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Date: August 13, 2023 (1 month ago)

To Tere, my labs, on her special day.

Behold the ruler of flavor so true,
Tere, mylabs, with her vibrant hue.
With laughter that sparkles, she conquers each day,
Where good times flourish, she holds full sway.

A jokester supreme, her wit's like a sword,
Cutting through dullness, a laughter reward.
But beware her glance if you step out of line,
In the land of humor, her stare's quite the sign.

In the world of cuisine, she's an expert grand,
A culinary sovereign, her reign in demand....

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micawber's Profile Picture
August 13, 2023 (1 month ago)

Happy birthday, Mars!

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Heimdall's Profile Picture
August 13, 2023 (1 month ago)

Happiest Birthday sis Tere !!! 😘❤️

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Stacey's Profile Picture
August 13, 2023 (1 month ago)

Happy birthday, Tere!

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takenG's Profile Picture
August 13, 2023 (1 month ago)

happiest birthday ate 😘😘

don't hold back, let your pen do the talking, and watch your tears turn into poetic walking.

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Yanniiii's Profile Picture
August 13, 2023 (1 month ago)

Happy Birthday sa maganda, sexy, matalino, secret keeper, pero marupok na si ate tere. Sana makahanap ka na ng forever mo yung pahahalagahan ma bilang babae kasi deserve mo yan (at ng lahat ng babae sa mundo) enjoy your day lagi and don't forget to smile.

Patikil ng caldereta minsan.

Strong independent meow meow

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Jhon_eyecatcher's Profile Picture
August 13, 2023 (1 month ago)

Maria Theresa HND again enjoy your special day Pero done n celebration with your love once eh di kuna pahabain alam muna whish k para sayo un n un hahaha......good health always dto lang me laging makikinig


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be_my_fucktoy's Profile Picture
August 13, 2023 (1 month ago)

Happy Birthday tere! Nagiintay pa din ako ng handa… 🤣 I hope you enjoy your day. Stay happy! Ndi kailangan ng ibang tao para maging masaya. ☺️

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Cis23's Profile Picture
August 13, 2023 (1 month ago)

You may grow a year old every year,but i hope your spirit remains fresh and youthful!have a smashing birthday!

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xhander's Profile Picture
August 13, 2023 (1 month ago)

happy birthday po

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