Hellow everyone,.

I am not very good in writing my imaginary fantacy, please help me and guide me to wright properly., and also open for suggestion., thank you hers my story starts.

I am Prince Charles, just call me PC,. I am 32yrs old, lives near rich people village because most of home owners are popular, politicians, rich or very rich,. I do alot of jobs like plumming, basic carpentry, welding, electronics repairs, electricals repair, paints, gardening, driving, and many more.

When I do not have on call jobs I drive my own trycikle as means if tranfortation in the rich people village to go out or move around the village because the village is one of the larges villages in the country.

One day one the home owner call the guard house to help her call a trycikle because her cars at all in the car shop for yearly maintenancce. I was the one only in the tryckle terminal beside the guardhouse. The guard told me to go in and go the house no. 143 block 6 lot 9 Mrs Janice Go . OK I told the guard when inside the village to Mrs Go. When I was in front of Mrs Go house and when I was to ring the doorbel, Mrs Go open imeddiatly the door I was shock and freeze instantly. I thought see an angel "celebrity or a model" . Mrs talking to me and not able to answer immedietly. Shake me a bit and I was back to my self.,
And Mrs go asking If I am OK. I answer what! because of the shock. Quickly told me I freeze and said very sorry I thought see an angel open the doors of heaven.

Mrs Go flattered and touch me.in my chin., I was electrified by her touch., snap her finger and said wake up. I sorry again.

Mrs Janice Go ask me if I can drive a car, I imeddietly answer yes, she ask me to Go to next house beside Mrs go and ask Mrs Alex yap , I already barrow her car., I went by Mrs yap and the maid open the doors told me to wait in the veranda for a while, the doors open Mrs yap when out, ask me if I am jc? I answer yes present my drivers liscens OK then gave her keys and told me the car was in the garage she accompany me to garage., she go first and I followed behind I realize that Mrs yap was also so gorgouse and very sexy In her sleeping cloths, I was getting hard at that time. I quickly cover my front when to car. Mrs yap told be care full and bring it back no scratch OK JC. I answer off course mam I love my job. I don't want to lost your trust.

I drove the BMW out the garage and when back to Mrs Janice yap house, . when out of the car knocking the doors the maid open the door told me to wait in the sala because Mrs yap was changing cloths. I ask the maid if she knows where Mrs going to? The maid told me in the mall for shopping.

After few minutes Mrs Go where going down stairs I was amaze because she looks so gorgouse long hair, black spaghetti straps, mini skirt above the knee's and high heels was so sexy., I forgot that I am not wearing properly for the job.

Mrs Go notice it also, she told me you must change your cloths, I answer I am not prepare, and then told to followed hers upstairs and I quickly follower her upstairs. We when in their rooms told me to wait beside the chair near the matress, mrs go told me.your so lucky that her husband and i was the same size a bit chubby guys, She look inside her husbands cloths which usually abroad in business trip, she pick pants, poloshirt, shoes, sacks, and also new boxer short. She said you go change in their bathroom inside the room. And pls change faster I want to go the mall.

I was about enter the bathroom I notice my dick was fucking hard. When I saw the mirrow infront me I notice she bite hers lips off. I not sure my mind and I love my new extra work. To be fire if I give it a meaning.

I change quickly and when out of the bathroom carrying out also my use cloths, Mrs go told me to leave in the bathroom and the maid will wash it for you.

Let's Go and I want to go shopping, I quickly go to the BMW car park in their Mrs Go garage, I start the engine turn on the aircondition and few minutes later Mrs Janice Go enter the car, She told me to Go mall and you will accompany inside while I am shoppin...

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July 21, 2018 (10 months ago)


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July 21, 2018 (10 months ago)

Sir hindi nmn sa nagiginig grammar police ako... Pero sana tinagalog mo nlng... No offense meant

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July 22, 2018 (10 months ago)

I second the motion... Do not write using a language that is alien to you...

Nemo Dat Quod Non Habent

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July 22, 2018 (10 months ago)

I third the motion. anudaw? haha kidding. maganda yung flow kung tinagalog na log kuya author.

Sex is life.

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July 22, 2018 (10 months ago)


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July 22, 2018 (10 months ago)

Tagalugin mo na lng po. Mahirap basahin kung english.

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July 22, 2018 (10 months ago)

Mas maganda basahin pag tagalog..wag nang trying hard sa english..

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July 22, 2018 (10 months ago)

Sa tagal ko ng nagbabasa dito me mga mali na din akong nakita pero ibang klase to dko mlaman kung trying hard mag english o nang aasar lang para mahirapan un nag babasa.

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July 22, 2018 (10 months ago)

Ganda ng story sana tinagalog mo na lng sir tungkol pla yan sa mga hot milf na mayaman...

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July 22, 2018 (10 months ago)

May flow ang kwento e. kaya malamang to marunong naman. nang aasar lang. hehehe

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July 31, 2018 (9 months ago)

hehehe galing mong mang asar author pero tuloy mo p rin,,ganda eh

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August 1, 2018 (9 months ago)

Aray ko po! Sabi ni Jane, si tarsan punta ilog hugas itlog. Haha. I can’t resist. Sorry. Good try though.

horny_chef at your service.

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August 8, 2018 (9 months ago)

natawa ako dito, sobra.

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August 15, 2018 (9 months ago)

Ito paborito ko chapter binabalikan ko ito binabasa paulit ulit hehehe gusto ko ung english di ko alam kung nagpapatawa o nang aasar.

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October 2, 2018 (7 months ago)

I don't wanna sound rude..but the other comments does have a point..mgtgalog k n lng po...love the flow of the story..but the grammar is killing me...but nice job...hopefully the other chapters will be more....reader friendly...


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