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Date: August 18, 2023 (1 month ago)

To my Mentors

In a realm of words, where verses spin,
I find my solace, my muse within.
To my mentor, dear guide, with hearts entwined,
This humble poem, my gratitude, I find.

You taught me to wield emotions with grace,
Creating tapestries in this sacred space.
Every line I pen, every stanza I mold,
Is a tribute to the wisdom you've bestowed.

To My Story Tellers

To all who shared their stories, that is true
Allowing me to craft this ode for you,
Know that your presence, your voices bold,
Have birthed a poem, a narrative untold.

In gratitude, I pen this verse,
To those whose voices I did immerse,
For opening up their souls so deep,
And sharing stories that are mine to keep.

To the Readers

To the readers who wander through my lines,
I offer my thanks with humble shines.
You've embraced my heart, my stories told,
With open minds and heart...

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