Infatuation - 3

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Date: January 27, 2019 (5 months ago)

"W-what?" I said. I looked up and saw him looking at me. "It's fine, Adam. We can find our own seat," I continued, trying to keep my shit together. I nudged Moira so she could back me up. "Right, Moira?"

But she just shrugged! She just shrugged! Gods, what's wrong with this day?!

"Cool," Adam said, clearly pleased that my best friend just betrayed me. He got the tray from my hand and began to walk. I looked at Moira but she wasn't looking at me. Traitor!

We both followed Adam until we were face to face with the famous people in our school—I mean famous guys. I think the only people allowed to sit in thefamousspot were of course the famous people, their girlfriends, and… yeah, right, that's certainly it.

"Scoot," Adam told one of his friends. He followed without saying anything so I'd assume that Adam's one of thebigguys in his circle. He sat and then patted the space beside him. "Sit here," he said.

"What about Moira?" I asked him. I really would do anything just to get out from this situation! I had a feeling this break would be really stressful! I just wanted to eat and refuel my energy before I torment myself again later. Gods, I can't catch a break!

"He can sit beside Scott," Adam said and Moira followed him without even saying anything. What's the deal with her? And what's the deal with Silas? He's been really quiet! I mean, if this was a normal situation, I think he'd kick me out of the table in no time. He really hated it when I was with Adam.

I sighed and gave up. I lost all my choices.

"Wait for me later, 'kay?"


"We'll hang out, remember?"

Oh, that. He's so persistent. Where's his lady friend, anyway? I haven't seen her since this morning. Maybe she could keep him company so he'd stop annoying me.

"Do we really have to?"

He put his soda down and faced me—never mind that we're in a table with his friends. I just wanted to bury my face in my hands. I can't have him looking at me like that! He's not supposed to look at me like that!

"Spencer," he said, every word sending me into an overdrive. "Do you have a problem with me?"

"No, of course not," I said. "You're being really paranoid, Adam. I am not mad at you. We're cool."

But he didn't stop with that soul-piercing stare. I wanted him to stop. Him being like this would just make me hope even more… and I just wanted to be done hoping that we could be something… because I know I'd just be lying to myself.

"I'm not stupid, Spence. I can feel that there's something wrong. What is it?" His voice sounded like he really cares for me… "You're my best friend, right?" I was hoping for something more when I got slapped with reality. Again.

I heaved out a deep breath. "Sure," I said, the word tasted bitter in my mouth. "Believe me, we're fine, Adam. I'm just giving you space…" I continued. I can't believe I'd be opening this topic again. "Remember what happened with Jasmine?"

Worry crossed his face. "I can talk to—"

"No, really, there's no need to. She's your girlfriend and I'm your best friend. She's your priority, I know. I just don't want you to lose your girlfriend because of me… again."

I lost my appetite after that. I still can't get over what Jasmine did to me a year ago. I mean, I get it that she's jealous of me but can't she understand that I'm close to Adam because I am his best friend?! Did she really need to go to such length just to keep me at bay?

I stood up. "I'm not hungry anymore," I said as I began to leave. My placed my hand over my stomach as I made my way out of the cafeteria. My tummy was begging me to feed it but I wouldn't take another step back. I'd rather starve than to face Adam again.

My phone vibrated.

Moira: why did you leave me here!!

Owen: bleachers.

Shoot! I forgot about Moira! But she'd be fine; Silas was there. Whatever's going on between the two of them, I'd wish they'd fix it. I mean, I really didn't want to get caught in the middle of another feud. I was struggling with my own as it was.

Though I didn't know what exactly Owen said when he texted bleachers, I assumed that he meant for me to go there. There still was time before the classes began and I had nothing better left to do so what the hell. I went to the bleacher hoping to find Owen but he wasn't there.

Me: ?

Owen: right side, 3rd

I walked towards the bleacher and followed his instruction, there I saw a paper bag. The people in the gym were all busy playing so I assume this was Owen's. I reached for the paper bag and when I opened it, I saw food. My stomach grumbled upon smelling what's inside.

Me: ? but thanks

Owen: You're welcome.

He's really weird! Why was there food here? I wanted to question him but that's the least of my priorities. I needed this food badly. I was so hungry! I sat down and began eating. It felt a bit lonely but I'd take it over having to deal with Adam any day. Maybe I should tell Moira that we better eat our food inside the CR so no one would bother us two. High school life's really proving to be problematic! Why was it so hard to be a teenager?

Once I was done eating, I tossed the remains in the trashcan and went back to the room. Everything was fine until my class together with Adam came.

Gods, please let me be alone right now!

"Look, I already talked to Piper—"


Adam looked at me. "I told her that you're my friend and if she has problems with you, then we should just stop hanging out."

My mouth fell open and my eyes went bigger. What the heck was wrong with him?! I was trying toreallyfinally move on from his claws but he's doing it again! He's making me feel like I was really special but then he'll later drop me for some other girl!

"Why did you do that, Adam?!"

He looked confused with my reaction but I was more confused with his actions. What's his real deal?! I can't keep up anymore!


I shook my head and sighed. "Gods," I said and then palmed my face. "Adam, I told you nothing's wrong with us. This is our normal, remember? We'll hang out and when you have a girlfriend, I'll keep my distance to give you space. But why are you messing things up?" Now that I was finally giving you up…

Our teacher came in but I was pretty sure this wasn't the end of our conversation.

"You may not see it but you're important, Spence," he said and he sounded kinda pissed. Good. We're both pissed now.

I kept my focus on the lesson. I was itching to get this class done and over with so I could move to my next class and probably run so that Adam won't be able to find me. I was also considering sleeping at Moira's tonight because I was pretty sure Adam would go to our house. And I just had my fill of him today.

Once the class was done, I walked out of the class without second thought. I went to my next class and sat at the furthest corner so that no one would dare bother me. Thank heavens I was able to go through my remaining classes without anyone making me feel annoyed.

Adam: Where are you?

Ugh! Can't he take a clue?!

Me: going home. I feel sick

Adam: i'll drive you. Where are u?

Me: i'll ride with Silas but thanks

Adam: Spencer, Silas is at practice. Why do you keep on lying to me? Its not funny anymore

Gods, where was Piper when I needed her to occupy Adam?!

Me: fine… I'll meet you out

I put my phone back inside my bag and began dragging myself out. When I saw Adam's car, I wanted to just ran back inside the hall and hide myself from him. I can't deal with any more drama! I've had too much already!

When I finally got my feet to walk, I opened the door at the back of his car.

"What are you doing?" he asked.

"Getting in?"

"Why are you there?"

"Isn't Piper going to ride with us?"

I saw him sigh. He's really getting frustrated with me. "Sit here, Spencer." Ugh! I hate it when he calls my name like that! It makes me feel like I was caught doing something red-handed.

I got out and rode shotgun. I even did my seatbelt because I was afraid he'd drive really fast because he's so pissed with me. But few seconds passed and still, we're in the same place.

"Where do you want to go?"



I grunted. "Anywhere," I said.

"You're making me work for it, huh?"

I rolled my eyes. "No one's making anyone work for anything, Adam."

"Fine," he said before he started driving. I was getting myself comfortable in his leather seat when I noticed that we've gone farther than we should have! I asked him where he's taking me but he wasn't answering. He's really testing my patience!

I fished for my phone and called Silas.

"What?" he said.

"Just please tell Adam to bring me home." I put him on loudspeaker. "Talk some sense to—" I wasn't even done talking when Adam reached for my phone and shut it. He also placed it on his side so I wouldn't be able to reach it. Cunning guy!

I was trying to be calm. I had no idea where he's taking me and I was just trying to conserve my energy. I didn't know what his deal was but one thing's for sure—I was done being played by him.

When he pulled over, I noticed that we're near the beach.

"I don't want to swim," I told him.

"Come on," he said and then got out of the car. I had no choice but to go down, as well. We began to walk and I saw a restaurant nearby. "You like burgers, right?" he said. "They make the best burger in LA."

Ugh! He knew I wouldn't be able to resist good food! I followed him and we went inside the resto. It was a very cozy place and the ambiance was really nice! From here, you have a clear view of the beach so it's really relaxing. There were bean bags available and I was pretty sure I saw shelves stacked with books. I should go check that out later.

"I'll have quarter pound burger with extra bacon and lettuce and soda," Adam said. I rolled my eyes before I began to place my order. After that, I saw Adam smiling at me like he just caught my weakness. Sue me, I love good food.

We sat at the spot near the window so we would see the beach. It felt so relaxing to see the waves and the people surfing. I wish I could live in a place like this.

"Do I really do that whenever I have a girlfriend?" he asked.


"Toss you aside." I nodded. "Wow. I am an asshole," he said and I didn't object. Better he knew what he was. "I won't do that again, I swear. You're my best friend and you're far more important than any girl who comes in my life…"

Sweet words—how you make me so happy only to c...

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