My Baby part 2

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Date: August 2, 2018 (1 year ago)

I left Baby sleeping and went to my bed, where I tossed and turned all night. My mind was full of flashbacks of the last few hours and I spent most of the time with my cock in my hand.

I also felt a little bit of regret and doubt, but those emotions were overwhelmed by the excitement I still felt. In fact, I wanted to crawl back in her bed and wake her and make love to her. I struggled with that impulse and made it through the night.

In the morning I showered and went to the kitchen. I had decided not to wake her, but to go on to work and see her reaction when I returned home.

I decided I would come home early tonight so we could talk. I put the milk back in the refrigerator and when I turned, she was standing next to the breakfast bar. She was wearing her nightgown.

"Good morning sweetheart."

"Good morning Daddy."

"You're up early. Do you want some cereal?"

"I couldn't sleep. No thanks. I'm not hungry. Can we talk Daddy?"

"Sure Baby."

She climbed onto a barstool and I sat beside her. She turned to me and paused as she gathered her thoughts.

"I feel weird about what you did to me last night, Daddy. It felt good and all but I'm not sure we should have done that."

"Yes honey, I know. I felt weird too, and I have thought about it a lot too and I think all we were doing was showing how much we love each other."

"That is the way I showed your Mom and as long as you understand and like it, I don't think it was wrong. If you don't want me to touch you again, I won't. I would never do anything bad to you sweetheart."

I leaned over and kissed her cheek...just a quick light peck.

She smiled at me and replied.

"I did like it Daddy, and it seemed like it was ok because I do know you love me even without us doing that, but I thought I should feel bad about it."

"Well, honey, don't fret about it. You didn't do anything and if it makes you uncomfortable, I promise I will never touch you in private areas again. Ok?"

A look of relief passed across her face and she got up to get a glass. I retrieved the milk from the refrigerator and poured for her. She sat back down and I handed her the cereal and a bowl and spoon.

We ate together in an awkward silence and I hurriedly left for work. I worried about her all day and I wrapped up my work as quickly as I could. I got home about 3 PM. I went in and looked around for her, but she wasn't to be found.

I went downstairs to my home office and as I came down the stairs, I heard a strange sound. I crept down as quietly as I could and I listened at the bottom of the stairs around the corner of the entrance to the office.

I heard a soft sound, cooing or moaning or groaning. I carefully peeked around the corner and I saw her sitting on my chair with her legs spread and her feet propped on my desk. She had her shorts off and her panties pulled aside and she was vigorously flailing her fingers against her pussy.

"Yes Daddy, rub my pussy. Finger it harder. Jam it in my tight little pussy. Oh Daddy you feel so good. Make me cum Daddy. Oh Daddy.....Oooohhhhhhh."

I felt like someone had hit me with a ball bat. I watched as she assailed her wet little pussy. Her head was back against the chair headrest and she was oblivious to everything except the fire that burned in her pussy.

She jammed her fingers harder and faster and I saw her push her them deeper and turn her hand back and forth, twisting her fingers inside her stretched out lips.

My cock was raging as I watched her. I knew I could not leave and I slowly walked to her and when I was at the edge of the desk, I unzipped my slacks. The sound roused her and she looked up to see me there.

Her face turned red and she attempted to pull her legs together. I stopped her and I ran my fingers under her panties and felt her soaking pussy. She stared at me as I slowly massaged her lips and slid a finger deep into her.

She slumped back down and I grabbed her panties and pulled her legs to me and slid her panties off and I put them to my nose and breathed deeply, inhaling her scent.

Her eyes widened and she smiled at me. I spread her legs and put her hands back on her pussy, and I pulled my cock out. I held it near her and I stroked it as she started to finger herself again.

We both drove each other on and soon we raced as we slammed and slapped our hands on our sex. She stared at my cock and I slowly and steadily moved closer and closer.

Soon my cock head was near her chin. I rubbed the soft mushroom head across her chin as her eyes closed and she moaned from the depravity of my actions. I passed it across her cheeks and then I placed it against her lips.

She looked deep into my eyes as I pushed forward. I felt the wetness of her mouth as my cockhead split her lips and entered her mouth. She continued staring at me.

Our eyes were locked as I fed more of my cock to her. I don't know if she had seen a movie of someone sucking a cock or if her friends had told her about it, but she stretched her lips over my cock and began to suck it like an alley whore.

She sucked it hard and deep inside and I felt the roof of her mouth against the top and her licking tongue on the bottom of my shaft. My head slammed against the back of her throat as she started to bob up and down on my cock.

I looked down at her as she greedily sucked my lurching cock. I felt flushed as I watched my sweet baby sucking me so hungrily and wantonly and I couldn't stop my hands from moving to her head as I gripped her and pulled her down on my cock forcefully. She gagged and I let go. She looked at me and pulled my cock from her mouth.

"Relax Daddy. Let me suck your cock. I have been thinking about that big hard thing all day."

I didn't answer and in an instant she dropped her face back down and engulfed my cock in her beautiful mouth and began to suck and lick and jack my cock off.

I stood on shaky legs as she ate my hot meat and I felt compelled to tell her forbidden words, for at that moment I saw her as my cock sucking little slut.

"Suck that cock, Baby. Suck it deep in your little mouth and drink all my cum. I will pump it down your throat and paint your face with it and mark you as my little cocksucker. Suck it harder. Eat my meat, you horny little cunt."

My words caused her to suck harder and jam my cock deeper into her throat and she stared at me as she worked. I gave her the approval she sought as I started to cum.

I held her head still as I shot my cum into her mouth, then pulled back and pumped more on her face and lips. I covered her with cum and when I was through, I pulled her mouth open with my hands.

"Clean my cock off."

Her tongue flicked out and she licked it and sucked the last drops out. She held my almost-limp cock in her hand as she licked and kissed it. When she had gotten all of the cum off, I took my cock from her.

"I want you to leave the cum on your face till I tell you to wash it off. Do you understand?"

"Yes Daddy."

I left my cock out and I pulled her around so her legs were on each side of me. I sat in an adjacent chair and I leaned down and started to kiss her pussy.

Her juices had soaked the seat under her and her thighs were wet as well. I loved up the wetness from her legs and turned back to her pussy.

She moaned loudly as I licked her. I licked harder and then faster and soon I lapped roughly against her lips as she cringed and writhed and squirmed.

I held her legs apart as I ate that hot little slit. I sucked her lips mercilessly and tongue fucked her as deep and hard as I could.

I kissed her lips and sucked up her juices, and smeared her wetness all over my face, then I stood and kissed her mouth, forcing her to taste her own juices. Her lips pressed hard against mine and I reached behind her and lifted her out of the chair.

I pulled her to me and held her suspended in my arms. She wrapped her arms around me and held tight. I sat down in the chair and she sat on me, facing me. I kissed her again and again and I felt my cock stiffening.

Her legs were on my sides and she sat behind my cock. It began to stand erect and it could brush against her vulva when I pulled her down against my chest.

I held her as my cock nudged against her and I felt her move her legs as she sought to position her pussy over my cock.

I took her hands and I bend my knees and braced her as I pushed her back against them. My cock shaft separated her lips. She looked down and saw my cock hard and menacing and ready to pierce her. She gripped my hands tightly as she started to rise up.

Her legs tensed and I watched intently as I saw her pussy hover above my cock head, then move against it. I felt the tight pressure as my swollen cock head slowly disappeared between her lips.

She stared wide-eyed at me and her body shook as she lowered herself a little at a time. My cock was squeezed like a velvet glove was gripping it. Her mouth was open and she had a blank expression as she sat down a little deeper.

I wondered how much of my cock she could take and I waited for her to grimace in pain when her hymen was stretched and torn, but she continued until all but 2 inches of my cock was buried in her.

She looked under her to see how much remained and she squatted up until only the head was captured inside, then she dropped down until she sat on my belly.

My cock was secured deep inside her pussy. She was sweating and pale as she sat there still. I pulled her to me and held her as she sat forward, impaled on my throbbing cock.

"I can feel it moving inside me....

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August 2, 2018 (1 year ago)

Gawa ka ng story ni necole delos reyes pls.  Model po siya

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August 2, 2018 (1 year ago)

ill try

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