Camille, Joanne and I, hanggang mutual masturbation lang. They watch me jerk off, I watch them masturbate. Pero nag-agree kami, we don't touch each other."

Camille spoke next, "So Lance ha, hindi na ko virgin pero hindi si Kuya Jegs nakauna sakin."

"Basta ako virgin pa!" Joanne proudly proclaimed which made my cock harder.

"Pero pinsan, tangina lang, papakantot ako sayo kung walang kokontra," Camille so assertively said to my face. Lalo akong tinigasan.

It was only then that I noticed si Diego rin nakahubad na pala. Camille and Tita were totally naked, Joanne was still clothed but obviously walang panty sa ilalim ng sundress nya.

"I would like to fuck you too, ate Camille."

Everyone was probably floored by my comment, kaya walang sumagot.

My tita's turn, "Sige ganito, para fair kay Lance, tanungin natin ano gusto nya."

That was easy!

"I will fuck Camille, and tita, you jerk off Diego."

"Pano naman ako?" Joanne complained.

"I can eat your pussy."

"Yun lang?" Joanne was still complaining.

I was mildly shocked.

My tita's infinite wisdom rose to the occasion, "Joanne, habang-buhay mo first time si Lance if ever bumigay ka ngayon. For life, you will acknowledge pinsan mo aka-virgin sayo. Ok lang ba yun?"

Joanne didn't speak right away, parang nag-iisip.

"Lance, fuck me now," Camille was probably so worked up and horny na.

I leaned towards her and kissed her breasts. Touched her hair. Kissed her neck. Starting to romance her.

Habang pumepwesto ako between Camille's legs, Joanne broke her silence.

"Si kuya Jegs."

I paused and said, "What?"

"Si Kuya Jegs ang gusto kong first time."

Wow. I was stunned.

My tita with a mildly confused look, "Kala ko you won't cross that line?" while looking at both Diego and Joanne.

"Kuya everytime nakikita kong nagjajakol ka, lagi kong ini-imagine kinankantot mo ko."

Camille clearly got more horny after hearing that, grabbed my head, slammed my face on hers, started kissing me. Then puwesto na ko between her legs, placed my cock on her hole, and slammed my way in. She gulped. Then moaned softly to my ears.

My tita kissed my back and ran her hands on my butt, caressing me.

Diego was slowly jerking off. Joanne was watching so intently, as in puwesto sa paanan namin ni Camille.

I fucked Camille like I wanted to win the Oscars. I fucked her hard, placed my arms behind her body, pinned her down, gripped her hard then fucked her hard. Kantot na walang pakundangan. Kantot na puro libog. I fucked her and fucked her and I knew I would climax soon at the rate I was going. She gifted me with multiple orgasms at bumaon kuko nya sa likod ko. "Laaaaaaance!" She came hard, nanginig legs nya, her eyes beautifully shot. Next orgasm nya, di ko na natiis.

I kept fucking her while she was having her strong orgasm, and I knew her tightened vagina will draw out my sperm. I pumped slowly but real hard, one, two, three, four. Then five. And I came inside her, gusto kong sumigaw pero di kami pwede mag-ingay. All I managed to say was "Fuck, cuz your cunt was good" and Camille smiled a bit.

My tita was giving Diego a blowjob while Diego was playing with her breasts. Joanne was lying down, at the bottom of the bed. I got off Camille and dove into Joanne's vir...

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