Dean Of Student Affairs - Act I, Chapter 03C

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Dean of Student Affairs
Act I, Chapter 03C - My arrival in the Philippines
By Pesteng Ahem

I was sitting in the study reading some academic papers when Lala entered to say that the concierge desk at the lobby had buzzed the intercom seeking permission to allow Denise Barbacena and her party to access my floor. I told Lala to inform them that they were expected. She curtsied and left the room to see to her task. I gathered the papers and cleared my desk.

Among the papers was a short biographical sketch prepared by my secretary, the lovely Annika, about my guest for the evening. Denise appeared in a popular local variety show aired on network television and was known as a singer with an impressive vocal range. The 24-year-old stood about 5'4", weighed about 100 pounds and measured 34B-24-33. She had shoulder-length straight hair dyed a deep brown. Her features were typically Filipino with almond eyes, a small, flat nose and a wide smile. She was quite pleasing to the eyes.

I emerged from the study and made my way to the lounge. I noticed that all the maids were already assembled near the front door. Lala was a ball of energy, jumping up and down in excitement. Frecious was fussing over the uniforms, making sure that nothing was out of place.

The lift chimed its arrival and the maids grew quiet. They could make out the footsteps of a group of people in the foyer approaching the front door.


The video console next to the door came to life, showing the face of a large, blonde, gay man. Another screen showed a different view of the party of three. Denise was accompanied by two other people, likely her "handlers".


"Hello. This is Frecious. How can I help you?"

"Hello, ma'am. Si Miss Denise Barbacena para kay Professor -----."

"Just a minute, please."

Despite hovering right next to the door, Frecious delayed opening it right away. After the passing of about 40 seconds, Ashana and Lala pulled the double doors wide open to present the waiting Frecious to the guests.

The first to walk in was the large gay man. Standing almost six feet tall, her blonde hair in an asymmetric cut with streaks of pink. She wore pink glasses, heavy eye-shadow and mascara. Pink lipstick emphasised her with bulbous lips. She was also quite obese. Wore a denim jacket and stressed jeans. A Louis Vuitton sling bag completed her outfit.

Denise was dressed in a light blazer over a figure-hugging black dress, which came to mid-thigh. Her height was boosted somewhat by the delicate burgundy stiletto heels she wore. A deep purple Prada clutch bag was cradled in her right arm. Denise's hair and make-up were on point. Her hair was gathered up in a chignon du cou, exposing her nape and shoulders. Gold Oscar de la Renta earrings in the shape of delicate flowers tastefully accentuated her Filipina features.

The final member of the trio was a smaller pre-op transsexual man who was dressed casually in a white t-shirt and cargo shorts. He sported a buzz cut and wore gold sunglasses. He carried a large backpack and had two mobile phones peeking from his belt bag. He clutched a third while rummaging from a small sling bag. It was clear that this chap was the most junior of the trio.

"Welcome, Miss Barbacena, sir, ma'am. May we take your jackets?" Frecious motioned to Ashana and Lala, who were standing on either side of the guests.

Ashana stood behind Denise to help take off her blazer. Denise stepped back to reveal the entirety of her dress. The backless outfit had a neckline that plunged to the bottom of her breastbone. The small portions of cloth covering her tits were secured together by a thin loop of cloth around her neck. That her tits were swinging free was evident by the amount of side-boob that was on show. The dress was cinched in the waist and ended a few inches above the knee. The light material flowed as she walked. If it weren't for the breast tape, it would be quite scandalous.

All five of the others -- the maids and Denise's two companions -- took a moment to admire her form. Denise took it all gamely with a tiny smile on her lips.

"Wow, ang ganda niyo po, ma'am Denise," Lala said. "Pwedeng pong magpalitrato?"

"Oo, naman."

"Eeeeee!" Lala squealed, handing Ashana her mobile phone. The rest of the group moved from the frame. Lala stood next to Denise. Denise drew her closer, put her arm around her, and put on a big smile. Ashana took six photos as Lala and Denise played for the camera. (They showed me the pictures a few days later.)

Frecious cleared her throat and Lala and Ashana composed themselves. "Nasa lounge si Professor. Dito po ang daan," said Frecious. The guests followed her as Ashana and Lala put away Denise's blazer and proceeded to the kitchen.

Frecious led them through the hall and to the left. She stopped at the entrance to the lounge and announced the guests. "Professor, si Miss Denise Barbacena at ang kanyang mga kasama."

I got up from my seat to greet the trio. "Thank you, Frecious. Welcome, everyone. Please make yourselves at home. Will you be drinking red or white wine tonight?"

"Water lang po sa akin," said the blonde. Buzz Cut asked for a glass of Sprite. "Red wine, please," Denise said.

"A woman after my heart," I said, as Frecious left to prepare the drinks.

"Welcome, welcome. I am Professor -----." I extended my hand to the blonde woman.

"Pleased to meet you, Sir. Ako si Gwenda. Nag-usap kami ng sekretarya ninyo na si Annika." Gwenda took my hand in a limp handshake.

I smiled at Gwenda. "Oo. Nagusap kami kanina. May ipinapaasikaso ako sa kanya kaya't wala siya ngayon. Darating sa susnod na linggo galing sa Niyusiland ang mga kagamitan at kasangkapan para sa laboratoryo na itatayo namin. May mga kausap siyang opisyal ng Bureau of Customs ngayon."

That's a laugh, I thought. If what I suspected was true, right this minute Annika was most certainly riding my driver's cock in the back seat of the SUV, while screaming his name at the top of her lungs.

"Mabait si ma'am Annika," Buzz Cut said in a small voice. I turned to him and offered my hand. "I agree, Mr..."

"Chris na lang po." He took my hand and shook it.

"I agree, Chris. I honestly don't know what I'd do without her."

I turned to Denise and offered my hand. "It's a pleasure to meet you, Ms Barbacena. You look stunning tonight."

Denise smiled broadly as she shook my hand. "Thank you, Sir. Galing po kami sa studio, so nagpaayos ako doon ng buhok at meykup."

"Ay naku, Sir, kanina pa 'yan nagpapaganda," Gwenda teased. Denise jabbed her in the belly. Chris laughed at the exchange.

"Well, I'm sure that they didn't have to do much more to improve on your natural beauty." I motioned for her to take a seat next to me. Denise crossed her legs, causing her dress to rise and expose more of her thigh. She carefully adjusted her top so that her tits wouldn't spill out. Gwenda sat across from us and Chris took a seat at the side.

"Kailan po kayo dumating?" Denise asked.

"Kararating ko lang kaninang hapon galing sa Thailand. Mas matagal pa ang biyahe mula sa NAIA."

"Ano po ang work ninyo?" Gwenda asked.

"Isa akong saykayatrista. Nagpraktis ako sa Estados Unidos, Reyno Unido, Alemanya at Australya, bago ako tumuloy sa Niyusiland. May isa akong malaking laboratoryo sa isang pamantasan doon. Kinalap ako ng Trinitas University of the Pacific. Magsisimula ako sa Septiyembre bilang Dean of Student Affairs sa TUP."

"Wow! Ang dami kong alagang artista doon, Sir," Gwenda said. "Malapit lang 'yon sa studio, eh. Mabuti't may kilala na kami doon na Dean."

"Let me know how I can help."

"Sige, Sir."

The attention of the group turned to Frecious and Lala as they entered the room bearing the drinks. Lala laid out coasters for Gwenda and Chris, as Frecious deposited the beverages onto the coffee table in front of us. Then, Lala handed Frecious a tray with a silver dome. The both of them stood to the side.

"Thank you, ladies," I said. I raised my glass in front of the group and offered a toast. "To new friends..."

"... and a wonderful evening ahead," added Denise.

"Cheers!" Glasses clinked in celebration.

"This shiraz is from the Margaret River in Western Australia. The owner is a former patient of mine."

"It's very nice," said Denise.

"Patikim, bes." Denise passed the glass to Gwenda.

I motioned to Frecious, who approached bearing the silver tray with a dome.

"Before we continue, I have a present for Denise." Frecious raised the dome to reveal the Burberry package. I took the box and handed it to Denise. "I took the liberty of purchasing something for you from the UK when I was there." (This was a lie, of course. Annika arranged this on my behalf.)

Chris clapped his hands in delight.

I turned to Gwenda. "I think this is what you and Annika discussed."

Denise leaned over to give me a kiss. "Thank you, po."

"My pleasure, Denise. I need to step out for a bit to see to our dinner. Why don't you open it. You can let me know if I made the correct choice of design." I rose and left the lounge followed by Frecious and Lala.

The package contained a wallet from the latest summer line of Burberry. Inside the wallet was Denise's 300,000 peso "talent fee" for her services this evening. My departure from the lounge was a meant to give the trio the privacy to consider the exchange without embarrassment. It was important to keep up the appearance that this was a date and not some cheap hook up in exchange for money.

"Bagong Burberry, bes!" exclaimed Chris. "Ang ganda ng ribbon. Buksan mo, dali!"

The two of them sat down of either side of Denise. Instead of untying the ribbon, Denise gingerly slid the binding to the edge of the box, allowing the package to slip out without unravelling the knot. She handed the ribbon to Gwenda, then lifted box open. Inside was continental leather wallet in metallic silver finish. The front was decorated with a large Gold D-ring. It was quite flashy in an understated sort of way, so unlike the screaming designs of LV or Gucci.

"Oooo. Pang clubbing, bes! Hihihi" giggled Chris.

"Ang ganda," said Denise. "Ngayon lang ako nakareceive ng gift na ganito."

"Pahawak," Gwenda grabbed the wallet from the box without waiting for Denise's permission.

"Sandali lang. Ako muna." Denise grabbed it back.

"Medyo mabigat. Parang may laman," Gwenda said. "Buksan mo."

Denise undid the D-ring buckle to reveal the wallet's olive green interior. The lower portion had a noticeable bulge. Denise pulled open the zipper to reveal three sets of bills in bundles of 100,000 pesos.

"Uy, pabuenas!" Chris said. "Kailiangan pa bang bilangin yan?"

"Huwag na. Nakakahiya," Denise said

"Anong nakakahiya? Business to, mami. Kaya nga umalis si Boss, para hindi tayo mapahiya."

"O sige, pero bilisan ninyo." Gwenda and Chris took one bundle each and started to count. Denise took back the wallet and examined its workmanship closely. She took a sip of her wine and started to transfer some cards from her old wallet to this new one. After a few minutes, the two handlers confirmed that the amount was exactly what was agreed. By this time, Denise had emptied her old wallet and deposited it into the gift box. She handed the box to Chris, who placed the box and ribbon into his backpack. Denise placed the new wallet into her purse.

The two handlers returned to their seats and awaited my return.

"Dadaan tayo sa Okada mamaya, bes," Gwenda said to Chris.

"Sige! Sasabayan natin ang pagkamartir ni Den mula sa kasino. Hihihihi!"

"Hoy, bakla! Hindi ako martir; I'm an actress!"


The sound of laughter from the lounge was enough evidence for me that the handlers had discovered the cash. I chose this time to return to the group.

"Do you like the gift, my dear?"

"It's perfect." She opened her purse and pulled out the wallet. "See, I've already transferred my things into it. Thank you, again, Sir." She leaned in to give me a kiss on the cheek.

"Mauuna na po kami, Dean," said Gwenda.

"Ok. Frecious will show you out. Let her know if you need a cab and we can organise one for you."

"Hindi na po. Magga-Grab na lang kami."

I rose to give Gwenda a hug and Chris a handshake. "I'll take good care of Denise," I said.

"... and I know she'll take good care of you, Boss," Gwenda said, smiling widely and giving Denise a hug and kiss, but not before Denise jabbed him in the belly. I pushed the button to summon Frecious, who emerged momentarily and led Gwenda and Chris away as Denise and I remained standing.

After they stepped out of the room, I turned to Denise. "It's clear those two take good care of you."

"Opo. Matagal ko na po manager si Gwenda. Si Chris ay pinsan niya."

I was admiring Denise's face. She had the type of features that seemed rather average at first glance, but became more beautiful as you looked at them. Her face came alive when she smiled and glowed with her expressions. She was really quite captivating. I was certain that her face would look even better contorted in ecstasy as she rode my cock later in the evening.

First things first, though. "I thought you would enjoy having dinner on the balcony this evening. The temperature is just right for it and the view is amazing."

"Sure!" Her face lit up.

"Brilliant. This way." I placed my left hand on her naked back, slowly caressing her warm flesh and reaching to touch the side of her left breast as I led her to the balcony. She obviously felt the contact as she paused for a moment, smiled softly and reached up to caress my face. "Down, boy!"

"Excuse me. My hand slipped," I said, smiling and winking at her. My hand didn't move from the side of her firm boob, though. She giggled a little and allowed me to lead her to the balcony.

The table was located at the far end of the balcony, next to the glass railing and past the pool. Dim lighting from strategically-placed flood lights illuminated the way, but I made sure Denise was aware of the depressions and rises on the path. We paused twice to admire the view as we made our way to the table. Each time, she took out her phone and took selfies. I offered to take full body shots of her in faux candid poses, which she gladly accepted.

We were 53 stories above the horrendous traffic snarls around the city. You could make out the honking of the vehicles, but this mild irritation was more than offset by the expansive views we had of the city, the bay and the mountains. The air was noticeably lighter and a little cooler, too, at this height.

As we approached our table, soft music started to play from the speakers: Nina Simone was singing "Summertime".

"Oooooh! I love this song!" Denise broke out in accompaniment, swaying to the rhythm:

Summertime, and the livin' is easy
Fish are jumpin' and the cotton is high
Oh, your daddy's rich and you ma is good-lookin'
So hush, little baby, don't you cry

One of these mornings you're gonna rise up singing
And you'l spread your wings and you'll take to the sky
But till that morning, there ain't nothin' can harm you
With daddy and mammy standin' by

Before the third stanza, I took her hand and slow danced with her. She continued to hum the rest of the song as she buried her face into my chest. The song ended and she lifted her head. Some of her make up had made a mark on my shirtfront.

"Ay, sorry, Sir. Baka magalit si misis."

"I'm not married."




I manoeuvred her to her seat, pulled it out for her, and took mine in front of her. Lala appeared to pour some white wine, quickly followed by Frecious, who presented the first course. "We start with a light salad of smoked salmon in a lemon-dill dressing. The wine is a Riesling from the Clare Valley in South Australia." Lala unfolded Denise's napkin and laid it on her lap. The two maids slipped away quietly.

"Yummy." Denise brought her glass up to mine for a toast and took a sip.

"Tell me about your day."

"Busy po kami ngayon dahil mag-a-anniversary ang show namin. Kung hindi ako nagpaalam kay direk na may lakad ako tonight, siguro buong gabi ang shooting po namin ngayon."

"Do you enjoy your work?"

"Okay naman po sya. Masaya sa set. Close po kami ng mga girls. Weird lang ang oras, pero kaya naman ang trabaho. Kayo po? Kamusta naman ang paglipat ninyo."

"Masuwerte ako na may mga magaling akong mga kawani. Nagplano kami ng tatlong buwan para siguruhin na walang kamali-mali ang paglilipat mula sa Niyusiland. Unang dumating ang sekretarya ko. May dalawa pa akong tauhan na nasa Niyusiland ngayon. Darating sila sa katapusan. Nakabisita ka na ba sa Niyusiland?"

"Hindi pa po. Gusto ko ngang bumisita noong napanood ko ang 'Lord of the Rings'."

"You should find time to visit. It's a beautiful place with nice people."

"Nagiimbita ba po kayo?"

"If you're free in December, why don't we spend a few days?"

"Hindi ba malamig doon?"

"December is summer in New Zealand. The seasons are reversed because they're in the southern hemisphere."

"Oo nga pala."

Lala returned to clear the plates and replace the glasses while Frecious presented the next course. "The appetiser tonight is Oysters Kilpatrick. The oysters are Pacific New Zealand. Be careful -- they're a little hot. The wine is a crisp chardonnay from the Yarra Valley."

I offered a toast and served Denise an oyster from the bed of salt.

"Mmmmm. Ang tataba nila. *sluuurppp* Sooo good. Saan po kayo nag-source ng talaba?"

"Frecious trained in a few hotels and knows some suppliers." I poked at an oyster to release it from the shell before tipping the contents into my mouth. The salty flesh was perfect against the light Worcestershire sauce that accompanied it.

Denise took another one. "Ahhh. I could eat this all night."

"You might not have space for me." I smiled at her.

She stuck out her tongue and grimaced at me before raising her glass for a toast. Our glasses clinked as we enjoyed the cold bubbly wine. She was taking this all in stride and actually enjoying the moment, engaging in playful banter while relishing the sexual tension that was building between us.

She grew serious all of a sudden. "Alam niyo po, hindi ko talaga ginagawa 'to." She grasped the stem of her glass and swirled the wine.

"It doesn't make you any less of a person."

"I know. May malaki lang po akong utang na dapat bayaran kaya naggaganito ako."

"I understand." I automatically entered into psychiatrist mode, offering non-judgemental, supportive responses to her statements.

"Ikaw po ang pangalawa kong na-date."

"I see."

"Ang first ay isang kongresista. Medjo matanda na. Walang staying power. After 10 minutes, tapos na. One pop lang. Hihihi!"

"How disappointing."

"Opo, pero easy money." She took another sip of the wine, emptying the glass.

Lala approached us to clear the dishes as Frecious laid down two plates in front of us. "Your entree is risotto of scallops and saffron. You may add Parmesan cheese to your liking. The wine is a textured and dry sauvignon blanc from the Adelaide Hills. Please note that the plate is a little hot." We thanked Lala and Frecious as they left.

Denise added some cheese from the small platter I offered her. "Magaling magluto si Frecious."

"Hindi. Nagpa-FoodPanda lang sila kanina. Iniinit lang nila yan sa kusina bago ihanda sa atin."


We toasted before sipping our wine. This was our fourth glass and it was starting to go to Denise's head, relaxing her and lowering her inhibitions. She was a little flushed from the wine and her movements were a little more animated. She also became a little more touchy-feely, reaching across the table to touch my hand and wrist.

I held her hand. "You look lovely tonight."

"I feel lovely."

"It shows."

"Can I tell you a secret?"


She leaned across the table and lowered her voice. "Bagong wax po ako ngayon. Hihihi!"

"I know what I want for dessert, then."

"Hihihi!" She slapped my hand away, straightened up and adjusted the pieces of cloth covering her tits.

"Do you like my dress, Sir?"

"Without question."

She grabbed hold of the cloth covering her right boob with both hands and started to adjust it.

"Alam niyo, kinabahan po ako kanina na hindi husto ang suot ko na 'to para sa dinner natin ngayong gabi." She started to move the piece of cloth to the side, slowly exposing her cleavage. I stared intently at her fingers as they exposed more and more of her tit flesh. She watched me watch her movements.

"Pero sabi ni Gwenda na kailangan medyo formal ang suotin ko. Mataas daw ang standard ninyo." Her fingers continued to move the cloth outward, fully exposing the bottom of the breast while still covering her nipple. I took a sip of the wine and leaned back on the seat. She smiled wickedly as she watched me enjoy her tease.

"Totoo ba 'yon, Sir? Mataas ba ang standard ninyo?" Her voice increased in pitch, sounding like a teen schoolgirl. Her fingers moved by a few mililimetres and the darker shade of her areola crept into view.

Suddenly, she released her grip on the cloth and sat upright, just in time to smile at the approaching Lala and Frecious. Lala cleared the dishes and Frecious laid two shot glasses in front of us. "A palate cleanser of raspberry sorbet before the main course." They walked away quickly.

"Perfect," Denise said. "Napansin ko na biglang naginit ang panahon kani-kanina lang." She smiled and crinkled her nose at me.

"Ang ganda talaga ng view."

"It was quite interesting from my vantage point a while ago."


Lala and Frecious returned to set up the table for the main course. "We have prawns thermidor paired with a pinot gris from the Mornington Peninsula in Victoria. Australian tiger prawns were soaked in St Agnes XO brandy also from Australia." Frecious led Lala away for the penultimate time.

"Cheers, Sir." I clinked her glass and took a sip. Denise attacked her prawns with gusto. "Yummy!" She began humming to herself in tune with the music being played.

"I'm glad you're enjoying yourself, Denise."

"Turn mo naman mamaya, Sir. Hihihi!"

"I'm sure we'll both have fun."

"Sure ba kayo na may staying power kayo, Sir?"

"The room is sound proofed."


We had been enjoying the meal and each other's company for the last two hours. Time certainly flew by quickly. I motioned to attract Frecious' attention.

"Yes, Sir?"

"Frecious, the meal was lovely. Thank you."

"Thank you, Sir."

"Would you organise to have our dessert sent to my room? We might wrap up here and retire soon."

"Yes, Sir." Frecious departed to make the arrangements.

Lala arrived to ask if we wanted more wine. Denise and I both declined, so she left us alone.

Denise reached across the table to take my hand. "Ang sarap ng dinner. Thank you, po."

I squeezed her hand and smiled at her. "Would you like to sit in the loung...

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November 15, 2018 (8 months ago)

Bro just an unsolicited advice.  Maybe you can avoid being too detailed,  too make it more interesting  and brief. Omit unnecessary details  for less tedious reading. It is boring if you put all those scenes that do not contribute to the development of the story.  Just my two-cent take.

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November 15, 2018 (8 months ago)

Oh Em Gee!

Thank you for your thoughts. I'm such a fan of your work. You're a master of the short form, I think.

In this section, I was experimenting with the slow build. Chapter 03C is the longest in the series so far at 4,468 words, exceeding by almost 1,000 words the second longest chapter (02B). The danger of writing slow build stories is that the pace may drag.

I'll keep your advice in mind to reduce the details in the scenes and incorporate them into my writing.

Your advice is valuable. Thanks for taking the time to share ways to improve my writing.

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November 16, 2018 (8 months ago)

you are very welcome. I am glad you didn't take offense for my unsolicited take on your story.     I honestly think your story deserves more than what it is getting now  in terms of viewership and comments..  Also, it is a proven observation that purely English writing, no matter how good  and well written ,, really has a limited audience or readers .  If you have time look up my English Story "Come Wednesday"   and see for your self.

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