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Date: August 9, 2023 (1 month ago)

Driving towards work at 4 a.m
The cold breeze didn't feel the same
Compared to the past early mornings
Today something was missing.

The sky was a bit dark
Sunlight hiding its spark
His chest felt heavy
His soul so empty.

Shook his head to clear his mind
Memories of once upon a time
Nights where he held her in his arms
The sound of her sweet laughter was his disarmed.

He reached his work building just in time
The daylight came beautifying the skyline
He gazed at the breathtaking view and pause
Already regretting what he just lost.

She was dangerous he knew it all too well
But still he pressed on and so hard he fell
For in her eyes, he found his warmth
In her presence, the devils leave without a sound.

And yet it was all too much and much too soon
For both to embark on something so huge
Neither was ready to take the risk
Not knowing what they just missed.

Days dragged on and the skyline remained
Until he woke up and wanted to finally change
He booked a flight to fight for...

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