Icee’s A Daddy’s Girl 2

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Date: November 23, 2021 (9 days ago)


We kissed till his hand began to explore my body.
He moved his hands to my breasts and stroked them.
It was as though he was enraged by something
he was rough-housing.
His other hand brushed over my back,
where it roamed freely.
As if looking for something,
his hand proceeded to my buttocks.
He proceeded to caress it in a circling motion,
once he located what he was looking for.
It seemed as if he was punishing me,
and I had no choice but to comply.
He was harsh with it,
but I enjoyed the discomfort.
As he lifted me, I stopped grinding.
To let his hand take over my body.
We were like a baby eating dirty,
and our mouths were full of drool.
He proceeded to seek for something new,
as he lifted me up to continue.
We were just staring at one other
when he discovered what he had been looking for.
".. dadd. pleasee.. ughhh"
"ohh, dad..this is hmppp.."

While I was immersed in thought,
I looked up at the ceiling once more.
He took that time to examine my neck using his tongue.
He licked my neck and sucked them in, slowly.
I could sense greatness running through my veins.
His tongue was exploring my neck
while his hand was doing its thing.
When he reached my jaw,
he continued licking upward to my right ear.
On the opening of my private region,
his finger's going up and down.
I could feel the juice flowing from my hole to his fingers.
He wasn't pleased with all the kissing and sucking,
so his left hand proceeded to caress my breast.
His finger was playing with my nipple,
as if that was the only way to keep a newborn entertained.

His finger on my openings had reached a point
where my sensations were completely out of control.
"DADD, DADD,, m, DADD, DADD, THATS.. ahmp"
He made a rough circular motion with my clitoris.
"It's so wet...hmp..pfffss.."
He finally spoke up, but didn't bother to pause.
I was afraid I'd lose control,
and I wanted to scream that he made me feel special that day.
At that time, his fatherly affection was manifested in a different way
He provided me with everything I desired,
and he was the only thing I ever desired.

I sensed something was about to happen
from all he'd done thus far.
It's like though I needed to go to the bathroom,

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