Pinuwesto ni Ed ang girlfriend para kita ko nangyayari sa video. Tinaas nya left leg ni Irish, then he aimed his swollen hard cock into her. He rubbed his cockhead on her clit. Sideways, up and down.

I could hear the breathing of my gf. She looked ok, although she has her lower lips bitten, probably in anticipation. Pinasok ni Ed ang ulo, pero di nya tinuloy. Then he pulled out again. And placed the head again. Then pulled out again. Nilalaro nya puke ng girlfriend ko. Sinasabik lalo and I know this will drive Irish wilder.

Irish was squirming and moaning.

"Honey fuck fuck fuck this is a torture!"

"You ok honey?"

"Ye… yesss…"

Pinasok uli ni Ed yung ulo sa puke nya. I can hear the slippery sound. Tapos he pulled out and rubbed it on her clit again.

Irish was breathing harder.

Ed pulled out. Sumubsob sa harap ni Irish. Nasa bibig na naman nya puke ng girlfriend ko. Hayup. Nilalaplap. Dinilaan. Inipit sa labi nya clit ni Irish. Then he moved his face sideways so fast, parang gigil na gigil.

Kinakain nya si Irish at nanginginig legs ng gf ko. Dinig ko galaw ng bibig nya on my girlfriend's cunt. Slurpy and sensual. He tongued her crack so well that before I knew it, Irish screamed in orgasm.

She literally yelled. And let out a big burst of air, a very loud exhale.

"Shhhhhhhhhhhit, Ed!"

With her body convulsing from the orgasm, Ed stopped eating her and without warning, slammed all of his cock inside my girlfriend's tight cunt.

Sumigaw si Irish.

Ed lapped her breast without moving his cock inside her. Galit na galit buong laman nyang nakadagan sa gf ko. Irish wrapped her fair, slim legs around Ed's muscular thighs. Ed held her face. Then forced a kiss on her. I saw how Irish moved her face sideways. Ed held her face more firmly. He stuck his tongue out and played it over Irish's lips. My girlfriend stopped resisting. They started kissing. More slowly this time. They appeared to be more relaxed. Irish still had her legs around him.

Then Ed started pumping. Slowly. Irish lets go of the kiss. Nakita ko face nya, nasa side ni Ed at nakaharap sa camera. Her mouth was wide open. Her eyes were close.

Ed was fucking her gently. Kissing her neck. Tenderly.

He went down to plant his lips on my girlfriend's breasts. Hinawakan nya. He licked the side of her left breast. Then he kissed the skin of her breast long and hard. He is leaving his mark.

Then he lifted his body off Irish. Held her legs upward.

Ed fucked Irish harder this time. Halos hinuhugot nya his entire cock, then would jam it back hard inside Irish.

Irish was suppressing her yell.

Hugot, baon, hugot baon. Sometimes ulo lang naiiwan sa loob. Tapos kantot ng malakas. This went on for long, the camera went 20:12 to 22:38 na kantutan lang sila. Then Irish came, based on her scream, at least three times in that period.

Ed kept fucking her. He leaned forward again, he reached out for the wrist of Irish, to free her up.

I saw the hands and arms of Irish hold Ed's arms. Camera was at 26:51 na, di pa rin tapos.

Nakaluhod si Ed sa harap nya habang kinakantot sya. Yung hands ni Irish nasa dibdib nya.

Ed lifted her right leg this time and looked at the camera. Kinantot nya puke ni Irish habang nakataas ang hita't binti. Labas-masok. Irish was glistening in wetness. Yung namamagang burat ni Ed, halos sumama ang mga laman ng puke ng gf ko pag hibuhugot ni Ed.

She was coming again, he grabbed Ed's arms. She was violently shaking with this orgasm.

Ed slowed down a...

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April 14, 2019 (5 months ago)

More author haha nakakabitin talaga, pero okay lang intense kasi yung love making nila ed at maam irish

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Irish was royally fucked... damn! If I were you, I would have teleported to Manila and join in the fun hahaha!

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April 14, 2019 (5 months ago)

I can relate to this story. We had a massage together just beside each other. I know whats happening in my gf's cubicle as I had a secret camera set-up. After the massage, I viewed it and it was really fucking without sounds. It was so horny viewing it.

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Sino available?? Chat chat about sex

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