With Liza and I lubricated liberally, Irish sat beside me again and touched my face before asking.

"Honey are you ok?"

"Yes this is more than ok."

Then she whispered, "You're not gonna miss her cunt more than you miss mine?"

Gago talaga tong si Irish kung minsan. She didn't let me answer. She placed her mouth all over my lips. Awkward ng pwesto ko, Irish was kissing me hard, Liza was trying to put me in her. At one point I felt like too much was happening.

Then Irish stopped kissing me. She turned to Liza then kissed her arms and breasts. Tongued her nipples again. Liza leaned forward and placed her hands on my chest.

Irish sat beside me, looking at her cousin.

Liza puts me back inside her. Tight talaga. Pero this time she didn't look like she was in pain.

"I'm in," Liza said.

"Almost Liz."

"No Kuya I'm in na, I can feel."

And yes I can feel that my cockhead is inside her.

"Can I make my move now Liz?"

"Sige, ya."

I decided to end our mutual agony. With Liz on top of me, I pushed my hard cock all the way inside her with one big pump. Pumasok, sinagad ko.

"Ahhhhh…. Ohhhhh…."

I leaned forward to kiss her. She was breathing hard.

I fucked her, lifted her body a bit with my arms around her. Then I held her by the waist. I controlled the movement, as she sat still. I was fucking her while she's above me. I had a little bit of space to move. I kept pumping up and down.

She started moving up and down a bit. We were not in sync. She was probably dealing with the pain while trying to enjoy.

"Irish ihiga ko si Liz."

My girlfriend moved aside as I laid Liza's body in bed.

I kissed her. She kissed back, very passionately. I no longer cared if my gf would be jealous. I lapped her mouth and went back inside her. I was not slow. I slammed myself in.

She was jolted. Then I placed my face on the side of her neck. Nibbled her ears while pumping her. She felt really good. She was more wet now, though still awfully tight.

Irish was just watching. She was rubbing my back, and I felt Liza's hands crawled on my arms.

I fucked Liza harder. She was now moaning. It's the kind of fucking that is not hurried but hard. I was slamming my cock in rhythm, and her facial expression was priceless. Then I felt her sharp fingernails on my arms. She orgasmed. My cock felt gorgeously trapped inside her, sinakal nya when she came. Then she leaned her face towards my neck, and I can smell her breath.

I still had a lot to spare. I was not even close. I decided to lie down by her side and did her that way. With the change of position I pulled out then I plunged myself back in, nung naka-akap na ko sa likod nya. I fucked her from behind, sideways. Irish was kissing me from behind. She embraced me.

Liza was still breathing a bit hard as I made sure she remains magnificently fucked. I then reached over her, placed my finger on her clit and played with it while I was fucking her. That threw her to the edge.

"Ohhhh kuya, sobra…"

"I'm there, am there, am there…"

This second orgasm was more powerful and it pushed me to the edge as well.

I was close then it dawned on me I have not asked if I can cum inside her.

"Luv should I pull out?"

"No luv, she can take the morning after pill mamaya."

That was music to my ears. Fucked her hard, harder, hardest then I exploded. It was ecstatic. I thought I'd pass out sa sarap. I kept pumping while cumming. Liza was moaning, almost groaning.

Hingal na hingal ako. Irish continued to hug me. I looked back at her and kissed her. She kissed me tenderly.

I started to get soft, and pulled out of Liza. She cooed when my cock left her hole.

Then silence. Nothing but our breathing. For a good ten minutes.

I held Irish's hand. Turned around to kiss her.

"Thank you."

"It's not my cunt you just fucked honey."

"Liz, thanks for making me your first."

"Thanks din kuy...

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