Tita Mounts Nephew

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Date: April 6, 2019 (18 days ago)

Nag-umpisa ang araw ng wala masyadong nangyayari, until we started waking up one by one. Our uncles and aunts were up ahead of us. They started making breakfasts on the big table were the inuman the previous night happened.

"O Lance, hangover much?" my horrible cousin Richmond asked.

"Ok na ko cuz. A bit of headache but can manage."

My Tito tapped my back, "Sa susunod, dahan-dahan sa lambanog!"

Then my Tita Lucy, in a body-fitting yellow sundress, still braless, approached our table with a tray of coffee cups and a pot of coffee.

"O tanghali na, kape-kape muna tayo."

"Thank you, tita."

Then she leaned forward to me and whispered, "Thank you din."

I learned through breakfast that we were supposed to go to my uncle's pastillas factory. It's a 30-minute ride from where we are. The plan is to stay there for an hour, get all the finished products, para madala na rin sa palengke for sale.

"Maiwan ka na dito Lance ha, mukhang masama ba itsura mo. Saka para may taumbahay."

"Oks lang tito."

My Tita Lucy also responded, "Susunod ako sa inyo kuya Miguel ha, maglilinis lang ng bahay muna."

"Tulungan ko kayo tita," I asked.

"Huwag na Lancelot, magpahinga ka muna, putla mo pa e."

"I'm ok tita, slight headache na lang pero kaya ko naman tumulong maglinis."

My Tito Miguel interrupted us, "Oo tulungan mo si Lucy, para mapabilis at makasunod sya sa amin agad."

One by one, cousins and uncles started boarding our uncle's old and noisy jeepney which can actually fit 14 passengers.

"Lance help me clean the table, ligpit na tayo."

I grabbed the tray from tita and started collecting cups, plates, utensils. Tita was back with a big cloth to wipe the table clean. I went to the kitchen sink and started pouring water on the dishes.

"Uy ako na yan, I don't think you know how to wash dishes."

"Grabe ka naman tita, hugas pinggan lang."

"Maski na, let me do it."

I stepped away from the kitchen to let her have the space. Sunlight was streaming from the kitchen window, landing on tita's fair skin on the neck and shoulders. It flattered the shape of her breasts as well. I stood next to her staring.

"Ano ginagawa mo?"

"Looking at you, tita."

"At bakit naman?"

I didn't answer. "I'm sure sawang-sawa ka sa babae sa States."

"Not true tita, overrated mga babae dun."


"Very few are really sex. Most are overweight, and frankly, most of them don't look as clean as Pinays."

"E yung girlfriend mo, Pinay ba or Kana?"

"Wala po tita, walang rin time. Puro aral muna."

"That's good. Buti naman alam mo priorities mo."

"Of course."

"Lance kunin mo nga yung kawali sa labas please, mahugasan na rin."

I stepped out of the kitchen into the open kitchen. Mainit na pala ang araw. I decided to take off my shirt because I can feel how humid the provincial air is becoming. I pumped the deep well a few times, collected water on my hands and splashed it on my face to refresh. Then bibit ko na ang kawali back to my tita.

She appeared a bit shocked to see I was naked from waist up.

"Salamat. Nainitan ka ba?"

"Yes, iba init dito tita."

"Sinabi mo pa."

I used my shirt to wipe some sweat of my neck.

"Buti naman ang maayos ang katawan mo."

"I try to eat right tita. I also run or bike in the States every other day."

"Kaya pala ang fit mo, walang taba ang katawan mo."

This was at an age when my body was really fit, lean, with muscles on the chest and arms. Not big muscles but tight. I was also bronze.

"Ikaw din tita, your body is, hmmm, wow."


"Nope, it's true. Your boyfriend is lucky."

"Nasa Dubai na sya, halos one year na din."

"Oh, sorry I didn't know."

"Ok lang. He's an engineer. Mas malaki daw sweldo dun, mabilis makaka-ipon."

"I see."

I decided to be a little wicked.

"Tita btw, wala po akong underwear na suot ngayon. Di ko po makita saan tinabi yung bag ko. Di ko rin po makita yung suot ko last night."

"Ay, pinatuyo ko sa electric fan kagabi, get it from my room, baka tuyo na yun."

Sige po. I went to my tita's bedroom. Hinanap ko ang underwear. Di ko makita. Sa bintana, etc.

"Tita wala po doon. Baka po may kumuha at nagsampay sa labas."

I heard her footsteps getting closer to her room while saying, "Nandyan lang yun."

In her room, she also looked for it. Di nya rin makita.

"Pwede bang mag-shorts ka muna, yung kay Tito Miguel mo, para di ka naka-pantalon?"

"Ok lang po."

"Sige dyan ka lang, kunin ko sa room nya."

Finally, I can get out of my jeans which is beginning to feel really warm under this cruel tropical morning heat.

"Eto Lance, tingin ko kasya sayo. Ginagamit ni Miguel yan pag nagba-bike sya."

It indeed looked like a pair of cycling shorts, kulay light gray. At a glance, it looked quite small for me.

"Naku tita parang hindi kasya, hanapin ko na lang po bag ko."

"Sus kasya yan."

I took it from her hand and estimated its size by bringing it up closer to my view.

"Parang hindi po kasya tita."

"Sukat mo na lang kaya."

I felt awkward hearing that, but it also felt kinky. She is actually asking me to try on a pair of shorts in front of her, after I just told her I am naked under my pants.

Just like that and I pulled my pants down. I started having an erection just by the thought of it.

My tita just stood there, looking at me, clearly with no plans to leave.

I dropped my pants on the floor and my cock sprang sideways.

She was still just intently looking. At my cock.

I placed the pair of shorts and it won't go up my legs. I exerted more effort to bring it up, umakyat naman. Then finally to my waist. Kumasya naman pero masikip. Bakat na bakat ang harapan ko. My cock was bursting in its seams.

"Sikip nga talaga tita."

"Ok na yan for now."

"Parang hindi comfortable tita."

"Bakit masakit ba sa baywang?"

"Opo, yung garter masakit."

"Sige hanap na lang tayong ibang shorts pa sa cabinet in Miguel. Hubarin mo na lang."

Before I could pull the shorts down, she stepped closer to me.

"Lance ang laki mo." She then placed her palm on top of my cock under the shorts.

Tinigasan ako lalo.

"Upo ka."

I sat on her bed. She pulled down my shorts.

"Tuloy natin ha?"

"I thought you'd never ask tita."

She had a very eager mouth. Sinubo nya ang ulo, dinila-dilaan. Then she tried to swallow all of it, but only succeeded halfway.

"Ang laki, ang tigas."

"Yes tita, you made me horny."

"Ako din libog na libog kagabi sayo."

"Me too tita, bitin sobra last night."

"Ilan to Lance, 7 or 8 inches?"

"Seven lang po."

"First time ko nakakita ng ganito in real life."

"May boyfriend ka naman di ba tita."

"He's a short guy, halos same height kami. Kaya ayun."


My tita slurped and slurped on my dick. She was feasting on my pole. She was jerking me off while licking my balls. She would suck me then play with my balls. Then she pushed me to the bed.

"Taas mo ngang bahagya legs mo."

I did as ordered. With my legs raised, she licked my balls from the bottom. She took one of my balls in her mouth.

"Ganda ng balls mo Lance, very tight, hindi bagsak."

I did not say anything. I was enjoying her mouth.

After about 10 minutes of sucking me in every imaginable way, she stood up, locked the door of her room, and started to take off her sundress.

Hanep ang katawan. Tayung-tayo ang boobs.

"Lance kailangan ko 'to."

"Ok tita."

"Patalikod ha, pwesto ka na sa kama."

She went up her bed and went on all fours.

I can still her glistening cunt clearly, aided by the morning sun that's hitting her fair skin.

Tinutuk ko ang dulo, then I leaned forward to touch her breasts.

"Pasok mo na Lance."

"May lakad ka ba tita, bat parang nagmamadali ka?"

"Gago, sobrang sabik lang. Tigang, halos isang taon na."

Hearing that, I rubbed my cock on her entrance then started penetrating her cunt.

Kinantot ko finally si tita. Umungol sya ng malakas. Pasok na pasok ako, buong buo, sa puke nya. Sakal-sakal ako ng buong puke nya na basang-basa. She was fucking me back. Sabik talaga. Ang init ng katawan sobra.

Ramdam ko how my cock fits inside her. It was warm and wet, tight too. I could feel the corners of her cunt. I could feel I was hitting the very end of her cunt as I was slamming myself inside her....

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April 6, 2019 (18 days ago)

tnx for this :)

palibalikan si gf mo ah, hoping to see her more with "blue-collared job" guys :)

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April 6, 2019 (17 days ago)

Ahhh, sarap... tang ina... good work sir!

Wala kang maitatago sa akin.😈

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April 14, 2019 (9 days ago)

author wala nb update ito ?

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