I tried to look into Liza's face though she was lying in bed. Her fists were clenched on the blanket. She looked tense.

"Luv, can you calm her down a bit, I can feel she's so tense on her legs."

Irish stopped playing with herself and approached her cousin. They were talking softly and couldn't hear.

I ate Liza like crazy. Ang sarap! She started getting more wet when I flicked the wide area of my tongue on her clit. I rubbed my lips on her crack. Some of my facial hair started having an effect on her. Then her body jerked a bit. Irish started touching her breast. This is new to me. I didn't know Irish can be bisexual. I just know she's someone who can try a lot of things in bed.

This made me really horny but I didn't want to hurry.

Iba pa rin ang sarap ng ganito babae. Unfucked and somehow uptight, her cunt was a combination of sweet and unripe. Her juices coated my tongue. Her scent now stuck on my nose. Dinilaan ko rin yung loob ng butas nya. It is tight and small but visible. Poked the edge of my tongue on her hole, in, out, in, out. She squirmed. I thought about fingering her, but…

"Luv, safe to finger?"

Irish took time to reply because her mouth was on Liza's breasts. She was gently tonguing her nipples while Liza is sucking her fingers. What a hot scene!

"Maybe gently lang, definitely not all the way honey," Irish said softly.

"Ok lang, ate, gusto kong ma-feel."

And that's just what I did. Slowly, I inserted the edge of my index finger muna. Pumasok naman agad, about half of an inch. Then that membrane.


"Sorry, Liz."

I pulled out gently. I knew I did not puncture her. But she was very sensitive. So I decided to keep licking her sides, her cunt, massaged the top of her clit with my thumb. Licked the space between her butt and cunt. Licked and licked and licked. Then I focused on her clit. Trapped it between my lips. My lips and tongue were both attacking her clit. I lifted both of her legs. She grasped for breath. Irish rubbed my head, as if telling me I'm doing great. I looked at her. She was still playing with Liza's breasts while Liza's hands were touching her wet crack.

Medyo malapit ng mapagod ang panga ko when I felt Liza's body become more tense. She was close. I decided to do something different. With my hands, I spread her cunt cheeks and licked her clit horizontally this time. Then clockwise, then counterclockwise. That's it. She screamed and her legs trapped my ears. She came so strong, her sweet white juices spurted on my lips. Ang dami sobra.

My licking of my gf's cousin's cunt slowed down. I did not completely stop. I copied Ed's style on Irish. Slowing down, slowing down, then stopping.

Liza was almost breathless. Her fair skin was suddenly so red. Parang naka-allergies.

Irish went to me and kissed my lips. Her cousin's cum was all over my mouth and face. She kissed me hard and licked my lips. Iba talaga libog nitong gf ko.

"I wanna fuck you honey."

"Save it for her, hon."

That shocked me. Believe me, despite all that is said and done, it still shocked me. Virgin si Liza. I am her cousin's bf. Fo...

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damn hot! can't wait for the next chapter. !!!
thanks for sharing lodi!

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Intense!!!! 🔥🔥

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Sarap naman pero mas masarap yung solo ni ed si maam irish hehe

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