{ Sunrise }

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Date: June 2, 2023 (3 months ago)

In the realm of dreams, where love takes flight,
A whimsical tale unfolds, bathed in soft twilight.
As the world awakens to a brand-new day,
Thoughts of you, my love, chase all worries away.

You are my sunrise, my sweet morning glow,
With every dawn, my heart starts to overflow.
Like a sky painted in hues so divine,
You fill my world with colors that forever shine.

In the dance of sunlight, you're my golden beam,
A radiant presence that makes my heart gleam.
With every touch, a spark of pure delight,
You're the warmth that wraps me in love's sweetest light.

Just as the sunrise paints the sky above,
Your love paints my world with unconditional lo...

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