I paused before I decided to ring Ed up. Inisip ko muna kung ano ang possible chronology ng masahe ni Irish at pagdating ko sa condo naming sa Manila. Irish will be home by 5pm. Ako mga 10 to 11 pm pa. Strictly speaking, she's alone with Ed for about five hours at least. Hmmm. Concerning but exciting to think of as well.

"Ay sir kayo pala, hindi po kase nag-appear ang number niyo."

"I'm calling from Hong Kong kase pare."

"Ay kaya po pala. Musta po sir?"

"Ok naman. Gusto pa-massage ni Irish."

"Kelan po ba kayo pwede sir?"

"Mga 5pm today."

"Kala ko po sir nasa Hong Kong kayo?"

"Oo nga. Si Irish naman ang magpapa-massage, hindi ako. And she's available in our condo by 5pm."


"Did you hear me?"


"What do you think?"

"Sir medyo nakaka-ilang po ata na wala kayo doon, baka po…"

"It's ok pare. Request ni Irish."

"Gaya po ba ng dati sir?"

"I think so. Ask Irish. Sya masusunod."

"Sir mas kampante po ako kung nandoon kayo."

"Ako din naman. I like it better that way. Kaso na-delay flight ko."

"Ah ganun po ba."

"Napagod si Irish sa business trip nya. So I am sure her legs and feet are tired."

"Ako po bahala kay mam. Mare-relax po sya."

It was time to update my girlfriend.

"All set, Ed will be there by 5-530pm."

"Thank you, honey."

"Be a good girl luv."

"Do you really mean that luv?"

"Nope. Be yourself. Enjoy."

"That's the plan."


"Can you watch over FB or Skype?"

"I thought you'd never ask."

"I feel safer that way."

"But there is a window when I will be in the plane, so I won't have internet connection for two hours or so."

"Doesn't that make it more exciting? Not knowing what is happening?"

"Fuck. Yes but you are still my girl, my luv."

"I can take care of myself."

"I know that."

"And Ed won't do anything that will offend or hurt me."

"Oo naman."

Her plane took off shortly thereafter. I sat back in my hotel, confirmed flight schedule with PAL and fell asleep.

My phone beeped at around 4:45 p.m.

"Just landed, honey."

"Good to know you're back in there safe."

"In the car na, traffic is surprisingly easy. Should be home in half an hour."

"See you later luv."

I powered up my laptop and logged into my FB account. I can see my gf online on Messenger. I took a shower, to prepare for my flight.

Video call of Irish came in.

"Clear ba from here?"

"Very clear."

My laptop has a 15-inch 4k screen. Irish uses the latest iPhone with really clear front camera image and video stream.

I can see her undress. Then step into the shower.

When she stepped out, she started talking.

"Sakit ng likod ko honey."

"Pahinga ka muna."

"Yes. We were walking to our meeting venues kase. Too short for car drives. Mga 20,000 steps nga ang na-log ko kahapon sa phone."

"Wow, kapagod nga yun."

I heard the beep from lobby security with Irish picking up the call.

"He's here na."

"Ok. Keep your phone docked na lang so the video is not shaky."

"Yes I won't bring it with me in bed."

The phone is docked in such a way that I have a view of the entire bed. Medyo bandang paanan but I can still see the top of the bed clearly.

Irish apparently did not tell Ed that the docked phone is streaming video to me. I am sure Ed would notice later, but it appears they were too busy fixing the bed, with Ed putting a massage towel on top of the bed.

"Ed nandyan si Lance," then gf points to the direction of her phone.

"Hello po sir," then Ed waves.

"Hi Ed."

"Umpisa na po kami sir."

"Sige lang."

Ed removes his shirt and keeps his tank top. Then he was in his usual pair of tight boxer shorts.

Irish had a small towel over her lower back and upper legs. Ed puts oil and starts working on her feet. Then her lower legs. He was taking his time. He seems feeling the aches and pains of my girlfriend's legs.

Irish was not moving and was not saying anything.

Ed continued to her upper legs. Methodical, slow.

"Ed I am sleepy. Gisingin mo na lang ako pag nakatulog ako ha?"

"Opo mam."

Ed then placed the towel lower, closer to her legs. He started to massage her lower back.

"Mam, lipat ko po towel sa legs nyo?"

Irish did not respond.

"Mam ok lang po ba?"

She still did not respond. Then I heard her snore slightly.

Ed turns to the camera to speak to me, "Sir tulog po ata si mam. Pagod po nga talaga."

"Oo nga, I can hear her snore."

Ed resumes massaging her. Lower back, upper back, shoulders.

After a few minutes, I saw Ed leave the bed to get something from his bag. I couldn't see well right away kung ano kinukuha nya.

I saw he got a face towel to wipe his face. Tapos he was pulling something out of his bed. Parang mahabang socks or leggings.

Without warning, he proceeds to elevate the arms of Irish to her side, pataas. Dalawang braso. Tapos parang binabalot nya.

It finally dawned on me, as I watched closer on the video, na tinali ni Ed ang wrists in Irish using what looks like a long pair of socks or stockings. I couldn't even begin to imagine why he has those in his bags. Maybe he had it all planned. Nakatali si Irish sa poste ng kama, letter V ang arms nya above her. Then letter V din ang buka ng legs nya.

I cleared my throat with a relatively loud sound.

"Sir wag po kayo mag-alala. Hindi ko po sasaktan si mam."


"Opo, gusto ko lang po sya ma-surprise."

"Ok sige, but when she says remove them, remove them ha."

"Yes sir."

But then again what can I do, I cannot teleport myself to our condo.

Irish is still not moving. Tulog talaga.

Ed started to part her legs. He started massaging her upper legs and the sides of her cunt.

"Kita nyo po ba sir?"


He then started playing slowly with her clit. Irish is still not moving much....

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