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Date: March 3, 2019 (2 months ago)

I have a friend whom I have known for quite some time now, she's about 5'4, great smile, light skinned

Gorgeous, and seductive body (big tits, curvy waist, almost

flat stomach). When she goes to places, people turn their heads and stare at

her. She's pretty well known kasi sa pinas especially sa mga kalalakihan. I

should say, she used to be a pantasya ng bayan and I'll just name her Janice.

I flew to manila for a quick vacation and did some errands, I later found

out that she was in manila too. I guess she has a project or something, so I

decided to give her a call.

Janice: Whats up dude?

Me: Whats up! Manila ka?

J: Yeah.

Me: Ako din! Pero one week lang.

J: Stop Bullshitting, you said you cancelled your flight!

Me: Seriously, im in EDSA like right now and its freaking traffic as hell. Lets hang out!

J: Stop messing with me. and I can't, im tired and not really feeling well. Pero seriously, are you in manila?

Me: Accept the freakin video call.

J: OMG, OMG, OMG. You actually flew! What did your wife said?

Me: she told me to enjoy

** and the talking kept going for about an hour, typical na magkaibigan. We

both knew that we both got hidden agendas in pinas so we talked about that

and what happened to our affairs.

Me: So.. are you gonna get off your couch and move your butt so we can hang

out or not?

J: Sorry Dear I'm really not feeling well. Plus nandito yung assistant ng manager ko.

Me: ill be here lang around QC if you want me to get you meds or something, also hydrate, like a lot. I really wanted to see you and say hi sana but there's always next time.

... hours later

*text message from messenger*

J: Hey, san ka?

Me: Timog. How are you feeling?

J: Where exactly, i wanna go out and drink a little, baka mawala tong sakit ko.

Me: cool, im at (i cant remember the name of the bar), but im with my friends tho.. ok lang? They're good people.

J: that's fine, ill be there in 30 mins. Malapit lang pala sa condo yan.

Me: cool, call me when you get here.

... 30 mins later

J: Duuude, its great to see you.

Me: yeah me too.. akala ko snob ka na since youre back to being celebrity mode.

J: youre so silly

Me: i know, iwas tsismis

Party went on and people are just staring at us as we dance and grind, she was wearing a very tight shorts and fitted shirt, really showing her body curves and i know those guys were eyeing her like a hawk. Shes like a perfect Cougar most men fantasize. As the hours pass, we decided to call it the night. I told her ill just drop her off and drive to tagaytay na. She said, dude come down muna and rest for a bit. I really didnt wanted to kasi i know if i go, were gonna fuck. But the hell with it, i said ok. I need to charge my pinas phone anyway.

Once we got into her unit, we went straight to her room, i plugged my phone asked and lay down on the edge of her bed with my feet still on the floor. She cleaned up, and lay down next to me and start making kwento about her supposedly "fling" with her former boyfriend and my reason why i flew to pinas for one week(breaking up an affair). We kept exchanging thoughts and opinions on what ifs, couldve shouldve, wouldve. I remember saying "tang ina, isang crazy sex or solid na BJ lang makakalimutan ko din un, its crazy that i fell in love with that chic"

Then our eyes connected and we kissed, slowly. Just like in porn, we both said hey we shouldnt do this and i should go. But we kissed again this time more torrid and i complemented her, ang sarap mo humalik and she reciprocate the compliment. She then stood up and took her top off and shorts and undies then lay down and put a blanket on just wearing her bras. I lay down next to her and started kissing her again while were both saying we shouldnt do this but our hands were all over each other

I started massaging her breasts and she arched her back taking her strap off, fuck her boobs are so firm yet skin is so soft, her areolas are perfect yung nipples nya are like raisins but pinkish. As a fondle and pinch her left breast, i started licking the right nipple, sucking it and licking it and biting it. My right hand then travelled down to her pussy and rubbed her clit, her pussy lips is very matambok and its wet. One finger in and out and rubbing her, then two.. as i hear her gasp and started saying ooohs and ahhhs.. i kept finger fucking her and rubbed her for couple of minutes then she said, dude.. whip it out, i want to see you.

Me being a jokester i took my pants off and said, its not as big as your mans (shes seeing a caucasian guy and hes like 6'3) she grabbed my shaft and smiled, you're not that far behind.

J: hes about 9, and you're around 6-6 1/2. But damn bro, make sure you fuck me good.

I grinned and dove back to her breasts. Her boobs are 38DDs so i really enjoyed drowning my face to it. Dinuraan ko yung cleavage niya and slid my dick in between, oh my.. how i missed titty fucks. And while fucking her boobs, her mouth is waiting at the top. Licking the tip of my dick.

Me: i love fucking your tits and mouth, your'e freakin hot!

J: cant wait for you to fuck my wet pussy.

Me: i wanna fuck your mouth first.

So i sit on top of her and ravage her mouth all we can hear is her mouth gagging and sloppy dick in and out of her mouth.

Urrgk urgkk ahhhh

J: fuuuuck.. dude, fuck me now.. urgkk urgkk.

I stood up with my shaft full or saliva and told her to turn around, she obliged and spread her butt chicks as well. I spit on her pussy and rubbed the tip of my dick to it. Then slowly i put it in, just the tip and out, teasing her, then again, and again, and then half, and i did a quick full thrust and then she's like Oooohhh shiiiit.. and im like ohh fuck youre wet and hot. I fucked her from behind, slapping her butt and playing with h...

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March 3, 2019 (2 months ago)

Hit story

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March 3, 2019 (2 months ago)

Hot story**

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March 4, 2019 (2 months ago)

Thank you.

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March 4, 2019 (2 months ago)

Yeah that's what happens when you mix booze and alone with each other moment.

For me; you guys really wanted it to happened sad though, ayaw niyo lang aminin.

The Wanderer!

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March 4, 2019 (2 months ago)

Well we almost hooked up a decade ago, then the funny thing is we both said di kami talo in front of our friends and then we fucked hours later. Lol we still both feel awful doing it

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March 4, 2019 (2 months ago)

Was the sex good or satisfying? I don't think regret is the word to describe how you felt, awkward, maybe, Pero regret? Hindi siguro, since there's an initial attempt na before and you two are crossing that line.

What if it happens again? Will there be guilt or regret kayong mararamdaman? Or is it going to be a satisfactory since you two knew you'd like it and just denying the fact that you two do.

The Wanderer!

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