All Over Again

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Date: September 26, 2014 (8 years ago)

(dahil sa nakakakita ako ng mga playlists. ishare ko tong isang to. hehe. duet sya. pero tinanggal ko names para mysterious. enjoy!)

Turn down the light,
turn up the radio.
There's a fire in your eyes,
and its keeping me warm

Hold on to me
like it was yesterday,
When we both felt our spirits collide

I remember the moment,
being struck down by lightning
Since the first time I saw your face,
and you smiled
Come and lay down with me
Fill the space that's between us
Feel the magic that keeps love alive

This time, can be like the first time
Close your eyes and soon you'll be there
No man could ever guess what you're feeling
Turn a spark to a flame,
Make a wish, close your eyes, won't you start all over again.

[Chorus]Just like the first time you touched my skin,...

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