Protecting Our Peace

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Date: August 20, 2023 (1 month ago)

At first I didn't quite understand your silence
When you could have spoken up but choose not to
But as weeks went by and things happened
I realized now how very right you are.

It matters not what people say
For as long as you and I are okay
They are just but background noise
Where fights and gossips have them amused.

That's what makes you so different
You aren't affected by the superficial
You go about your day working so hard
Not wanting to do anything bad.

While I on the other hand may have swam away
From the waves and crashes of circumstances
But you pulled me up and brought me back to the shore
Saying, "You don't have to fight anymore."

With your tight hug and sweet caress
I am safe and at my strongest
With your lectured words of temp...

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