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Date: March 22, 2019 (5 months ago)

Lust of Love.
January 2011, when I got married. But unfortunately, just like the other's marriage, mine didn't work as well. I am that kind of old maid wife that's waiting for my husband's dick to come in. Lying in bed is all that matters. Had adorable kids that made my whole world go round. But suddenly, there's a huge stone broke my heart and soul. One woman. And everything had been changed.

As years gone by, the "myself" that I've known before was gone. The girl that is just a simple home buddy turned into wild rose that bloomed under a rainy day.

Then one day, that one moment of my life, a stranger came along. A man with a muscular body built with a sweet pie on tummy. A man that I coudn't imagine that would change my rainy days into sunshine. We became best of friends since day one that we've met each other. Share each others thoughts, dreams, and things that we're passionate about. Isang lalaki na naging takbuhan ko sa mga panahong hindi ko alam kung saan ako patungo. Isang lalake na buong pusong inilahad sa akin ang kanyang balikat upang maging aking pahingahan. A man that I couldn't imagine. A man of my dreams.

Every moments that we've shared is worth it. Lalaking masasabi kong bumuhay ng buong pagka tao ko. The only one man that let me out of my cage, and show the world that I am worth living for.

And then one day, everything went too surprising.

He introduced me to a kind of living that everybody could live their life to the fullest. Meet different people. Make interactions. Bond. And even make "sex". At first, hindi ko alam kung paano ko tatanggapin yung ganoong klase ng reyalidad. What do you expect to an old maid boring wife na kagaya ko. But, everything comes smoothly when I heard the word "husband and wife". That's what bring me to life. We've met these couple who spiced up our "nakaw na sandali relationship". Jealousy comes every second of my life of course. To the point that I don't want to see Him again kasi i felt so harrassed that time. Then suddenly, another rock of pain comes from nowhere broke my heart, again.

Secrets. Betrayed. Dishonestys. Unfaithfulness. Those are the things na isukli ko sa taong bumuo ng pagkatao ko.

But then, love always wins. He forgave me. And we tried to put everything in the past and start a new beginning in each other's arms. Days, weeks, months and a year has gone by. I used to live on that kind of lifestyle. Opened my mind in every possible aspects. Full swap, soft swap threesome, and even being canival had been tried. And I honestly used to loved it.

But just like other relationships, unusual relationships, our's went into rocks as well. Nandyan yung trust issues. Selosan dito, selosan doon. Hanggang sa hindi na namin nakikita ang isa't isa. Ang dating nakaw na sandali ay tuluyang naglaho. We even felt fell out of love to each other. Ni hindi na kami naeezcite sa isa't isa. Ni hindi na namin ginustong makausap o makita ang bawat isa.

But of course, there is always a rainbow after the rain. We saw each other again. Reunite each hearts and trued to find what's inside and tried to refresh and go back where we were started. And finally, bumalik ang init ng bawat sandali. He always make sure that He will give his best shit when it comes to bed. The moan, pagpilit ng katawan,. I can say He is a damn good lover. He always make the best of it. I even lose myself in the middle of the fire. But unfortunately, that doesn't make any assurance that everything is under control.

We've lost the only thing that reconnects us... Communication.

And the stupidity of mine always fired me up.

I've hurt the only man that make my life shine. And sad to say that as of the moment, we're still working on it.. Trying to put back the broken pieces of our hearts.

At some point of my life, I can't help but to always ask these questions:

Did sex really matters? Did sex really finds way to connect two hearts that already somebody's property. Did sex make a home? Did sex can make things right?

How could sex be the reason of somebody's happiness? Is this an enough reason why you have to hold to something that you know by your heart that it would be lose anytime soon? W...

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March 22, 2019 (5 months ago)

Mabrook author..

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March 22, 2019 (5 months ago)

it riddles me on some aspects of story , but I get you baby dragon.the feeling is mutual, 😉


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March 23, 2019 (5 months ago)

Maganda sana to if nakaya ni author na ishare ung mga details more story telling. Anyway it was a nice read tyo

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