"Save it for her, really?"

"Hon, she needs a fuck. And she wants it."

I looked at Liza and she looked peaceful lying in bed with us. She somehow grabbed a small pillow to cover herself with. She was resting on her left side, looking at us.

"Thank you Kuya, Ate. First time ko yun without using my own hand."

What a freaking honor!

"Cuz, ayaw ni Kuya Lance mo…"

"Wait wait wait, I did not say ayaw ko. It's just that, mag-pinsan kayo."

They both looked momentarily stunned. Then a few seconds later, both of them laughed so hard that it felt I was the weird one. Apparently, I was the only one worried about their being cousins and that they've gotten it all figured out.

"Then fuck both of us, Kuya! Problem ba yun?"

Then Irish pushed me to the bed. "Virginity, darling, is overrated."

"Not yours, honey."

"Oh was I hotter when I was a virgin?"

"Hell no!"

She kissed me so hard and so wet, that I almost gagged. I felt a hand around my cock.

"Swerte ka din ha, Ate. Mas gusto ko to kaysa kay Ayiko!"

Then a warm mouth was on my cock. Irish licked my neck and chest and nipples. Then she jumped out of the bed.

"Cuz, do it like he's yours. Hon, I'm not here, ok?"

Irish stepped away from the bed, grabbed her phone and was walking out of the room. "I'd get something for us to drink. Kunin ko na din yung breakfast order natin, nag-text na ang lobby guard."

Liza was not listening to her cousin. She was lapping my dick. I held her face, caressed her cheeks.

"You are beautiful, Liza."

She paused. "Kuya you made me more beautiful today."

Then she did the unthinkable. I had my back against the head cushion of our bed, so she had to go on all fours to lean forward to me, and kissed me. Tentatively at first. Soft kisses. Lips to lips. Then she stuck out her tongue. In my head I was like "I hope Irish doesn't slap my face when she sees this."

She was now seated on me. Her cunt was on top of my raging hard on. I heard the door open, Irish was back. She saw us kissing for sure. Then I felt the hand of my gf, aiming my cock towards her cousin's entrance.

"Take it that way cuz, para you're in control."


Irish licked my cockhead, almost like lubricating it with her saliva.

Then Liza leaned backwards a bit, creating a bit of space between her breasts and my chest. Wow those pair of breasts are even more gorgeous right in front of me. I sucked her nipples. She took over my cock, and she could aim it better inside her.

Irish stepped by my side, grabbed my face to my right side, and Frenched me. I felt her crack, she was dripping.

"Want me to do something about this, luv?"

"I can wait honey." Then she resumes kissing me.

Liza moans. My cockhead is right by her entrance.

"Oh fuck it hurts."

Irish lets go of me and tells her cousin, "Don't rush it cuz."

I wanted to jam myself inside her, wanted to tell her get off me and let me jam it in you real hard!!!

Liza tries to sink more of it. And yet stops again.


Irish takes over. "I think I know the problem. You're not very wet."

In fairness to my gf who is my standard for being wet, she was right. Liza does feel damp, not wet, not like Irish who really gets flooded when horny. It's possible also that Liza was a bit nervous. Plus medyo nag-dry u...

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sana ma meet kita mam para magpasalamat in person.

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galing mambitin ni otor, sakit sa puson. my snap pic ka ba ni cuz, baka pede din po makita katawan nya.
thanks for sharing!

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Sarap ng gf mo boss. Very supportive. Hehe thanks for sharing.

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