The Taste Of Sapphire

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Date: August 24, 2021 (3 months ago)

I heard diamonds is a girl's best friend
Mm… does it cum with a man
Appraising my curvaceous attributes where he stands
I love it when a man's eyes have that let me see what's underneath look
Once I wet my finger and slowly drag it down my over a nipple, my jeweled navel
That's all it took

In haste, yanking my rhinestone thong off, laying me down, parting my legs
Sniffing my scent, fingering my soft folds, my palm to his head
Kisses to my cunt as I'm arching my back on his King size bed
Oh yes… licking this snatch through and through
His tongue thrashes always heightens my desires no matter which way wiggles when it moves

Creole thighs enclosing the sides of his face
Mouthing my clit searching for my pearls deep inside my silken lace
My jucies splattered all over his face
Oh yes.. drenching the parting of abyss with his spit
The pleasure of my taste lamenting his tongue tip.. glossing his lips
Seesawing my pelvis, slowly, making sure he gets the full benefits of this pollinated gift

Yes.. let my g-spot gush... cupping my buttocks, mouthing my lush
An angry tongue slip.. ooo baby... mm.. smashing my breasts from the climatic hit
Clenching my buttocks tighter, drinking in my essence from my honeyed drips
Sultry moans, my body trembling, endorphins beginning to shift
My gripping sensations, a moisten stream invading past his lips
Savoring my flavor

Reaching down, palming his width, pumping for that mm.. hard stick
Lifting my other hand, darting my two fingers inside
Kissing over my knuckles, V-shaping my cunt his finger and tongue hungrily dine
Tasting my wetness off his fingers one by one
Heaving up, mattress dipped, loving when he takes over my body when giving me some
Swimming in the pools of my creamy butter rum

Burying his dick inside me until his flow of pleasure probe, throb, and then cum
Taking my body over the edge until the rising sun

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