"He's a lazy bastard, but cuz he's cute!"

That's what I heard from Liza's mouth as soon as I entered our condo.

"Good evening girls!"


Liza then grabs me, gives me a tight hug. Though I felt her breasts on my chest and her fresh scent, I behaved very well. My girlfriend was right there in our living room.

"Grabe ka makayakap Liz, ha! Parang mang-aagaw ka ha!"

Then they both laughed their hearts out.

I learned Liza arrived in the morning, which is why Irish left our office earlier than usual. I had to finish two projects before going home. The ladies were starting to have a bit of wine, crackers. I asked if they wanted some dinner. Liza said she's still tired from the trip because her flight was delayed. "Let's have food delivered na lang honey," and as usual, my gf has the convenient idea.

"I interrupted you girls, mukhang masarap kwentuhan."

Liza smiled, but was clearly exerting an effort not to speak. Irish had to nudge her, "Go cuz, he'll understand, di naman judgmental si boyfriend ko."

I learned this pretty cousin of Irish has been living in another city, away from her parents in Tokyo because she found a job. And that while she's still single, she has a boyfriend, a guy he met from work.

"At the start kuya, siempre exciting though he struggles with English. Ako naman, fluent in Japanese kaso pinahihirapan ko sya by talking to him in English." Pilya din like her cousin Irish.

"So if that's the case, masipag naman pala, since he's working in the same company where you're working? How come I heard when I walked in na tamad sya?"

"Sa bahay kuya, ang tamad! He doesn't clean up. Doesn't tidy his things up. Doesn't wash the dishes. Doesn't even wash our car. He's not the typical Japanese na sobrang linis and OC."

Irish added, "At hindi lang sya doon tamad!"

I did not quite get it, so I paused and blurted, "Huh?"

"Sabihin mo na girl, para na naman kaming mag-asawa ni Kuya Lance mo!"

Liza blushed. "Sige na nga. Oo tamad din sya sa kama, Kuya!"

I almost choked on the can of beer I was drinking. "Grabe ka naman, kayong mga girls, maka-tamad kayo. Minsan pagod lang kami. Baka naman he's too tired after work, malay mo."

"Naku Kuya, minsan nga he goes home earlier than I do. Kase ako sa customer service, hanggang may tawag we cannot go home. Eh sya, distribution, pag tapos na delivery schedules nila, wala na syang ginagawa so he can go home earlier than me madalas."

Irish's eyebrows went up, "Baka naman he's got another woman to be busy with!" Trust my gf to introduce a controversy!

"Ate, I use his laptop and iPhone. Wala. Puro games lang laman. All his chats, puro games. Addict sa PS4, as in he competes within a group that he calls his gang."

"Ah, maybe he's still in that state where he's addicted to video games?" I asked Liz.

"Tingin ko nga. Pa-rehab ko kaya no kuya?" Tawanan ang dalawang girl.

Food arrived. Gutom na kaming lahat. Chit-chat continued about life in general, kumustahan about her family in Japan, anong mga uso na clothes and bags for Irish.

Then I asked the girls, "Any plans tomorrow?"

"Honey, yun nga, I plan sana not to be in the office. I'll bring Liz to the salon, treat ko sya. Mani, pedi, haircut, facial, the works!"

Liz shrieked, "Ay sobrang thank you ate!"

I nodded in approval. Of course they need their girls' time-off. "I can just imagine how expensive these services are in Japan."

"Sinabi mo pa Kuya, I would pay the equivalent of 2,500 pesos for a simple hair cut!"

They were happy to get my "blessing" to do their girly stuff tomorrow.

"Should I pick you up luv, or will you bring your own car?"

"Grab na lang kami luv, then you pick us up sana from Greenbelt afterward?"

"Whatever you say!" Then I leaned to kiss Irish on the lips, "Shower muna ko honey ha." I also leaned for a quick peck at Liza's cheeks, "Great to see you again, Liza. Enjoy yourselves tomorrow!"

"Yes Kuya, likewise! Salamat for letting me stay here!"

I fell asleep shortly after taking a shower. I woke up at around 2 a.m., feeling thirsty. I called out for Irish. She entered the room. "Still awake, honey?"

"Yep, daming kwento ni Liz. She's also opening up about her mom and dad, na minsan na lang daw nya makita since she started working."

"Ok, take your time. No work for you tomorrow anyway."

"Uhuh. I feel I need to listen to her, lam mo naman kaming mga girls."

"Go ahead luv."

"By the way honey, she's also confiding about her relationship problems. Pero bukas ko na kwento sayo."

"Yep, antok na rin ako luv."

We kissed good night.

Wrapping up things in the office the next day, it was raining hard. Irish was calling.

"What's up babe?"

"Hon, we're in Makati pa rin, but can you pick us up from Raffles instead?"

"That's near Greenbelt din naman, so no problem."

"Yes it's in the same area. We had dinner na kase so we are having some drinks lang to relax while waiting for you."

"Ok, see you in a bit luv."

When I got to Raffles, the two girls were unusually quiet. Baka napagod sa maghapong gimmick nila.

"Hey girls, had fun today?"

"Yes Kuya, sobra!" Liza screamed as she smacked me with her lips. Irish as usual kissed me on my lips.

"Wow, new hair style, you look so young!"

"Grabe ka Kuya, I am still young naman talaga!"

Irish intruded, "Sabi ko nga hon, ayoko yang gupit nya dahil mukha syang high school!"

"Eto uso sa Japan ate, kaya ayan oh!"

"Whatever works for you, you're the tourist anyway!"

"Bagay ba kuya?"

My response was very calibrated because my gf might get a hint that I have the hots for her cousin. "Sakto lang, pero bagay dito yan sa Manila kase mainit kahit umuulan."

I noticed some slurring in the girls' speech.

"Teka ladies, marami na ba kayong nainom?"

"We've had three mojitos each so far, that's not a lot luv," Irish clarified.

But the glass of mojito they were consuming is bigger than usual.

"Let me get one for myself then."

Liza excused herself to the restroom. I was left with Irish.

"Did you enjoy your day honey?"

"Yes we did. Just thatโ€ฆ"


"Si Liza, she's not exactly in a good spot. She's not been very happy with her life."

"Wow ang lalim, not happy with what part of her life?"

"Feeling nya yung boyfriend nya, parang hindi interesado sa kanya. Parang barkadahan lang ang hanap. Immature guy I think."

"Go onโ€ฆ"

"Hon, this is our girly secret ha. They haven't even gone beyond her giving him a blowjob. Yun pa lang ang inaabot nila sa two years silang mag-jows!"

"That's not necessarily a bad thing. The man is conservative siguro."

"Ha, well take this. Liz would go down on him. He will cum. The dude on the other hand won't do anything to her!"

"Now that is not very nice."


"Not even a kiss or caress as in lamasin sya?"

"Wala nga hon! Nada."

"Tangina gago din yun ha. Liz doesn't look bad naman at all."

"Oo naman, wala naman pangit sa pamilya namin no!"


"Kanina nga we were both partially nude kase nag-fit kami ng bra. She's younger but her breasts are bigger than mine, kainis!"

"I love yours as they are, honey!"

"Yeah right. Don't men always like them bigger?"

"More than a handful is always too much babe."

Liza is walking back to our table.

"So girls, what's the plan tonight?"

"Uwi na tayo kuya, I just got a PM from Ayiko. Mag-chat daw kami sa laptop nya, meron daw syang kailangan na file e bitbit ko laptop nya for this trip."

"At nasa bahay ang laptop?"

"Yes, ya."

"I'm ok to just go home then. Irish?"

"Tara, the rain stopped na rin, maybe traffic is better now."

We got home in an hour. I freshened up after Irish din. I did a couple of emails, finished a Netflix movie. I heard some noise from the guest room. Ignored it as I thought it was just giggling from Irish.

Then I heard some noise again, this time the sound of a crying girl. I got concerned, but waited a bit.

"Ayoko na talaga ate!" It was Liza walking out of the room and grabbing a drink from our fridge. Irish was right next to her.

"Don't be jumpy Liza. Give it a try pa rin. Sabi mo naman he's a good guy di ba?"

I stood up, "Everything ok?"

Irish shook her head. Then they both entered the guest room.

I went inside our bedroom and left them on their own.

I was surprised when a few hours later, Irish woke me up.

"Honey, wake up."


"Can we stay at home bukas?"


"Keep my cousin some company?"

"What's wrong?"

"She's so depressed."

"Ok. Maybe we should take her to the movies or something?"

"Maski dito lang sa house, yung may kasama lang sya."

"Ok, text mo si Jen to cancel my meetings tomorrow."

"Thank you luv."

I went back to sleep.

The next day, I did not see the girls. They apparently went for a walk. I rang Irish and she didn't pick up. A few minutes later she returned my call, "Pabalik na kami luv. We ran a couple of laps around the condo."

"Should I make breakfast for us?"

"No need, we ordered na, parating na rin yun."

I took a quick shower then I heard the girls enter. Nagbihis ako quickly then went to the dining area.

"Good morning beautiful!"

"Ay sino yun Kuya?"

Good to see Liza more upbeat.

"Pareho kayo but Irish is the prettiest of them all."

"Awwwwโ€ฆ" that and my gf gave me a very wet kiss.

"Shet, inggit ako dun ate ha!"

"Siempre." Then I pinched Irish's tight buns.

"Shoot honey, don't do that, you know what happens when you do that!"

"Ay talagang ingit na ko sobra ha, tama na!" Liza in humor remarked.

I calmed down a bit, "Tara coffee or tea muna tayo."

Ang pilyang Irish, "That not the T! that I want." Then grabs my crotch, which made me take a sit on a cushioned stool between the dining area and the living room.

I got hard. Damn! What is she trying to do!

Then she sat on my lap, paharap, then kissed me hard, with her arms around me. I kissed back. I never say no to my gf.

I glanced at Liza, she looked a bit startled, but just a bit. Did they plan something? Di nya alam kung titingin sya or iiwas ng tingin.

Irish removed her top, leaving just her sports bra on. "Ang init shit!"

I held her bareback and we kept kissing. I unhooked her sports bra. Her perky breasts sprang.

I kissed her cleavage. Slowly. Then started to ravage her breasts. Went for her nipples. I forgot all about Liza.

Then Irish pushed the envelope. He got off my lap and pulled my shorts down. I was already hard. She licked my cock head.

Liza was frozen but she was staring!

I touched my gf's hair and softly asked, "Are you sure this is ok?" She did not stop.

She was intensely sucking me and was bringing me closer to the point of no return. Then she stopped and stood up. Lumapit sya kay Liza.

"Cuz, just do what comes naturally. Secret lang natin to. Anyway, you told me last night you were curious di ba?"


"You like it or not?"

"Yes ate I'd like to try it."

"Tara," then Irish walked her to our bedroom. I followed.

"Honey, make her feel good. Please."

Then Irish took off Liza's top. Then her bra. And her shorts and panties. Wow. My jaw dropped. No more pretentions here. She is a hottie.

"Luv I just wanna make sure ha, no pressures 'to Liza?"

"Yes Kuya."

"And you are how old again?"

"Magtu-22 na po."

I will never do an underaged girl so I needed to be doub...

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Bitin naman author haha pero okay lang masipag ka naman mag update sarap pa ng takbo ng stories mo keep it up sir

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Bitin naman author haha pero okay lang masipag ka naman mag update sarap pa ng takbo ng stories mo keep it up sir.

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