Chapter V

Every second feels like an hour waiting after sending him my room number…. I feel both excited and unsure at the same time. Unsure because I've been a perfect straight arrow my entire life and I have never done such things to make my life complicated. A couple of minutes later the excitement subsides then sising sisi ako sa decision ko. I kept asking myself "What are you doing J… this is stupid..." while slapping the bed out of frustration.

I got up and went to the toilet to freshen up a little bit. Suddenly I heard my phone ringing and it was Dan. Hindi ko sya nasagot kaagad kasi nga nasa toilet ako. A few seconds later nagsend sya ng SMS. Apparently, he cant use the elevator/lift without the door key card so he's asking me na sunduin ko nalang daw sya sa looby. Shit! I just realize na I still have an out papala to this situation. I can pretend na I didn't get his message or I was sleeping na while waiting for him or something, etc all those crappy excusethat I can think of.

I was in bed staring at my phone for a few minutes. He's calling me again pero hindi ko sinasagot. Mejo natauhan na ako. I'm not 100% decided with this so I can't let this happen. Paasa na kung paasa. I put my phone in mute and hid it under my pillow like a person hiding away from a boss's phone call and pretending to be ill. I know I was being a jerk… and there are no excuse for my actions.

I decided to take a long bath nalang in preparation to sleep. After around 20-30 minutes I decided to check my phone. All missed calls pero walang message. Sabi ko sa sarili ko "Umalis na sya siguro...buti naman..."

I checked my inbox again and maybe he sent a message na hindi nag appear sa notifications. Still no messages. I was lying in bed and trying to think what could've happened. I feel bad sa nagawa ko. I wanted to text him and tell him na kunwari na late ko nareceive mga message nya and say that I'm sorry or maybe next time nalang. I messed up. I was asking myself "bakit ba ako urong sulong?.....".

Is it because of friend sya ni Christian? The hell with that guy, I wanted him to know na naka move-on na din ako, na I'm enjoying life at maraming nagkakagusto sa akin.

Is it because of my morals and principles? I'm no longer a teenager who can't decide on my own... I'm a grown-up, I'm single and with a kick-ass career. It's not like I'm whoring myself to any guy I meet. I promised myself I won't chase for the thrills, but if there's a perfect opportunity and it's right in front of me, sure. Maybe. Why not.

Is this a perfect opportunity? Well, I'm in a hotel room all by myself. I'm pretty sure I won't be coming back here in SG anymore. I won't probably be seeing Christian or Dan again. I can leave all of them behind na parang walang nangyari. Hmm interesting...

Is it because of his looks? Yeah, maybe that's it. I always envisioned myself na if ever I decided to hook-up for casual sex, it's going to be with a suave looking athletic type of guy. A guy who's yummy and with a killer sex appeal. Ika nga If you gotta do wrong, do it right diba. Why would I settle for less?

Despite his looks, Dan has this confidence in him that is winning on me. Other than Christian, wala pang guy na may lakas ng loob na kausapin ako about sex let alone sabihin sa akin directly what he wanted to do with me sexually. Is that really enough to score a girl like me?

Pero ano ba, I'm overthinking it way too much. it's just a hook-up and it is not like I'm going to marry and spend the rest of my life with this guy. I'm still young and entering my prime. I have all the time I need to find the right guy to spend my future with.

But for a hookup, do I really need to be picky in terms of looks? Well, it's not like I'm going to parade him as a guy I hooked up with. Wala namang feature sa FB na magaappear sa wall na "J hooked-up with Dan" and all my friends are free to judge…. whatever.

Well there's a good chance na ipagmamayabang ako ni Dan sa mga friends nya including Christian. Guys do that. On the other hand, Christian didn't tell his friends or Dan na ex-girlfriend nya ako So, it's fair to say na any of them are allowed to ask me out without breaking some kind of Bro Code (yup I'm also a big HIMYM fan). Imagine the chaos it would be if Christian finds out na I allowed Dan to score me. Hmmm, let me rephrase that. Imagine the look on Christian's face if he finds out na I allowed Dan to fuck the hell out of me.

I have an imaginative mind when I'm feeling hot and turned on. Bad ideas turned into good ones. When I was younger I used to block any dirty thoughts na pumapasok sa utak ko. Ayoko ng temptations e. But I learned to loosen up a little bit and let go of my inhibitions once in a while. Besides, nobody can judge you for your dirty thoughts as long as you just keep it to yourself.

Along the way, I discovered that exhibitionism turned me on a little. Not sobra pero tama lang and it's not about the thrills of doing it in a public place or the excitement of getting caught. For me, It's more of getting caught and seeing their reactions na I am capable pala to do the things na sa tingin nila na I'm not capable to do. The shock factor. Not sure if exhibitionism sya pero a set of eyes seeing me in a different way, well it turns me on a little.

Habang nagmumuni muni, a message from Dan pops up to my phone screen. Sabi nya "Tingin ko nagbago nanaman isip mo pero oks lang naiintindihan ko wag ka magworry…." with smiley face emoticon. I was expecting him to be mad pero he was still nice (or at least pretending to be nice) despite the fact na halos pinaasa at mukhang pinaglalaruan ko sya all night.

"I'm sorry. Hindi kasi ako sanay sa ganito tbh. I'm torn talaga but this good girl inside of me wins. Sorry talaga…." was all i could say.

"At Least na pa dalawang isip kita. Major accomplishment na yun!...." reply nya.

"Haha. Well yeah, you almost………...basta..basta" sabi ko.

"Almost na...? makantot kita….?" reply nya. There's that bastos word again na hindi ko alam bakit malakas ang effect sa akin.

Since chat lang naman, I replied "Yup..." atleast sakyan ko nalang ang trip nya.

"Anong yup? sabihin mo!" reply ni Dan na mejo namimilit. I keep replying "basta" and "basta yun na yun" at paulit ulit din sya sa pangungulit na sabihin ko ng buo yung gusto nya marinig... lalo na in tagalog daw.

"Lol. Okay fine. Muntik mo na ako makantot. There. Happy?" Pataray ko pa rin na reply kahit na i can feel myself getting turned on by our exchanges.

"No, sabihin mo name ko at wag yung napipilitan… sige na!" pangungulit pa nya.

I realize this is all I can do for him despite na halos roller coaster ko syang pinapaasa all night. I can imagine him jacking off sa kanila for every bastos word na manggagaling sa akin and I feel like I owe it to him kahit papaano. At least he can get some release through me and i get through with this new experience safely. Besides chat lang naman and just exchanging of words, it's not happening for real naman and its safe so I decided to play along. If things go out of hand, I can just pretend na galit and never reply to him again.

"Dan, you lucky guy, muntik mo na ako makantot..." reply ko then I teasingly added na "In fact, iniimagine ko ngayon na kinakantot mo ako"

In my mind, I was only teasing him to help him get off. But deep inside, what I told him is kind of true. I am in my bed half naked, playing with myself and picturing him na he's there next to me and of course fucking the hell out of me.

"Taena talaga? Shit malibog ka rin pala…." his words are turning me on sobra. "Nilalaro mo ba pussy mo habang iniimagine mong niyayari kita…." dagdag nya.

Honestly naiilang ako ng konti sa mga kalye words nya. Pero actually nagugulat din ako sa sarili ko na nakakaya ko yung mga sinasabi nya without being offended. Not a single guy dared to talk to me that way. Most of my suitors are pa alaga at pa sweet. They are asking how my day was, asking if I ate lunch, dinner, merienda etc, asking about my sleep. Some even write me a poem as part of an everyday greeting.

On the other hand, Dan is cursing at me and telling me na I'm malibog. Maybe I'm allowing him na maging bastos at maging vocal sya so siguro iniisip nya na gusto ko din yung mga sinasabi nya. Yes, naeenjoy ko pero now I think he's intentionally being like that as a way to get through me. And no doubt he's winning.

"Yup Dan you got me. You may not fuck me for real pero I swear to god na I'm here in my bed, playing with myself thinking of you and what could've happened..." sabi ko sa kanya. All of a sudden I was saying or typing those words na I never thought na I'm capable to express. Malakas loob ko kasi chat lang soI wasn't holding myself back anymore.

"You have no idea how lucky you are... Not a single guy came close to get me do what I'm doing right now...." dagdag ko pa.

"Hehe talaga? Hindi ka nila napalibog? Sige lang J, labas mo lang libog mo sa akin. Gusto mo ba sabihin ko sayo ang plano kong gawin sana sayo dyan sa room mo kung natuloy tayo...?" reply nya.

He then started telling me in detail how much he's gonna fuck me at every corner of my room. He's very detailed and he's not suppressing himself sa mga words na sinasabi nya. He's not asking my permission if papayag ba ako to do this and that. Instead, He's telling me what he wants and yun ang gusto nyang mangyari. Sabi nya he won't be gentle and nice and that he will give me a fucking that a girl like me deserves... whatever that means. He's gonna treat me daw like a slut, a personal pokpok, his bitch.

Is he for real? What he just said is degrading and downright slavery. But that night I'm not in the right mind anymore to think what is right and wrong. I'm still not crying foul to any of the things he just said. In fact, I was picturing in my head every word he's telling me. I wasn't even responding to him anymore at puro mga bastos na messages nalang nya ang lumalabas. My eyes are locked-in sa phone screen ko and absorbing every dirty kalye words coming from him while I pleasure myself closing into a monumental orgasm.

"Ano J gusto mo totohanin ko yan? Kantutin kita ng parang pokpok? Tell me! Pokpok ba kita?" that was Dan's last message. I know na it'sjust words in chat lang... but, I was so high in libog to the point na my brain was fully fucked up.

I don't even care what he looks like anymore or that he's just a stranger that I just met him 2 days ago. Wala na akong pakialam if this guy really deserves me or isipin ko pa who I was and what I stand for before this conversation…. I just don't want this to end. So with myself full of libog, I replied back "Let's do it for real. Pokpok mo na ako and I don't care. Just fuck me for real..."

Then suddenly a video call notification is popping into my screen and he's trying to call me. I was lying in bed, wearing a white Sando top with a black bikini type underwear down below. My legs are spread a little while I'm playing my very wet puss.

I answered the call and hold my phone on top of me enough to show my face and chest/tummy area. My left arm was fully stretched holding my phone while my right hand was playing with my clit. I was biting my lower lip, trying to look seductive and to tease him some more.

I was expecting he was close na din that's why he called. But to my surprise, he's not jacking off at all. Instead, he's just seating on a very well lit room with white earphones on his ear. Muntik na ako matauhan ulit when i saw him. No offense but physically he's really not my type talaga.

He put his earphone mic close to his mouth and said "Ulitin mo yung sinabi mo…. Gusto ko sabihin mo sa akin ng direcho..." Demand nya. Typing those nasty words on chat is one thing. Granted na it's only a video call, but this is face to face and he wanted me to say those things na never ko pa nasabi kahit kanino. Not even with Christian.

But he got me so good to the point na I'm surrendering myself to him. Ewan. I am basically throwing all my inhibitions go and letting him know na nakuha na nya ako..

"Sige...Let's do it for real…" I said na mejo nahihiya but I smiled and bit my lip again.

"Ano kita? Sabihin mo sa akin...." He insists in a very serious tone.

"Pokpok mo…" I answered with a lower voice

"Pokpok nino...?" Tanong nya without any change in his reactions.

"Oh my god, gusto mo pa talaga sabihin ko…." I was smiling at him when I said that.

"Sige na, pokpok ka nino?" He's serious pa rin kahit na I'm trying to lighten him up a bit.

"Alright… Pokpok mo na ako Dan. I don't care anymore pero pokpok mo na ako. Yan ba gusto mong marinig?..." I told him while trying to be seductive. I was touching myself when I said that.

He smiled and he added "talaga? So paano pag taglibog ako, magpapakantot ka sa akin?"

I'm closing into my orgasm at wala na sa katinuan. I couldn't believe the next few words coming out of my mouth "Magpapakantot ako sayo Dan..."

He insisted pa na ...

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OMG! Nag-uupdate si crush sa fss. Waits sa fb update. Hehehe. 🤗☺

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I wonder if she will still add sa FB. But still i will read and wait for the updates dito sa FSS.
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