Icee’s A Daddy’s Girl

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Date: November 20, 2021 (11 days ago)

Hi, since I still cant think of a story to make, so I made this instead.


After we had sex,
I remained on top of him.
A strong embrace from behind while his dick was still inside of me..
When we're having sex,
he liked to smoke afterwards.
It was also a favorite habit of mine to taste the smoke off his mouth.
Every after sex, we don't converse;
it's as if our hearts and brains are linked.
He didn't say anything,
yet he made me feel special.
His palm that touches my back gave me goosebumps.
He was like petting a crybaby
and it seemed as if he had a strong want to touch my flesh.
Never would have thought he'll be my fuck buddy.

I vividly recall when I was still a child.
Even as a child,
he was the one person I always yearned for.
I don't want to spend time with anyone else except him.
Because I don't want her,
mom would cry begging for attention.
I cried out loud as if I was about to die,
after the nurse gave me an injection.
I was on top of him, he was petting me,
and all of a sudden the pain was gone.

Mom would like for me to grow apart from him.
Their young girl is maturing into a lady,
and I have to distance myself from him because he is a man.
I would go to his bed even after I graduated from high school because I couldn't sleep.
Mom would rebuked me every time I went there,
telling me that Im already an adult,
who needed to learn how to behave properly.
One time I caught him and mom having sex.
Mom was in such excellent spirits,
and I felt envious.
They also caught up with me and abruptly came to a halt.
Mom dressed and walked to the restroom,
while he and I stared at each other.
It was as if he was pleading for apologies.
It was as if I was his wife,
and mom was his mistress.

I dashed to my room and shut the door.
He chased me down and knocked on the door.
I cried quietly for no apparent reason.
Maybe I felt jealous at the time because mom wanted me to stay away from him,
not because I was an adult, but because she wanted him all to herself.
After the incident, days had gone.
I didn't spoke to either of them.
Mom tried to talk to me,
but all I did was shut the door and go to bed.
On that same day, when night fell,
he crept into my room.
He was soothing me by stroking me behind my back.
I abruptly move away from him.
He begged to speak with me,
which calmed me down.

After hours of explaining what I had caught,
I felt co...

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