My cousin's 18th was anything but subdued. Hindi sya malaking handaan in terms of number of guests invited. It was held in our compound. The best part? Lahat kaming magpi-pinsan, we were there!

Our compound was in Bulacan. While near Manila, people were laidback, conservative, definitely old-fashioned. Although last that I left this place I was still in short pants most of the time, I came back when I was 16 years old. Fast forward to the future, before I knew it, my cousin Sam is now a debutante in this story.

Mas matanda ako kay Sam ng isang linggo lang. So on her 18th birthday, parang birthday ko din. All the relatives were there. Yung kababata naming mga tito at tita nandun din. Si Tita Lucy, who I remember was 16 when I was 12, si Tito Miguel who was 12 when I was 10. This is because my dad has 11 siblings at sila na yung mga bunso.

Para na rin syang reunion. I just got back from the States where I studied a bit. Tapos we have cousins who flew in from Thailand were they are based. Rest of the relatives naman are from Manila, busy din so they're not in our Bulacan compound often.

The compound has two big houses. Hindi pang mayaman na bahay, pero malalaki. Ang usapan, no one will go home after the party kase doon na lang matulog. However, yung mga taga-Manila na relatives, they still chose to go home maski na 1:00 a.m., wala na naman daw traffic.

At around 1:30 a.m., it's generally just cousins and our young aunts and uncles who are left behind, chatting with us and drinking with us. Yung pinakaloko sa amin, si Richmond, naglabas na unlabeled bottle.

"Hulaan nyo ano 'to?"

I went, "Ah tubig?"

Another cousin goes, "Gin?"

Turned out to be lambanog. Freshly made from somewhere nearby blah-blah-blah.

I haven't tried it before, honestly.

Richmond started pouring some in our glasses. This was after everyone had generous dosages of beer, vodka, scotch whiskey. Ako nga was already feeling tapped out because the mixture of beer and whiskey.

But since we were young and none of us were driving afterward, hala inom. Inuman pa rin to the max as if we just started. A bit of singing ensued. A bit of dancing. Sigawan. Like old times.

Si Richmond placed his arm around me and said, "Hey balikbayan spokening-dollar, bottoms up tayo!"

I indulged him. Bottom up. The glass was quite big. Lambanog, ang sagit sa throat. I gulped and restrained myself from puking.

May Tito stood up next to me, "Ako din, Lancelot!"

Tagay naman, isang baso din.

I knew I lost it. I was no longer talking and I could not stand up. I felt my head was turning. I look at the lamp above us and the lamp started to sway sideways in my view.

Then naglabas ng deep fried tapa si Tita. Kainan naman. I liked the smell of it, with vinegar and labuyo by the side, I ate. And ate. And shoot.

The food competed with my drinks in the tummy. Naparami kain ko. I felt bloated. I felt dizzy.

I stood up and puked. Nagsuka ako, sabay tumba sa floor. I did not black out. But I knew I was on the floor, and people were saying "Lance ok ka lang?" I was not ok.

I had puke on my shirt and shorts plus my hands dipped into a portion of what I threw up. I was a mess. Tanginang lambanog yan, panalo.

My tita and cousin lifted me from the floor. My tita wiped my face with table napkins.

"Tumbado na 'to," my uncle proclaimed in the most unflattering tone.

My tita: "Dalhin nyo sa loob ng bahay, let's clean him up, ang baho."

Bitbit ako ng cousins ko. I was taking baby steps lang kase hilo talaga ko.

We made it to the large bedroom where all of our bags are kept. Tapos they dragged me to the bathroom down the hall, palabas ng bedroom. Tapos may smaller room, where they sat me.

"Prepare muna tayo ng panglinis nito."

"Kuha ka nga ng shirt saka shorts mo, pamangkin," my tito ordered my cousin.

Tito removed my shirt and shorts. Tapos binato nya sa loob ng banyo. "Labhan na rin yan Lucy."

"Sige ako na bahala kay Lance, balik na kayo doon."

The two guys who dragged me then sped off, eager to rejoin the group for more fun.

Si tita naman spoke to me, "Lance kaya mong tumayo papunta sa banyo."

I murmured something but managed to stand up.

Pagdating sa banyo, may bangko where I sat with my back against the wall.

Tita closed the bathroom door. She turned on the faucet by the pail. Then she stepped out.

I thought I was falling asleep when she came back. She had a small basin that sounded like may laman na ice. She was shaking the basin, then pulled out a small towel. She placed it on my face. Gulat ako sa lamig. It awakened me but I was still dizzy, everything was still fuzzy.

"Wag mo tanggalin yan sa mukha mo ha."

Then she started to pour water on my legs, my body. Tapos may sponge syang malaki. She was removing the remnants of what I threw up.

Then she was soaping me before I knew it. Umikot naman ang ulo ko when I tried to change my position kase nangawet ang likod ko sa wall. I fell flat on the bathroom floor. Tita lifted me a bit pero I did not make it to the bench anymore, sa floor na ko nakaupo, nakasandal sa wall.

My tita is not a big lady. She's at most 5 feet 2 inches tall with a healthy build, sakto lang, hindi payat, malaman where it matters. Her curves are obvious despite her height. And just like her other sisters, her boobs look weird, like too big for her body and height. So it's not like she can lift me from where I collapsed.

She removed the face towel from me. I felt water running on my body. I was too weak to do anything but breathe. But I was awake. I could see around me better. The cold towel must have helped.

"Lance ano, hilo ka pa?"

"Better na po but I feel so weak tita." I swear I uttered all of that incomprehensibly and over a full minute.

"Ok lang yan, kape tayo later tapos nito."

"Tita parang inantok po ako na nahihilo," I said in a slur.

"Sige try to nap, itulog mo tapos gisingin na lang kita."

I tried to fall asleep although basang-basa ako, hoping the terrible headache and dizziness would disappear. But I couldn't. I was cursing lambanog.

Tita took off my underwear. Then she poured water. She sponged my legs. Then she stopped. I looked at her with my eyes half-closed. She was staring at my cock.

"Naku lance ang dami mong suka sa loob ng brief."

I did not say anything because I didn't know what to say.

She took it as I passed out.

"Lance, linisin natin ha?"

I gave out an incorrigible runt.

She pushed my cock sideways with the back of her hand, sponged the left side of my lower torso. Then nudged it back the other way, sponged it again.

I didn't realize that though drunk, I could actually achieve a very powerful erection. Tinigasan ako. Pero hilo pa rin ako.

"Shit!" goes my tita.

"Lance, tayo ka na para malinis ko likod mo."

Di ako kumibo because I felt like I couldn't lift myself even if I tried. And I was afraid to almost collapse again.

My tita decided to clean me up with more water, banlaw in other words.

She was running her hands on my arms, chest, legs.

"Shit Lance."

I still did not move.

"Shit talaga,...

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Incest ba ito...
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