The Banker Part 1

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Date: March 13, 2019 (5 months ago)

The Banker..

by: Willam-Alexander

A typical day at our office, madaming emails, may tumatawag at may nangungulit.. until i saw one email na may Video attachement..hmmm interesting.. with the caption "The start of your challenging career..

"Click..view video"

"Shock!" Oh my God.. this is my expression...

"uuuummmhhhh..aaaaaahhh, sige pa.. ang sarap...more please".... i saw a young beauty being pounded by two old in the mouth and the other one penetrating me from behind.. Yes it was me... back in the days when i use to drink with my friends..friends of my friends and others..a young student...


To: Kristine.. "black hole"... you will follow every detailed instructions.. it will not come out, just follow my'll be rich and the video is, you can guess.. will be deleted.. call me "Boss".. kung gusto mo naman tawagin mo nalang akong Sir..

The details of your task will be sent in ramdom.. so don't be to hasty my darling....


What! who the hell sent this to me???... This would ruin my entire career and the dream merriage with my BF..Charles

HI I'am Kristine.. a 5'6 in height "singkit".. yan ang tawag saken ng mga classmates ko before.. other guys called me "hot chinita".. hahaha white flawless skin "kutis mayaman" sabi nga nila.. with 36-25-35..not your ideal v-stats? hmmmm only gays would seem hate me right?? .. but i think i will be sticking around with this bank that i work for.. Bago lang ako dito 8 months to be exact when i saw and watched/still watching the freaking

Hindi pa uso ang high-end phone non.. paano nangyari yun??? ito lang ang nasabi ko...

Now this will be "The start of your challenging career.. fuck! it lingers in my mind...

I still remember my first day..

Junior banker job description

As a trainee banker, you'll play an important supporting role in customer attraction and retention... ito ang bungad ni Charles.. my soon to be BF....

So, what will I actually be doing?

You'll be assisting more experienced bankers run day to day business and get increasingly involved with building client relationships, helping to maintain sales strategies and reaching targets.
Meeting internal targets would be a large part of your day to day role, kaya dapat lagi tayong good vibes and presentable.. at kumindat pa sya.. na akala mo hindi ko nakikita na kanina pa nya tinitignan ang cleavage ko.. (i grind a little.. manyak..but he is cute) sa isip ko so tumango lang ako and he proceeded..

Working with both staff and customers. You'd also assist in motivating staff, analysing data and figures and keeping up to date with the latest products, market changes and policies.
Depending on whether you work in retail, corporate or commercial banking your responsibilities and work activities would vary.
As a retail junior banker, you'd work in a high street branch, dealing with both private and corporate customers, while sometimes working in regional or head offices.
If you worked with commercial or corporate customers, you could be based in branches or work from a specialised area or regional offices.

In short magiging GRO ako ng banko...

Part of my job is to take the daily deposit to the bank everyday at take note may commission pa hahaha the perks of my job.. Kahit beso lang sa mga mayayamang clients namin has some perks. Going everyday allowed me to become really good friends with the guys who work as tellers. One in particular (I'll call him KJ he is OLD guy pero may dating at macho ang katawan) He is one of the senior staff at that branch and I bonded really quickly and he became my "preferred teller" to that branch.

I never really thought that KJ would ever be interested in me considering we were both in a relationships the time we met, but slowly things just seem to all come together. We both happen to break up with our significant others about the same time and we began to see each other quite alot outside of the bank. One day he was closing up so I went to wait for him so we could go to dinner, at sya daw ang taya. He let me in as he finished counting the money. Nobody else was there, nakaupo ako sa side nya, then suddenly.. "Tine may kukunin lang ako aa" sabi ni KJ..Sure i replied.. then i just took notice sa mga pictures and paintings.. hmmm nice paintings you got here..

And all of a sudden..

He came up behind me and grabbed me around the waist. We hadn't really gotten to the physical stage yet, but after all of this time I was dying to kiss him. He spun me around and gave me the longest, most passionate kiss of my life. (french kiss kung describe mo) when our lips parted I stood there in shock and told me that i was the most amazing girl he had ever known. He asked me about my sex life with my previous boys and I told him it wasn't the most exciting in the world (hahaha akala mo lang). So he told me to follow him and he'd show me what he had wanted to do for a long time. I followed him into the vault (damn ang init din dito) and immediately he kissed me again. our tounges circled the inside of each other's mouths for what seemed to be hours. My hands felt all over his back and neck and our bodies seemed to become one. He laid down on the floor and I began to kiss him neck and unbutton his polo (shit i was the one who is taking the initiative..haha). I had the sexiest black bra on that I lifted and he began to kiss my breast. Passion ran wild and before we knew it we were lying there naked. He told me to relax ng alalayan nya ako (so gusto mo pala talaga ako ang magtrabaho sa isip ko) as i climbed on top of him and he began to me kiss down my 36B rounded boobs "Supppp..tsupppp..surrrpp" as he devoured my boobs".. "ang laki..ang lusong.. ang sarap".... Suddenly in one sweep move he took his dick into my mouth and i gave him the best blow-job he ever received.

Taas baba ang ulo ko.. minsan dinidilaan he started to cum and he said stopped. tama na Tine "I want that inside of you" he exlaimed as he climbed me back up, put my hair in a pony-tail, pero i gave him a condom, "hindi ako safe" as i whisper my request to KJ... he then oblige in putting it on and slowly slid his thing into me, "ang tigas",,aaa....grabe..ghaddd... The feeling was amazing as i went up and down on his dick. we rocked back and forth until he exploded into me. we melted into each other's arms on the floor and talked for a couple of hours. After a while we realized where we were and thought we should leave. That day, KJ and me have had the most amazing sex life and an Old guy could ever dream of. The reason is that he truly fallen in love with me (knacks..nakakaputi ng balat at nakakahaba ng hair). Thanks princess! you are so amazing!.. Those are last words that i could remember..

The next morning, seeing the yahoo daily news in Filipino...

Breaking news...

"Staff ng Bangko patay" dahil daw ito sa paggamit ng condom".. Patay ang lalake matapos umano gumamit ng expired na condom at tila nalason?? kinilala ang lalaki sa pangalang KIKO Juan... isang Senior staff ng M&A jupiter branch"..TSS ang dahilan...Pero walang nakakaalam kung kanino ito nanggaling at paano ito nangyari.... Nakatakda pa naman itong mapromote bilang branch manager...


Shock...To my surprise.. an email showed up...

To: Kristine.. "black hole". Nice naalala mo pala yung bilin sayo ng kaibigan mo.. You've done a great job.. That OLD Guy do not deserve any promotion at all.. You've earn a bonus for making a quick / precise job my darling...


Early Morning before the incident:


To: Kristine.. "black hole"... Samantha your co-worker will give you something.. Make a good use of it..



Shit.. i dont know what you are up to...


I just ignored the email...

Nag flash back sa isip ko... "uy..Kristine.."...

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March 14, 2019 (5 months ago)

yedda is yours ? your boss congrats


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March 14, 2019 (5 months ago)

Nope.. she resquested a story about a bank teller named Kristine..


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