Dean of Student Affairs - Act I, Chapter 02A

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Dean of Student Affairs
Act I, Chapter 02A - The day I met Saige
By Pesteng Ahem

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I was cleaning up in the shower after the short session of debauchery that just concluded. While the young Miss Crissy Mendez was a revelation, my mind was trying to relive the feel of my cock emptying into Saige's ass.

I had grown quite fond of Saige. It was hard to believe that she only joined my team as my PhD student and all around Girl Friday a mere eleven months previously.

I remember the day I first met Saige while I was still based in New Zealand as head of the Institute of Psychiatry at the University of the Southern Cross.


Thursday 06 July 2017.

It was 6:30 AM in the middle of winter. I'd been up since 4:00 AM, had breakfast and been to the gym. My room was well-heated to a toasty 28 degrees. I was lying in the middle of my king bed, the covers thrown to the side, and was gazing up at my reflection in the ceiling mirror I had installed. In my mind, I was trying to plan the day ahead. It was going to be a long day filled with meetings with subordinates and tedious classes to teach. I was wrapping up my tenure at the Institute of Psychiatry where I was Director for Research and Graduate Studies. I was leaving at the end of July to take up a post as Dean of Student Affairs at a small university in Quezon City and everyone wanted a piece of my time.

My reverie was broken by the slim, naked 19-year-old sitting on top of me trying her hardest to jam my hard cock into her pussy.
"Ooooohhhhh, ffuuuuuuckkkk! I love your cock," Katie screamed.

"Shut up and ride, bitch! I want to leave before my stupid brother arrives," I said, slapping my brother's fiancee's right tit as she pushed her pussy onto my cock. Her pussy juices were flowing freely and her descending pussy caused a squelching sound as my cock slid slowly into her. Not satisfied with her progress, I grabbed her by her slim hips and pushed her downward as I thrust my pelvis upward. This caused my entire cock shaft to enter her pussy completely, my cock head pushing brutally against her cervix.

"Aaaahhhhh! You bastard! Go easy. I can feel your cock all the way in my guts!"

I locked my hands behind my head and looked up at Katie. "Now ride, bitch! Show me how much you love my cock." I grinned evilly.

Katie returned the smile. "If I can make you cum before the alarm sounds, will you buy me that new phone I've been dreaming about?"

"If you make me cum before the alarm sounds, I'll buy you a new car. Now shut up and ride your future brother-in-law's cock!"

On hearing me raise the stakes, Katie leaned forward onto my chest and began to twerk her butt as only the millenials know how to do so well. The squelching only grew louder as did her moans.

Krik... Krik... Krik... Krik... went the bed as Katie established a steady rhythm.

Squelch... Squelch... went Katie's pussy as she speared herself onto my shaft.

"Uhhhhh... Fuck, Daddy... Please fuck me...," went Katie as she tried her best to earn a new car.

Katie Howard was a wet dream with daddy issues. She stood 5'1", weighed 104 pounds and measured 34B - 23 - 32. (About the body size of Ariana Grande she said to me one day, not that I knew who Ariana Grande was supposed to be.) She wasn't a natural blonde, but then I wasn't complaining because her pussy wasn't naturally bald anyway. She was a high school dropout who was currently engaged to my half-brother. The shitstain was currently working the night shift at the local 7-eleven, but had dreams of making it big as a video game streamer. My 34-year-old trophy wife of a stepmother convinced me to take him in in exchange for two blowjobs a week. I allowed him to live in a single room in the basement of my garage. I even threw in free high-speed Internet. He wasn't allowed into the main house without my permission. He stuck to this rule religiously because the last time I caught him raiding the fridge in the main house, I cut off the high-speed Internet connection in his room for a week.

My brother met Katie at the Westlake Girls High School Year 11 formal a few months ago. He managed to charm the girl by claiming that he was a popular competitor in the international first-person shooter circuit. (Apparently, that's an actual way to make money nowadays.) He invited her to see his gaming rig, which was located in his basement bedroom. Before leaving for home, she let him cum on her tits. She moved in with him a few days later.

The shitstain introduced Katie to me a few days into her living in my basement. The shitstain had stressed to Katie that under no circumstances was she allowed to enter the main house. Naturally, she was intrigued by this rule and the obvious differences in wealth and circumstances between her choice of boyfriend and his vastly more successful half-brother. After a few days of pestering, the dumbass relented and made the introductions.

I came home one evening to see the pair of them waiting for me as I rolled my Mercedes-AMG SL Roadster into my covered parking space. The peckerhead was a sullen, slouched sloth while Katie was a bundle of energy, hopping in place with excitement. When I pulled up and shut the engine, the shitstain opened the door for me and I slid out, thanking him with a grunt. He closed the door and I pressed the button on my car's control device to raise the roof from top-down to the closed position. I waited for the operation to end without acknowledging the presence of the pair. After it was done, I turned to them and smiled.

"Hello, Sir," my brother squeaked. "How was your day?"

"You call your brother 'Sir'?" Katie whispered.

"Yes, he does," I answered, still smiling. "And you are..."

"I'm J----'s girlfriend, Sir. My name is Katie Howard." She extended her right hand.

"It's a pleasure to meet you, Miss Howard." I shook her hand, but didn't immediately let go.

"J----, grab the two pairs of shoes from the boot, would you? They need to be shined by tomorrow. Just return them to the boot when you're done. You don't mind me learning more about your lovely girlfriend, do you?" I didn't have to wait for a response as I grabbed Katie by the waist and led her to the main house. As we ascended the stairs, my hand was already caressing her tight, toned ass. As the door closed behind us, my tongue was already down her throat. By the time my shoes were shined, my cum was already leaking from her bald pussy and she was sucking my cock clean of the evidence of out little tryst.

In the months that followed, I made sure that Katie was thoroughly fucked, but only by me. I managed to get the peckerhead a job doing menial labour as a night shift convenience store clerk. He continued to spend all morning gaming. He was generally exhausted most of the time. Katie didn't mind at all because I was plowing her pussy or ass as often as I needed it, which was quite a bit. I'm quite certain that her proposal for marriage to the dickhead was as much a means to continue our daily fucking as it was to try to keep receiving the generous allowance I was giving her.

However, despite the energy and motivation she was showing during this morning's fuck session, it was getting to be quite ordinary, hence my wandering mind. A part of me was sort of glad that my mobile phone rang at 7:06 AM. By this time, Katie was on her hands and knees in her version of a reverse cowgirl position. She reached for my phone and answered it.

"Uuuuggghhhh... Hello, Annika... Fuuucckkk... How are you doing?... Aaaaahhhh... Oooohhhhh... You want to speak to the... Ooooooo... speak to the Professor? Aaahhhhhh... Hang on a sec..." She passed the phone back to be and continued her activity on my hard cock.

"Good morning, Boss. Has she earned the car yet?" It was my 26-year-old secretary, Annika Mittendorf.

"Not yet. She was pretty close for a second, but the alarm sounded six minutes ago, so she's now really trying for the consolation prize."

"Oooohhhh... Aaaahhhhh... Daddy, please cum in my pussy... Your little girl needs it soooo badly."

"Well, sorry to interrupt your morning ritual, 'Daddy,' but I wanted to let you know that your first class this morning got cancelled because of the severe thunderstorms..."

"Yes!" I exclaimed, pumping my fist into the air.

Katie took this as a sign that I was about to cum. "You like that, Daddy? I can't wait for your cum... Oooohhhh... Fuuuucckkkk... Such a great cockkkk..."

"Shut up, slut. I wasn't talking to you. I'll let you know when I'm about to cum. Just keep pounding that pussy. That's a good girl. Sorry, Annika. Do go on."

"As I was saying, 'Daddy,' classes were suspended due to inclement weather. However, I made an appointment for you at the same time slot."

"What?! Now why did you go and do that?"

"I think you'll want to take this meeting. I even think you'll enjoy yourself."

"Realllllyyyy now? I'm pretty intrigued at the moment."

"Are you sure it's not because little Katie's got half your cock up her pretty little pussy?"

"Not at all, although it might be because I'm now imagining that its your tight Austrian pussy wrapped around my cock."

"Maybe later, Boss."

"Count on it. I'll be in at the usual time. Has the meeting got a name?"

"Saige Collins..."


The drive to the Institute was horrendous, with blustery winds producing horizontal rain. Dead leaves and branches were tossed across the nearly-deserted motorway. I made good time, though, which was nice consolation. By the time I arrived at my office, it was 8:33 AM. Annika saw me drive up and had a cup of espresso waiting for me on my desk by the time I entered my room.

My office was located at the top floor of a new glass-and-steel architectural monstrosity build by the University on behalf of a donor who had too much money and too little good sense. It overlooked Albert Park and had a great view of the Harbour Bridge. It wasn't the vista that caught my attention this morning, however. I was more focused on the lovely Annika bent at the waist, knees apart, ass thrust backward. She was casually humming a tune while watering the potted plant near my couch. The black miniskirt she was wearing was stretched taught over her ass. The tops of her stockings were slightly visible in this position.
I moved behind her and grabbed the inside of her thigh a few inches below her pussy. Her warm flesh was quite enticing.

"Mmmmm... Good morning, 'Daddy'," she teased.

I slid my hand higher and pressed my middle finger forward to separate the folds of her bare pussy. With my thumb, I rubbed around her asshole. "Good morning, Nikki. I just realised what I'd like to have for morning tea. Have a guess." My index finger joined the middle finger in searching out, finding and pressing down on her clit in a circular motion, while my thumb focused on playing with the rim of her asshole.

"Mmmmmmmm... I might just join you for tea." She reached behind her to caress the front of my dress slacks, rubbing the growing bulge she found. "However," she said, "right now, I need to brief you about your 9:00 AM appointment."

Her pussy was juicing up quite nicely. I slipped my middle finger deep into her pussy, withdrew the wet digit and placed it in front of her face. She took the digit in her mouth, cleaning it of her juices with a gentle sucking motion and a swirling action of her tongue. I retained the smell of her pussy on my index finger and the scent of her ass on my thumb. She was right, of course. Down to business.

She stood upright, arranged her skirt, blouse and hair, gathered her iPad and waited for me to allow her to begin. I moved to my office chair and waved my hand for her to start.

"Miss Saige Collins is here to interview for the PhD post we advertised a few weeks ago. The funding comes from the Health Research Council grant you won earlier in the year. She's a local girl. She received her bachelor's degree in Psychology and Biology with a GPA of 3.98 from this university, then moved to University College London to pursue a Master's in Cognitive Neuroscience. She was supervised by Johnston. She finished that last year. She's now working in the brain imaging department at Mont Albert. She contacted me last week. I've reviewed her credentials and believe that she'll be a great fit. Oh, she's also the niece of the Dean of Engineering."

"Screw the Dean of Engineering! I can't believe you dragged me here for this." I was a little irritated.

"Have a little faith in...

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