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Date: August 16, 2023 (1 month ago)

There's always gonna be someone better
Better looking, better savings
Better home, better in other things
Better chemistry, better than him
Better than her.

But real commitment isn't about chasing the better one than what you have
That's plain discontent
A sense of unappreciation
That makes no room for sincerity
Loyalty, fidelity and devotion.

True love is seeing the best at his/her worst
And loving them anyway just like the first day
It's when every flaws and cracks you embrace
So willingly until they become your roadmaps of fully knowing their soul.

It's being in awe of the each and every little detail about them
Their habits, their mannerisms, their expressions, their dreams, their setbacks, their failures, their goals, their strengths, their weaknesses, their favourites.

Loving someone is being their secret keeper of their unspoken and unshared self.
Like a cherisher of a beautiful rare treasure
Making them feel that they are perfectly wonderful for all that they are and all that they would be.

If one solely fell only for the spark and hype of attraction, attention and affection
Then it's clearly just mere infatuation and mi...

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