Dean of Student Affairs - Act I Chapter 01B

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Date: October 21, 2018 (7 months ago)

Dean of Student Affairs
Act I, Chapter 01B - A private meeting with the Dean
By Pesteng Ahem

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My PhD student and all-around Girl Friday, Saige Collins, was kneeling with her legs spread wide, her fingers in her bald pussy, and her face contorted in an impending orgasm which she could not complete until I allowed it. It just so happened that I delegated that decision to Crissy, the naked young lady who was using her left hand to shuck my hard cock. Crissy, or Cristina Mendez, was a freshman applicant to the scholarship program I was offering. She was here for the last stage of her application process.

"Pleeeaasse, baby girl. I neeed to cum sooo sooo bad." Saige was getting desperate. You could hear her fingers pound her sopping wet pussy in an increasingly erratic rhythm.

What happened next caught even me by surprise.

Crissy turned to the older girl and... *PLAK*... her right hand connected with Saige's left cheek in a solid slap. The slap wasn't particularly hard, but it brought Saige out of her delirium.

"Paano mo maiisip ang iyong sariling kaligayahan bago ang sa Dean," Crissy asked. She slowly caressed Saige's cheek and offered her my cock. "Halika't humingi ka ng paumanhin mula sa Dean."

Saige dropped her eyes conceding submission and crawled toward us on all fours. Her tits were hanging pendulously beneath her slim frame. She reached up and grasped my cock.

"Sorry, Sir. How can I ask for your forgiveness for my selfishness?"

Suddenly, Crissy grabbed Saige by the back of the head and thrust my cock down her throat. "Ipakita mo ng mabuti and iyong pagsisisi!"

"Gaaawwkkkk! Awwk! Sluuurppp!" Crissy was establishing a good rhythm by controlling the pace and depth of Saige's bobbing head. I help a little by thrusting my pelvis to meet her mouth.

"Sluurrppp! Ssslluuuuuurpppp!"

I was enjoying this newfound confidence in Crissy and told her as much. "Nalulugod ako sa iyong progress, Miss Mendez," I said to Crissy. "Pero hindi mo pa ipinakikita sa akin na maaari mong mahawakan ang mga tungkulin ng pagiging isang iskolar."

She looked up at me and gave me a wicked smile. "Kung ano ang kaya niyang gawin, maaari kong gawin nang mas mahusay."

With that, Crissy pulled Saige by the hair, causing her to release my rock hard cock. Crissy carefully positioned Saige so that she was lying on the floor of my office with her legs pointed away from me and her head looking directly up towards my cock from below. Then, Crissy straddled Saige's head, opened her pussy using both her hands and slowly lowered herself onto Saige's open mouth.

"Fuuuuuccckkkk! Ganyan, bitch! Gamitin mo ang iyong dila. Puuuutaanngg iiiinnnnaaaa!" Crissy started to slide her pelvis against Saige's open mouth using a foward-and-back motion. She would stop to press the top of her pussy where the clit was located down upon the older girl's waiting lips. Saige's hands snaked up Crissy's tummy to grab hold of the younger girl's tits. Saige pinched both Crissy's nipples between her thumb and index finger and twisted. "Uggggghhhhh," the younger girl muttered.

"Mmmmmmmpphphhhh!" Saige was using her tongue and lips to pleasure the younger girl. She had grabbed Crissy's clit using her lips, driving the girl above her wild. Crissy's pussy juices were smeared all over her mouth, and her fresh smell was rising towards us.

"Umpisahan mo na, Miss Mendez. Huwag na tayo mag-aksaya ng panahon," I said. I brought my cock closer to Crissy's face. Her enjoyment at Saige's expert pussy-eating skills was clearly written on her face, but she also had a new look of determination. She released her spread pussy lips and brought her right hand to the base of my cock. With her left, she cupped my balls gently. She looked up at me, held my gaze and said, "Gusto kong maging pinakamahusay na chupadora sa mga iskolar ninyo, Sir." Then, she lowered her hot mouth onto my cock.

I believed her.

I took hold of both sides of her head to steady her face. Then, I thrust my pelvis forward. Crissy was buckling and resisting my further ingress. Her hands were on my hips pushing me away. "Uuurrrkrkkk! Ooorrrrkkk!"

I pulled out a bit to allow her to breathe, then slammed forward with more force. I felt the back of her throat constrict a little once it encountered my cock. "Relaks, Miss Mendez. Hindi tayo titigil hangga't mapagkasyahin ang buong ito. Umph!"

Crissy's eyes were now watery and tears were falling down her cheeks. Saliva was drooling down the corners of her mouth as I forcefully tried to cram my cock deeper and deeper into her mouth. Below her, Saige was continuing to assault her pussy. She was using long strokes of her tongue to go from the base of Crissy's pussy to the top, where her tongue would slowly circle her erect clit. She would take side trips to chew or suck on the younger girl's labia, open her mouth wide to allow her tongue to penetrate into Crissy's cunt as far as her tongue could go.

Saige continued to maul Crissy's right tit, but she brought her left hand to her mouth, lubricated the index finger with her saliva and Crissy's pussy juices and started to make her way towards Crissy's virgin asshole. She gently teased the flesh between Crissy's asshole and her pussy, slowly and carefully allowing the young girl to get used to the sensation of the finger resting near her forbidden place.

Crissy felt the digit swirl around her asshole. She tensed a little, which caused her to clamp her mouth onto my cock.

"Nasisiyahan ka ba, Miss Mendez, sa pagsisikap ni Saige? Kung sa palagay mo ay magaling ang ginagawa niya, ipinapangako ko na ipakilala ka sa kambal de Tejana sa susunod na pagkakataon. Iskolar rin sila. Umph!" My thrusting cock was invading her mouth more deeply. She had moved both her hands from my front to grab my ass while I continued to hold her by the sides of her head.

"Aaaawwwwwkkkk! Aaaawwwwwkkkk!"

I suddenly pulled out of her mouth and allowed her to take a short break. I grabbed my cock and slapped her cheeks with it. Her mascara was smeared and her mouth was covered in drool and saliva. I grabbed her by her ponytail and told her to suck my balls. She attempted to use her hands, but I slapped them away. She understood my meaning and used only her mouth to suck gently.
The pausing of my assault on her mouth allowed her to focus on Saige's pussy eating, too. Saige now had Crissy's clit between her lips and was slowly humming the New Zealand national anthem. The vibrations were transmitting through her soft lips onto Crissy's sensitive button. At the same time, Saige's left thumb was gently caressing the rim on Crissy's virgin asshole. In response, the hole was winking slightly from the stimulations.

Crissy was sucking on one of my balls while coating the scrotal sack liberally with saliva. With her right hand, she was gently stroking the hair of the older girl beneath her currently eating her pussy.

I returned my hands to either side of Crissy's head and positioned my cock. Crissy opened her mouth and stuck out her tongue to give my cock head loving licks. As she was taught, she twirled her tongue around the head, beneath the crown and applied light focus onto the sensitive underside. This girl was a quick learner!

"Slurppp. Ssslllluuuurrpppppp! Ang saaarrraappp mong kumain ng puki, bitch... Tuloy mo pa, putaaa! Ako ang bahala sa Dean... Sllluuupppppp...!"

She hardened her features, caught my gaze again and braced her head. I thrust deeply into her mouth and felt my cock slip past the back of her throat. She shuddered a little in acknowledgement, but still kept her eyes locked onto mine. I pulled out a bit and thrust further. There was only two more inches of my cock that she hadn't swallowed.

"Awwk! Awwwkkk! Aawwwwkkkkkk!"

"Ang sarap ng bunganga mo, hija!"

"Aawwwwkkkkkk! Aaaaawwwwkkkkkk!"

"Konti na lang, Miss Mendez."

"Aawwwwkkkkkk! Aaaaawwwwkkkkkk! Aaaaaaawwwwwkkkkk!"

She did it! She took all of me. Her face was now flush against my lower abdomen. I released my hold on the sides of her head and was pleased when she Crissy held the position for a while longer to demonstrate her commitment to me.

I allowed her to slowly back her head off of my cock. My entire shaft was covered with sticky saliva, strands of which were languidly linking her mouth to my dick. Crissy's hair and face were a mess with a mixture of tears and drool running down her chin to her chest and upper tummy. Despite this, she had a big smile of triumph plastered on her face. She was extremely proud of her accomplishment and it showed.

I took her hand in mine and helped her to her feet. She slowly raised from the kneeling position, depriving Saige of her delicious meal. Saige was a little surprised by the disappearance of Crissy's pussy and gave a little pout. Saige herself was a picture of pleasure. Her entire face was coated in Crissy's juices, attesting to Crissy's responsive pussy.

Saige upper chest was flush with excitement and her pink nipples stuck out of her 38DD tits. Saige, too, got to her feet and hugged Crissy. "I knew you could do it, sweetie. Well done!" Saige released Crissy from her hug, took her face in her hands and gave Crissy a wet, open-mouthed kiss. I noted that Crissy didn't shy from tasting her own juices from the lips and tongue of the older girl. Both their tongues were locked in a passionate dance while their hands travelled to each other's tits.

"Ang galing mong kumain ng pussy ko," Crissy said. "Dalawang beses akong nag-cum. Lalo na noong ipinasok mo ang daliri mo sa pwet ko. Kakaiba ang pakiramdam, pero masarap."

Hmmmmmm. It seems that Saige gotten further than I anticipated! Saige must have taken advantage of Crissy's concentration on my cock to slowly slip her thumb into the younger girl's ass. Clever girl!

I allowed them to continue their passionate kiss. I moved behind Saige and grabbed her tits. This girl's breasts were exquisite. They were clearly the best part of her gorgeous body. Glbular and firm at the same time, they had upturned nipples that had a pinkish hue. When stimulated, Saige's nipples stuck out by a centimetre. The areaola were large and a shade darker than the nipple. Both tits were freckled as testament to her Irish heritage.

I took both of them in the palms of both hands to feel their heft and mass. I loved the way that they were soft, malleable and firm at the same time. Saige has sensitive tits. Just yesterday, she managed to cum while I was sucking her nipples in the privacy of my office during the staff lunch break. I roughly squeezed her tits, causing Saige to moan into Crissy's mouth.

I moved my palms upwards so that I cupped her hard nipples at the centre of my open hands. As both girls were locked in a tight embrace, I could feel Crissy's nipples at the back of my hands. Moving my hands effectively stimulated the tits of both girls. I nuzzled the Saige's nape while my cock was standing at attention and nestled between her ass cheeks. Saige could feel my hard rod and slowlt ground her tight ass against my pelvis.

I released Saige and led Crissy to my desk. "Higa ka, hija," I instructed.

Saige cleared the small amount of paper and helped Crissy climb onto the dark mahogany tabletop. She slid to the centre of the desk. I motioned to Saige to climb between her legs. Saige gently spread Crissy's legs apart and continued to eat pussy. Crissy moaned in renewed excitement. She rose up on her elbows to watch Saige's tongue lick her clit and her fingers enter her pussy. I was at the side of the desk and behind her head, watching Saige eat Crissy out.

I lowered Crissy so that she was lying flat. Then, I pulled her head towards the edge of the desk> Her entire head was now hanging off the edge of the desk with support ending at her upper back. In that position, I held the back of her head and caressed her cheek.

"Tapusin na natin ito, Miss Mendez. May meeting pa akong pupuntahan mamaya." I placed my cock in her mouth and began to thrust my pelvis.


My cock slid easily down her throat. In this position, I could clearly see my cock slip down her gullet as I sawed in and out of her mouth. I maintained a quick rhythm. I released her head, allowing her to use her neck muscles to support her head. With my hands free, I grabbed the nipples of both breasts and twisted mercilessly.

"Aaaarrrkkkkkkkk! Uuukkkkk!"

Drool was continuing to leak out of the corners of Crissy's mouth. I caught the eye of Saige and motioned for her to quicken the pace of her fingering of Crissy's pussy. She did so, causing Crissy to raise her hips towards the older girl's open mouth. Saige held Crissy's legs open for me so that I could see her attack the younger girl's pussy with renewed vigour.

I was thrusting mightily now. I really didn't care whether Crissy could breathe. I needed to unload my cum.

I motioned to Saige to rise from her position. She got up from between Crissy's pussy to stand by my left side. I noticed that she didn't stop her fingering of Crissy's sopping pussy.

With my left hand, I grabbed Saige by the back of the head and gave her a torrid kiss, tasting Crissy's juices. Saige knew the signs of my impending orgasm. She slipped her tongue into my mouth and started to explore my mouth. With her left hand, she continued to give Crissy's pussy a fine finger fucking. I still had my right hand on Crissy's right tit and continued to abuse the nipple.

My cock continued to saw in and out of Crissy's impertinent little mouth. She was taking my full length without complaint now. The saliva she was producing allowed me to enter with more than sufficient lubrication. I felt the familiar tingling in my balls.

"Uuuurrkkkk! Sluurpppp! Aaaacckkkk!" Crissy was struggling to keep pace with my increasingly erratic rhythm. She herself knew what was coming. From her position she could see my balls rise in preparatio...

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