Lustful Weekend 6

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Date: August 21, 2018 (1 year ago)

Author's Note: Sorry for the late update. Been busy with other tasks. But here it is a follow up story. Enjoy!

When I went out from the shower, nakita ko nakaupo na sina Danny and Kat. I told them na I was done and they decided to take a shower together. I went to the room to get ready and as agreed with Kat, I wore the sexy dress without undies. I checked if kita pussy area ko pero hindi naman unless if someone will open the slit area of my dress.

After a while, pumasok na rin si Kat para magbihis. I teased her "sis, mukhang nag score na sa yo si Danny ah?" Kat replied, "BJ lang sis and swallow. Mukhang ikaw gusto niya fuck first. Okay lang ba sis?" I just smiled and said "let us see later, sis."

Napansin ni Kat ang damit ko. "Ang sexy mo sis, at mahaba ang slit. No undies ba?" I slightly opened the slit portion and showed her no undies, exposing my pussy. "Nice sis, Danny will be happy. I won't wear undies also. Let us enjoy the night." Sabi ni Kat. After a few minutes, pumasok na rin si Danny para magbihis. I went out of the room since I was done already and waited for them outside.

When all of us were ready, Danny called his driver who was waiting sa driver's lounge to fetch us sa lobby. I was excited to go to the club. The vehicle that fetch us is a different from the one driven by Danny when he and Kat went to my dormitory earlier. This is bigger and has a driver. Danny sat at the middle and Kat sat to his left, behind the driver while i sat to his right.

Danny instructed his driver. "Mang Rey, sa (name of club) tayo. Yong sa dati." Mang Rey responded, "yes sir. Sir danny, may bisita pala kayo na iba? Akala ko si Maam Kat lang kasama ninyo." Mang Rey said while driving. "Si Cindy siya Mang Rey, kaibigan naming ni Kat." Introduce sa akin ni Danny. "Hello Maam Cindy, bati ni Mang Rey. Nakatingin at nag-smile siya sa rear-view mirror. "Hi Mang Rey." Sagot ko naman, sabay smile.

Malapit lang ang club sa place of residence ni Danny, in less than 20 minutes we were already at the club. Danny hands were on our waists (me and Kat) the whole time and okay lang naman sa akin. When Mang Rey was bringing the vehicle near the front door of the club, Kat told Danny that I am not wearing undies, just like her.

"Really Cinds? You don't have undies? May I see please?" Danny told me. I was surprised with the request, I can only answer, "Ha? Now? Here?"

I was hoping that will push Danny back, but he was persistent. "Sige na Cinds. I want to see you sweet pussy, sweetie." Sabay turn-on ng ilaw sa likod ng vehicle. I noticed also that Mang Rey was adjusting the rear view mirror downward towards my area. "Ang loko, gusto rin makita pussy ko." Sa isip ko.

I took a deep breath and opened my dress while spreading my legs apart, exposing my shaved pussy. "Wow, nice sweet cunt Cinds" sabi ni Danny. "Hot mo talaga Sis," dagdag naman ni Kat. I saw Mang Rey smiling, dahil nakita rin niya sa rear view mirror. I closed my dress and told Danny and Kat to go inside the club na and have some fun.

Kat opened the door of the vehicle and bumaba na rin. When Danny got off, he instructed Mang Rey to just wait for us. I got off last and Mang Rey told me "Enjoy, Maam Cindy." I just smiled back and said I will.

The club is spacious and crowded, the guests are mostly foreigners. Danny made a reservation in a strategic area just at the side of the stage, where we can see the people at the dance floor, but away from the prying eyes. He ordered a bottle of Jack Daniels and some food and we started drinking. From time to time, Kat and myself will go to the dance floor area and dance with each other, leaving Danny at the couch (he does not dance, he told me). The foreigners would ask to dance with us and we politely said no, telling them we have a companion.

After two hours sa club, I was feeling tipsy but happy. I was sitting next to Danny in the couch. He is still between me and Kat. From time to time, he and Kat will kiss but he did not kiss me. I don't know if he don't like me or afraid siya kay Kat. But he was touching me sa leg pag may binubulong siya sa akin, like if I am enjoying the night.

Kat asked me to go to the dance floor with her again. I told her, "why not dance here with Danny watching?" I stood up and faced Danny. Kat was standing behind me with her hands on my hips. We were swaying our body to the tune of the DJ's music. I saw excitement in Danny's eyes seeing us dancing in front of him. I asked him to pour me some more Jack Daniels in my glass which he did and passed the glass to me. I gave him a wink while getting the glass. We were still dancing, me and Kat with our backs at the roaring crowd at the dance floor enjoying the good music. I drank my Jack Daniels and danced with Kat. I was feeling tipsy and horny at that moment. Kat was getting aggressive in touching me, her hands feeling my hips as well as my boobs. I gave her a smile and she asked me if I am tipsy, which I said yes. She also asked me if I am horny, to which I replied "a bit sis."

I was surprised when she told me "let us increase your horniness level sis." I did not know what exactly she meant about increasing my horniness level until she pushed me a bit nearer Danny while we were dancing. I am almost in front of Danny with Kat behind me.

She then look at Danny and said, "Dad, look oh." And she opened the slit of my dress, exposing my pussy to Danny. Napangiti si Danny, "maganda talaga ang pussy mo Cinds. At mukhang masarap."

Tumingi sa akin si Kat and told me, "let me feel you sis." Before I can reply, she suck her middle finger and inserted it inside my pussy. "Fuck," I said. "Whatever you are doing, don't stop." Ang galing mag finger ni Kat, she is also massaging my clit. Danny was looking at me, seeing how horniness consumed me.

I told Kat, "si Danny naman puede?" She smiled and told me to do it. I went to Danny, took his hand and suck two fingers. I then ordered him to finger fuck me. I opened my dress to show him my pussy again. Basa na fingers ni Danny, he rubbed my clit using it and it felt good. Then he entered his two fingers inside me. Mapahawak ako sa balikat niya.

He was finger fucking me fast, pinapaikot niya two fingers niya inside my pussy. I was standing there while a guy is finger banging me in public. I am not sure if may nakakakita but I don't care. I was about to cum. "You're wet Cindy," Danny told me. Kat was sitting na sa couch and smiling while looking at us. I can't take it anymore, "I am cumming Danny," sabi ko sa kanya. He just smiled at me. Marami lumabas na cum, I did not squirt (buti na lang).

I collapsed sa couch after that. I was still horny. I hugged Danny and told me na uwi na kami sa place niya so he can fuck me. I can't believe I said that, but I just told Kat's boyfriend to fuck me.

Danny then told Kat, "balik na raw tayo sa hotel sabi ni Cindy." Kat yes okay since mukhang ready na raw ako, sabay smile. Danny then requested for the bill, called Mang Rey to pick us up at the entrance and we hurriedly left the club for Danny's place.

Paglabas naming, nandoon na si Mang Rey waiting for us. When we boarded the vehicle, Danny was all over me. Kissing me and his hands on my boobs and pussy area. Kat wanted some of the actions and she told Danny siya naman. All these making out and Danny's hands on our boobs and pussies while Mang Rey is driving us back to the hotel.

Since it was almost 3 am, there was no traffic going back to the hotel. Mang Rey kidded Danny when we left the vehicle to enjoy, "enjoy Sir Danny," sabi niya. To which Danny replied, "Yes I will enjoy these two." We went up to Danny's room and Kat led me to the bedroom, with Danny behind us. "Dad, sit ka muna dyan and relax. We will give you a show." Kat told Danny.

We were standing sa bedside and Kat started kissing me. Since she is shorter than me, umupo ako sa bed. We torridly kiss while Danny just watched. Magaling si Kat mag kiss, sanay na sanay. I kissed her back also, we alternately suck each other's tongue. Then pinatayo ako ni Kat and she started undressing me. Para raw makita ako ni Danny na naked. She also took her clothes off. We were both standing naked in front of Danny who is sitting on his chair. At that point, Danny started taking his clothes off ready to join us, but Kat told her to stay put and she will make me ready for him.

Kat told me to lay down sa bed and she spread my legs near the edge of the bed and started eating me while kneeling down. Sanay si Kat kumain ng pussy, my sense it was not the first time she had a girl-on-girl fuck. She ate me good. Wet na wet ako. We then heard Danny saying, "69 kayong dalawa."

Kat asked me to move sa gitna na bed, while continued eating me. She asked me if I have tasted a woman na and I said no. She smiled and told me she will be my first. She continued eating me and then she turned her pussy towards me, "eat me sis." I lick her pussy while she did the same. It was my first time to eat another woman's pussy but I was too tipsy and horny to resist. Danny can only say "wow, ang wild ninyong dalawa," while watching us.

Kat then asked me to sit sa edge ng bed fronting Danny. "I want you to squirt Sis in front of Daddy (referring to Danny)." Kat spread my legs wide and inserted her two fingers. She finger bang me while licking my ears, neck and down to my nipples. The sensation is simply too much for me and I started squirting. "I am squirting, I am squirting," I shouted loudly.

"Wow, Daddy look at those juice ni Cindy" sabi ni Kat. I saw Danny standing up and took off his underwear, exposing his big dick. He started moving towards me. I was ready f...

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it's has been a while... but worth the wait...

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