A Celebration

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Date: September 4, 2022 (23 days ago)

Long, rainy and cold September night
On the bed I sat, holding you in my arms tight
Leaned towards as you stuck a sight
I smiled and uttered the lover's plight;
"You are the sun that shines so bright…
In my darkest hours you are my light."

You smiled back and I kissed your lips
My hand started wandering through your hips.
"I love every inch of your beautiful curves."
I can feel the heat drifting through my nerves
I kissed you solemnly and felt your body in me
"Promise me your mine." I uttered in plea

We kissed amorously slowly undoing your dress
You sat on my lap, I kissed your neck in full aggress
"Yes, I am yours forever…" intimately you address
I looked at you, amazed at your naked beauty
You teased, "Is looking your only duty?"
I laughed, "You are one hell of a cutie."

I wander my kisses though your body
Scout your every curve making them my territory
I lay you down and stretched you evenly
Dipped my tongue and made you moan in all your glory
"Yes! Please make me!" you plead with all lustful savory
I obliged and sucked your clit showing my slavery

"Don't Stop please!" As you tweak my hair against
Your body...

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September 4, 2022 (23 days ago)

every moment spent with the love of our life is indeed a celebration. minsan ang mga happiest moments di na nauulit muli kaya enjoy every moment while it last

ah basta. wala lang.

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September 4, 2022 (23 days ago)

Yes madam, and every moment counts. Cherish our partners well, let us make them feel special, normal yung problems at hindi yan maiiwasan. In the end of the day it feels so happy kasi meron can certain someone you can call home. Salamat po sa pagbabasa.

"Ad meliora."

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