Maverick Challenger

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Date: September 4, 2023 (27 days ago)

We refuse to become a gear that spins in a rhythm of monotony.
Conforming to society's expectations is like living hell.

And while we were playing,

God brought us in to the world ruled by games, no life.

In an instant, our lives of peace and tranquility changed into a journey up the stairs of glory, carving our names in history.

Before us lies a future of ultimate victory, with everything proceeding as planned.

Now's our chance, let's cleanse this world together.

We are maverick, assistance is unneeded.

No matter how unfair, or difficult our challenge may be.

Success is only a victory away.

We'll challenge the undefeated using our wits and talent.

And soak in the exhilarating joy of victory.

All we need is faith in ourselves.

There is no foe stronger than the darkness that lurks within our hearts.

As long as we're determined, we will not be defeated.

We'll not exchange our pride for such a shallow sense of assurance, no sense of life.

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