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Date: August 22, 2023 (1 month ago)

Swans only have one partner in their lifetime and if their partner dies, they starve themselves to death or die from a broken heart.

I really thought that swans are the only living thing that is capable of this kind of love. But then I met you. The mere thought of us apart decimates my sanity.

You're my swan. My once in a lifetime. My serenity. You're my everything. Without you theres no meaning. I would love you in this life and the next.

I've met a lot of woman in my life. But I have never met an angel like you. The first thing that comes to my mind was Taylor Swift because like her song I was enchanted to meet you.

I dont usually write poems. I really find it corny before. Then you came, my heart never felt so much love that it made me write my feelings on this...

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August 22, 2023 (1 month ago)

This poem is much too beautiful baby 🥰 and you are much too precious than the world and everything in it. 😘 I love you and thank you for this. 😍 Mamamatay ata ako sa kilig. 😅🤗💞

YungSinayangMo💖 LagunaBoy💖

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August 23, 2023 (29 days ago)

This is sweet. Stay in love, lovebirds 💕

A poet by day, an erotica writer by night. My words will seduce you in more ways than one.

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