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  • Remember, think before you post. The Chat Room is a real time or a live venue for a conversation. Use common sense, and don't be a jerk.
  • We recommend that you post a greeting when entering the Chat Room. This is not required but it will be a very warm gesture to your co members / chatters.
  • Observe first what is ongoing inside the Chat Room. Please familiarize with the topic before you join an ongoing conversation between two or more members. DO NOT immediately join in especially when the chatting members do not know you very well. That is why we recommend to you to post a greeting first once entering the chat room in order that your presence will be known.
  • DO NOT use ALL CAPITAL LETTERS in the Chat Room. This is considered impolite and discourteous.
  • DO NOT use foul language (especially cursing) in the Chat Room. Strong language and vulgarity are prohibited. Crude sex words are also prohibited. Please use common sense and courtesy. If you wouldn't say it in a polite manner then you shouldn't say it here. These are grounds for expelling OR banning you permanently in the Chat Room or in FSS.
  • As a common courtesy, use only Filipino and/or English in the lobby. Should you want to to use your own dialect or any other language other than Filipino or English, please do so in your private chatroom or in whispers.
  • DO NOT flood or spam in any form. Repeated typing or posting the same thing over and over, posting the same link over and over, or just posting messages that consist of punctuation (...), or posting a single word on each line of the same word or number - this can cause you to be expelled in the chat room.
  • DO NOT disrespect other chatters or members. Always remember to treat other chatters as YOU would want to be treated.
  • DO NOT mention the whole name of a site with the same theme as FSS, you can mention its initials only in respect to this site.
  • NO OFFENSIVE references to a person or group by race, religion, gender, or orientation.
  • NO discrimation to the LGBT.
  • DO NOT use WHISPER to harass, malign, disrespect, or attack other chatters or members. Click here for more info.
  • Rather than correcting behavior, ignore people who bother you and inform an ADMIN or MOD if someone is being disruptive.
  • DO follow the rules and regulations for the Chat Room to have an enjoyable and worry free chatting. If you require clarification about certain rules contact (PM) the ADMINS or MODS.
  • Username and chat message are color coded in the Chat Room. You can identify who are the Administrators (red) and Moderators (green) by the color of their usernames.
    And chat messages Male (blue), Female (purple) and LGBT (gray).
    Icon statuses are:
    (Male) Online, Away, Busy, Read Mode, Invisible.
    (Female) Online, Away, Busy, Read Mode, Invisible.
    (LGBT) Online, Away, Busy, Read Mode, Invisible.
  • Most importantly, enjoy your time in this chat room and never take things too seriously.

Chat etiquette is something we all should use.


Note: Due to server resources limitation chat messages are NO longer stored/logged in mysql database. Instead, messages are temporarily stored in memory for few hours. And for security purposes all your IPs in the chat system are replaced with
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