My Baby PART 1

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Date: August 2, 2018 (9 months ago)

Baby's mother left us over three years ago. It was very rough for her with the challenges a young girl meets, as well as not having a mother around to answer the questions that she has as her body changes.

We struggled through it and as a result we became closer than before. I always felt we had a special bond and we intuitively understood each other.

I admit that as she grew, I found myself looking at her in new ways. If she lay on the floor watching TV, I would find myself looking up her shorts, or I would accidentally come in the bathroom when she was drying off.

I noticed her breasts filled out her T-shirts and on cold days, her nipples stuck out like pencil erasers.

I also admit that I had masturbated many times after looking at her. I knew I couldn't touch her or have any physical relationship with her, so I used fantasy as a relief mechanism. In my mind, I was free to do all of the things I longed to do to and with her.

The last month was especially busy for me and I had been working long hours. The summer was sweltering and Baby spent much of her time swimming and just relaxing, since school was out.

She had taken the summer off work at the craft store to get ready for college in the fall. She had just celebrated her eighteenth birthday and was feeling pretty grownup.

She usually was up when I got home late, but this night when I came in, she didn't answer my calls.

I went downstairs, but she wasn't there. I wondered if she had gone to a friend's house without checking with me. I went from room to room and then I turned the hall light on and tried her door.

It was unlocked and I could see her lying in bed asleep. I started to turn and leave, but as I looked at her I could see that she wasn't wearing her nightgown.

I crept nearer and saw that she was naked. Her gown lay on the floor beside the bed, as if she had pulled it off and thrown it down there.

She was on her side facing the wall with one leg outside the covers. She was only covered by a sheet across her upper leg, which draped up to her waist.

I silently moved closer. I could see her tanned legs and more. Her breast was also visible to me and I leaned down to look closer at her pink nipple.

Her areola was about the size of a half-dollar and her nipple was about a quarter of an inch long. I wondered how far it would grow if I sucked it or teased it.

I was suddenly aware that my cock has hard and throbbing in my now-tight slacks. I started to lean closer to examine her breast better when she stirred.

I jumped back and stood up, expecting her to see me. She rolled over onto her back and groaned a little in her sleep. Her leg movement had now pushed her sheet off of her leg.

She lay there with her legs slightly apart. I stared at her beautiful, hairy pussy. The slit was well defined but partially hidden within the thick tuft of soft hair.

Her pussy was pink and that soft color was highlighted and accented in the crease of her labis. Her lips were small and I could see where her slit disappeared between her legs.

My heart raced and I had trouble breathing. I felt dizzy and tried to make myself leave.

I was frozen then as I stared at her virginal pussy. Her mons was full enough that the shape would show under her panties or her bikini and I studied it in detail as if I might never have this opportunity again.

I moved closer and closer and soon I was within a couple of inches of that vision of innocent pleasure.

I blew my breath across her pussy to test her reactions. Nothing. I placed my mouth almost upon her pussy and I breathed in her essence.

I sucked in air and gulped for her scent and before I realized what I was doing, I felt my lips touching her pubic hair and then her warm labia.

I had a moment of panic at the realization of what I was doing, but I couldn't have stopped if I had to. I was lost to all rational thought.

Nothing else mattered then. Any consequences that could occur from this action were unimportant compared to the need that I felt then.

I extended my tongue and I gently and cautiously traced between her lips. Slow light touches. My tongue felt her heat as it moved up between her lips. My heart felt like it would explode in my chest and my cock strained against my pants.

I knelt down as I readied myself for this feast. Again, I carefully positioned my tongue against her lips and this time I pushed a little bit and felt it slide between her lips.

She groaned a little and shifted slightly. I pushed my tongue deeper until I could taste her. She tasted so clean, without the musty tang of urine. She must have showered just before she went to bed. My mind swam with the excitement.

I slowly worked my tongue down her slit to the bottom and I pushed it deeper, then trailed it up between her lips to the top of her opening. She rolled slightly, but didn't awaken.

Braver then, I put my hands on her legs and I tenderly felt her thighs and slowly pushed her legs further apart. I moved to her left thigh and kissed it, as one lover would seduce another. Then I moved across her and kissed the other thigh and returned to my prize.

I took a finger on my right hand and placed it between her lips, then did the same with my other hand and I carefully pulled her pussy lips apart until I could see her shiny wetness.

I slid my tongue inside and went deeper and deeper then I slowly began to fuck her pussy with my rolled up tongue in slow, probing strokes.

I watched her face for a wakening reaction, and I continued enjoying her little pussy. I had to force myself to remain calm, as I wanted to kiss her so deeply. She made little cooing sounds as I slowly pressed my tongue inside her.

I pulled back and began to lick my tongue between her lips, much like a cat laps milk. My tongue flattened against her lips, pushing them apart as I lapped the length of her slit, then back down and up again.

Over and over I lapped at her little pussy. I was captivated by that sweet center of her sexuality, her gift, and her womanness.

I licked her pussy as it became wetter and wetter, and I saw her roll slightly back and forth and I knew at some subconscious level she could feel the pleasure that I was giving her.

Knowing that my baby girl was becoming aroused heightened my excitement and I felt certain I was going to cum if I continued.

I licked her repeatedly and she started to moan and roll more violently and I knew she was nearing an orgasm. I pressed my mouth over her pussy and I kissed and licked and sucked her lips.

I loved her pussy physically as I loved her and I blessed her with my mouth and my lips and my tongue and I worked against her pussy and I felt her shake and I stared into her eyes as they shot open.

She was started when she saw me between her legs and tried to get up, but my hands were around her legs and she couldn't move. She was raised on her elbows as she stared at me in disbelief.

"Daddy, stop. What are you doing? This is wrong Daddy. Please let me go."

"Lie back Baby. Just lie back and let Daddy love you. It's all right. I am not going to hurt you. Don't you know I love you and doesn't this feel good?"

"Yes Daddy, but I know you shouldn't do this. Please stop."

"Lie back down Baby. Trust me."

She looked disapprovingly at me, but lay back on her elbows.

I dived back into her pussy and now I sucked her lips and I flicked my tongue between them and I kissed her lips and lapped at her juices, which now flowed like a fountain. She lay back down then and I felt her relax.

I pulled her lips apart again and I tongued her as hard and deep as I could reach. My tongue was like serpents, flicking around and shooting in and out.

Her thick bush tickled my face and the softness of it was like a soft fur against my cheeks.

I slid my tongue along the outside wall of her pussy from her ass to her clit then down the inside then up the other wall of her lips and back inside. In and out, up and down, back and forth I moved.

I relished that time, which was the culmination of my fantasies and the opportunity to use the knowledge and experience gained between the legs of more mature ladies.

She moaned loudly as I found her clit. She sat up right and watched as I licked across her little nub, then sucked it into my lips. I flicked the end with my tongue while I gently sucked it.

I was careful not to make it too sensitive, for I wanted her to know that great pleasure completely.

I wanted her to know that unequalled sensation that rose and flowed through her. I wanted her to be mine in every way.

I loved her little clitty and she shook and quivered and I felt her hands on my head, that instinctive gesture that confirmed what I wanted to know.

In response, I pulled her clit with my lips, then released it and flicked it up and down and back and forth until I learned which pleased her more and I concentrated on that until she sat upright and begged me to stop.

She tried to pull her legs together to stop me as the sensation was so great.

I moved back and allowed her to pull her legs together and I watched as she squirmed under her climax. Her legs moved against each other as she flew over the edge.

She shook violently as she reached her orgasms, and then I saw her muscles relax as she calmed down.

I walked to the side of the bed and she scooted over for me to lie beside her. I had laid beside her many times as I read her stories or talked with her, but this time I lay beside her in a different role.

I took her in my arms and held her and kissed her forehead. She hugged me tightly and looked into my eyes.

"I love you so much Baby."

"I love you too Daddy."

I lay awake, looking at the ceiling as she drifted off to sleep. My cock still raged, not having any needed relief. I was careful not to let her feel it against her, as I didn't want to create any additional questions or concern for her.

I lay still as I relived those moments, and my thoughts caused more stress for my cock. I hoped she would fall deeper in sleep so I could slide out of her bed and go masturbate.

When I thought she was sound asleep, I carefully moved her arms from my chest and I shifted my body to the edge of the bed, and as I stood, she opened her eyes.

She looked at my face then her eyes were drawn to the bulge in my slacks. She stared at my obvious erection for a moment then looked back into my eyes.

"Daddy, are you alright?"

"Yes Baby, I just need to go take a shower."

"Daddy, was that caused by you touching me?"

I wondered how she knew that. I answered by nodding my head.

"Can I see?"

"No baby, this isn't the time. Why don't you go to sleep?"

"I can't sleep Daddy, I was dreaming about what you just did to me and I kept feeling it down there."

She rolled onto her back as she looked at her pussy. I looked down too and saw the wetness glistening between her pink lips. I looked back at her. She turned away as if she were embarrassed. That made me want her even more.

I sat on the side of the bed and she put her hand on my leg.

"Daddy, will I feel like this all the time now?"

"No baby, but you will feel this way often."

"Will you do what you did again when I do?"

"Yes sweetheart, and I will do more."

"What Daddy? What will you do? I want to know."

"Baby, I shouldn't continue this now. You should go to sleep. We can talk again tomorrow when I get home."

"Daddy, I can't sleep. My stomach feels like I ate too much candy and I feel twitchy inside and I keep wanting to touch my vagina. Is that bad?"

I couldn't answer. Instead I reached for her pussy and I traced her lips with my finger, then pinched her lips together between my thumb and finger and I slid them up and down her closed labia.

She moaned as I continued. I released her lips and put my middle finger inside her pussy and I curled it up, then straightened it and stroked inside her a few times, then curled it over and over.

She moaned and I saw her mouth open as she licked her lips. I placed my open hand against her pussy, so that my outer fingers were against the face of her lips and my middle finger inside her. Then I vibrated my hand, shaking it quickly in small movements. She gasped and raised up to see what I was doing.

"Daddy.......Daddy.......Daddy...Oh Daddy..Oh...Daddy."

I sped up my movements and then began to jam my two middle fingers into her deeper and faster, fingering her hot, needy, little pussy.

She bucked reflexively and pushed back to my hand. She was up on her arms as I worked her pussy over.

She moaned and looked at me with the wettest eyes, and she pleaded with me in non-words. As I fingered her, I took my other hand and pushed her clit's protective hood back until I could feel it.

I rolled my thumb and finger around her clit and she shook and splayed her legs apart and began to scream. I rolled faster and fingered harder, then she spasmed and fell back and tried to sit up again.

I rubbed harder and fingered her frantically. Her pussy was so wet; my fingers sloshed and were soaked. I was insane with lust and need myself, and it was all I could do to keep from climbing on her and fucking her furiously then.

She humped and squirmed and bucked and I worked her over until she finally collapsed flat on the bed. I immediately moved my hand from her clit and more slowly moved away from her pussy.

I moved to her breasts and I began to suck them in turn. My mouth covered her tit and I sucked hard until I could feel her breasts swelling from the suction. I tightened my lips around her nipple and I sucked and pulled it.

She watched as I sucked and licked her breasts and nipples. I scraped my teeth across each nipple and then rolled them between my fingers and thumbs as I had her clit. She groaned as I played.

I pulled her nipples with my fingers and she reacted with deep guttural groans, so I pinched them gently. More groans came from her throat. I pinched harder which produced louder groans. I pinched her harder and pulled her nipples at the same time and she screamed in anguish and pleasure.

I released her nipples and brushed across them with the edge of my hands, passing from one to the other across her chest.


"What Baby?"

"That feels so good."

I pinched and pulled her nipples again and stretched her tits up off of her chest. She groaned again and I rolled her nipples as I pinched. Her eyes were wide and wild.

I released her nipples and leaned down and sucked them gently, then flicked them with my tongue. I pulled back and covered her breasts with my hands and fondled and cupped them.

The round firmness felt good in my palms and I squeezed them a few times.

I circled her areola with my fingers and ignored her nipples, and then I flicked them simultaneously and then placed the palm of my hands over her breasts. I moved my flat hands over her breasts in circular motions and felt her nipples erect and stiff.

I sucked them again and kissed her breasts all over, then kissed my way down to her belly, then back up to her neck. My wet lips covered her flesh and left saliva shining on her flesh.

I looked down at her. She was so beautiful. Her breasts were pinkish. Her nipples were red and her legs were spread, revealing her open pussy. She lay there like a beautiful doll, so sweet and innocent, yet so sexual and wanton in that pose.

"I love you Baby."

She reached up to me and pulled me down on her chest. Her mouth kissed my cheeks and she clung to me fast.

I pulled her into my arms and kissed her cheek, but she turned at that exact moment and I found my lips on hers. I looked into her eyes for a second, then kissed her deep and hard.

She was pliable and willing and let my tongue push her lips open as I probed inside them. I sucked her lips and kissed her in small quick kisses, then I kissed her deeply again.

Her arms were tight around my neck then as if she were hanging on. She kissed me back. We kissed in the most passionate way I have ever known. I could have kissed her all night and been completely satisfied.

She scooted over in the bed and tried to pull my body against her. I moved over some and soon felt her pressing against my cock. Her legs were apart and she wrapped her legs partially around me, making my cock press hard against her.

She hunched against me as we kissed. I pushed back and only the fabric of my slacks prevented my cock from plowing into her.

I rolled her onto her back and I undid my pants. My...

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