One thing you may not know in experiences like this, when it's a woman you love who just had threesome with another man, there's an awkward feeling right after. When the ecstasy subsides, there are questions that if you don't deal with, can haunt you and your relationship.

Hingal si Irish after the pretty rough sex with Ed. Her masseur was still lying down beside her, arms around her thin waist. I decided to let go of Irish, who I had been holding in my arm throughout the sexually explosive event.

"Water, honey?"

"Sige, please."

"What about you, Ed?"

"Ako na po, sir. Diyahe naman po sa inyo."

"It's ok pre. Pinagod ka ng sweetheart ko e!"

Ed lifted his body from the bed, and apologized to Irish. "Mam pasensya na po kung masyado ko kayong nabayo. Saktan po ba kayo?"

"I'm ok. It's not something I'm used to but I'm a big girl, Ed."

We all settled a bit. There is some silence in the room. My gf grabbed her phone to check for messages. She covered herself in a blanket. Looking at me, she said, "Hun I am leaking. I need tissue please."

I went to her bag to get her pack of wet tissue papers.

"Ako na luv, let me clean you up."

Tumalikod sya kay Ed at humarap sakin.

"Sir, pwede po ba kong mag-shower sana?"

"Oo naman, cge lang. Use one of the towels, hingi na lang ako sa housekeeping pag kinulang."

"Thank you po."

Back to Irish, I removed her blanket. I plucked out a couple of wet wipes. She was indeed leaking bad. I asked her to lie down, binuka ko legs nya. Tinaas ko tuhod nya then asked her to spread a bit. She had a lot of cum. Pinunasan ko, yung lumabas na, sa singit nya, and closer to her hole.

To my surprise, I noticed a bit of red liquid. "May dugo ka honey."

"Ha, madami ba?"

"Di naman, parang nagasgas ka lang siguro. Mahapdi?"

"No, I didn't feel anything odd, puro sarap lang kanina. If you didn't tell me, I would not know."

She then decided to look at her own juicy cunt.

"Oo nga no, may blood. Shit!"


"I need to wash it now."

"Ed, bathroom muna si Irish ha. Tapos nya pwede ka ng mag-shower."

"Ok po boss."

I joined Irish in the bathroom. She rinsed herself and pulled out her feminine wash from her toiletries.

"Are you ok luv?"

"Yes honey, no regrets if that's what you're thinking."


"First time ko yun, so might as well go for a guy with a huge cock."

"That's the idea."

"Yup. Ligo na ko honey. I feel sticky."

I stepped out of the bathroom. Ed was seated near the door.

"Sir, ok lang po ba nangyari? Dinugo po si mam ata?"

"No problem Ed, not your fault. Pumayag sya, gusto naman naming pareho. Hindi lang sya sanay sa hard fucking that you gave her."

"Parang nga po. Nanggigil po ako sir, first time ko po sa ganoong kasikip, sakal na sakal po pakiramdam, sorry po talaga."

"It's ok. It's quite an experience for her. Ang mahalaga, nag-enjoy sya. Nag-enjoy kami."

Tinawag ako bigla ni Irish. "Honey, can you go here with me please?"

Pasok ako sa banyo. "Tara let's shower together?"

"Of course honey."

We kissed in the shower. And hugged. I held my girl under the warm water spraying from the shower head. She kept telling me thank you, for the experience. Sabi ko thank you din for choosing me to experience it with.

Kumatok si Ed sa bathroom. "Yes Ed, bukas yan."

"Sir nagri-ring po phone nyo, abot ko po ba? Ay tumigil na po."

Dried myself with the towel and stepped out of the bathroom. I saw the missed call, it was our office secretary. She called to advice na tuloy ang lunch meeting namin bukas in Tagaytay.

Irish was also done taking a shower. It was Ed's turn to clean up and bathe.

"Who was that?"

"Si Jen, confirming our lunch meeting tomorrow."

Irish then went on her knees, in front of me. She was kneeling on the carpeted floor.

"You have not cum hard enough for me tonight."

"So what do you plan to do about it my babe?"

"Serve you. Higa ka!"

"I'm dying to fuck you hard now."

"Later luv, medyo mahapdi sya now after the shower."


My gf took me in her mouth. As in deep-throated me. And dahil sa sobrang excitement ko kanina tapos nag-dive down arousal ko, I felt like I was not ready to cum despite such erection through my gf's efforts.

She was squatting on the floor while I was lying on the edge of the bed, with my legs on the floor too.

She licked my balls, tongued my cockhead. She ran her tongue along my shaft. I was so hard. Hanep bibig nitong gf ko!

Ed stepped out of the shower na. Nakita nya kami siempre.

Lumapit sya kay Irish. Humiga sya sa floor. He crawled underneath my squatting girlfriend, para kainin sya uli.

"Oh my, you don't get tired, ha, Ed?

"Mam napakasarap nyo po kase."

"Pare bagong ligo yan. Inunahan mo pa ko."

"Ay boss, sorry, gusto nyo po ba?"

Irish goes, "Don't stop Ed. Iba ka kumain. Turuan mo sya pagtapos mo ha?"

My head was spinning as my gf placed me under her spell of dangerous oral sex. She takes little bites of my shaft. She licks with her lips and tongues fast and in circles. She would pause to jerk me off and lick my balls. Grabe tong gf ko talaga.

"I'll be so good to you after what you've let me enjoy honey." And that melting seductive look.

I couldn't talk. My cock was in immense pleasure inside her mouth. Then she gagged a bit. "What happened?"

"I'm cumming luv…"

I almost forgot Ed was eating her. Binobrocha sya ni Ed at hindi tumitigil maski nago-orgasm sya.

And there goes my moaning girlfriend again. She completely pulled me out of her mouth to catch her breath.

Nabitin ako. "If you keep stopping I'll fuck you na lang honey!"

"Sorry naman."

She then proceeded to cock suck me like a true pro. Deep in her mouth, I could feel the wall of her throat. Tongue around the tip. Then she lightly scratched my balls with her fingernails. I edged closer. She jerked me off. Mabilis. Tapos tinigilan nya. I wailed! Irish!!!

"Oh, someone is aching to cum!"

Maldita talaga tong girlfriend ko!

I took matters into my own hands, sat on the bed, held her head and fucked her mouth. Slowly. DIdn't want her to choke. She played the part. I got closer, and closer. Then pop! I exploded. Irish didn't let go. She kept my cock in her mouth. Swallowed it all. Tumba ko sa kama afterward.

Meanwhile, si Ed was jacking off pala. Hinihimas nya pwet ni Irish. Hinahaplos her shaved cunt.

Puwesto si Ed sa likod niya.

"Oops pare, masakit pa, huwag muna," Irish blurted with a smile.

"Sorry po mam."

"May next time pa naman siguro, di ba honey?" I told Ed while looking at Irish.

She just smiled.

"Tapusin ko lang po mam," Ed said as he continued jerking off. After what was less than a minute, he came habang hinihimas legs at puke ni Irish.

My gf got up from the floor where she was seated. Punta uli sa bathroom.

Ed stood up, "Sir tapos na po ata tayo?"

"Yes pare, pahinga na tayong lahat."

"Ok boss. Tawag lang po kayo uli pag may sched."

"Of course, Ed. Here's your money." I was handing him five thousand bucks. He declined.

"Sir kung tutuusin, ako dapat magbayad sa inyo."

"Doesn't work that way pare. You fulfilled our fantasy, in a hot yet clean way. Malinis ka lumaro, mahalaga yun sakin. Girlfriend ko pa rin tinira mo di ba?"

"Oo nga po sir. Bilib ako sa inyo. Bihira po yung lalaki na walang insecurity kahit makita nyang ganun ang girlfriend nya."

"Right, so accept my money please. Pag hindi, wala ng next time."

"Ok po sir pero pwede po ba one-five na lang at huwag naman ganyang kalaki."

"Tip kase yung sobra, pare."

"Alam ko po, kaya po baka yung tip pwede kong tanggihan. Yung sa massage na lang po ang bayaran nyo."

"Ganito, Ed. Hawakan mo na yang five thou. Advanced bayad na lang namin para sa susunod. Malay mo."

"Ok sir, kayo po bahala. Paki sabi na lang po kay mam, umalis na ko. At thank you po ng marami."

"Sure. Ingat pare. Salamat din."

Just like that and I was alone with my hot gf again, who is staying a bit longer than usual in the bathroom. I got curious.

"Ano ginagaw ng luv ko?"


"Ha, why e halos kalbo na yan?"

"Sa bandang pwet may hair. I felt it when Ed was licking me, nakakahiya sa kanya."

"He left na by the way. Thank you daw, mam I...

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hmmm. malamang natikman mo din sya otor.
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"I should never underestimate how naughty my girlfriend can be." yan oh kaw mismo nagbigay ng hint otor.

english is a language, not a measure of intelligence or character.

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The fuZz! Soo intense. U have all of these just stuck in your head? Must have beed so vivid. Grabe.. naikwento n kita kay gf. I said i have my new hero. Let me be ur padawan. Lol

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Masarap na adventure!

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Hello, lucky guy! 😄
Yeah, I agree to them all na isa kang winner by having Irish as your gf. Super willing to do your bidding kahit na sexual fantasies.

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