Love Letter To Her

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Date: August 9, 2023 (1 month ago)

To you, the one that I adore

Words aren't enough to how how I really care
How I'm besotted by you, I wouldn't even dare
To use these letters and syllables that men use to speak
For they all mean nothing - not a thing, not even a lick

For I know how many of them has started to woo
This little heart beating deep inside of you
Not once, twice, a million times, or more
Did you wish those words you can just ignore

Now I am in a dilemma - how do I make you see
This world you created, just for me?

If I want to say how much you meant to me
What words will mean to you?
To express what I feel truthfully
And tell you everything that is due?

Or if I want to tell you something
Say, it's you I only adore
Will my words mean nothing?
Will you just sigh and say no more?

Oh curses of curses, how do I ma...

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